Grooming your Persian

The following grooming products TinyPersians

recommends to have ready a few before your kitten arrives

PurestPets Ear Cleaner from

Bio Groom Kitten Silky Shampoo

Chris Christensen 5 Conditioner

Chris Christensen ICE ICE Conditioner

Chris Christensen After Bath Rinse

Chris Christensen White on White Shampoo

​Chris Christensen ICE ICE Shampoo

Bio Groom ​Super White Shampoo

​Dawn Detergent

Best Shot Ultra Vitalizing Mist Detangler

Castlebaths - Anna Face Wash / Face Shampoo / Grooming Powder

The following grooming tools are used and recommended by TinyPersians 

 ​Plastic Squeeze Bottle 

7.5 " metal comb (no brushes)

4.5 " metal face comb

White Towels

100% Cotton Rounds

Q Tips

Pet Hair Dryer - Table Top Stands

Small Scissors with round tips

CastleBaths - Anna Cat Grooming Products

General Persian Care

Caring for Persian Cats and Kittens

We feed our Persians cat food two times a day.   

Free choice dry and clean, fresh filtered or bottle water (no faucet water)

The brand that we have more success with and what our Persians like the best is Royal Canin ! 

Depending on the needs of the individual (you Persian) is what you decide to feed.

Young kittens up to 3 months old - Royal Canin BABY CAT dry and canned food

Kittens 3 months old and older - Royal Canin Kitten dry and canned food

Feline Safe - Plastic Cat Carrier with minimum 6 " above the head when standing or sitting in the carrier

The following recommendations are what TinyPersians has found works best for

grooming, feeding and general care of your new Persian kitten or adult Persian cat

Feeding your Persian

Cat Vitamin Supplements

Feline Thermometer

Persians should be groomed with a 

7.5 inch metal grooming comb for longhair cats 

Adult Persian Cats we recommend Royal Canin Adult dry and canned food

Special formulated Royal Canin Cat food can be fed based on needs

For example feed:

Royal Canin  Dental Care - to clean teeth

Royal Canin  Digestive 

Interactive Cat toys


Cat tower

Lighter color best to insure

it is always clean