Traveling with an approved ESA via Airlines 

October 1986, President Ronald Reagan signed The Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) which prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in air travel.  This Act sets out requirements for disability access at airports and on airlines

1.   The ACAA rules: prohibit U.S. and foreign airlines from discriminating against passengers on the basis of disability  

     Additional information about this Law  

 2.   The Air Carrier Access Act also protect ESA owners from being charge a fee for their ESA accompanying them on the airline,

       assuming one has met all the legitimate requirements

 3.   If an airline refuses to allow an ESA onboard, the owner has the option to request a meeting with a Customer Resolution Official (CRO).

    This should be done immediately. Airlines are required to employ CROs who are specifically trained in handling disability-related disputes

    and  uncertainties

4.   In order to be covered by the Air Carrier Access Act, one must comply with Airline Regulations. Consequently, there are certain requirements that ESA owners must meet

Some   ESA requirements   include: 

1.  Verification Letter from a licensed mental health professional prescribing or endorsing the animal as an ES

      which will offer benefits for a particular mental disability
2.  The mental or emotional diagnosis must comply with the current edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V)

ACAA – Airline Carrier Act - Brief Review:
 1.  Ensures that people are able to fly with an emotional support cat without having to pay additional fees 
2.  The Airlines do require one to inform the Airlines in advance and a current (less than 1 year old) ESA letter

     approving an ESA Emotional Support Animal (your Cat) is provided  

3.  Some Airlines now request additional FORMS.   Be sure to read and ask questions about the Airlines ESA and Pet Polices   

      Remember situations changes, policies change, Laws may change so keep informed and up-to-date always !

For detailed information on  ACAA and ESA Laws contact government resources.  Read more

This information is a guideline to traveling with an ESA approved pet.  
The reader should investigate each Airline Policies, requirements, etc. to have the travel run smooth.  
Please note, Airlines may have different requirements - FORMS and Policies for specific cat and dog breeds with traveling, however, as a carry-on Policies may vary due to them not shipping in the cargo area.  

Ask questions about an ESA animal traveling.  Be honest with your supplied information.    Enjoy your traveling with your cat.


Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA)

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