" Jenny "

How to Reserve a Kitten 

1.  Fill outKitten Inquiry Form

2.  Put a $350 Deposit down

What is the Kitten Inquiry Form ? 

This FORM is for five (5) purposes:

1.  To request information about TinyPersians & available Persian kittens or cats

2.   Will help us help you choose your dream Persian kitten !

3.   Does not obligate you (only Deposits reserve Persian kittens and cats)

4.   Required to reserve a Persian kitten or cat

5.   We request in order to send you more information about TinyPersians, Warrantees 

      and photos and pricing of available Persian cats and kittens 

We DO NOT Text photos and pricing !   

We e-mail this information so please fill out the Kitten Inquiry Form

and we will promptly answer your questions !  Thank you

What is the Price of a Persian Kitten ? 

We only give the prices of our kittens after the Kitten INQUIRY FORM is received

> Too many catteries shopping us !  Thank you for your understanding 

>  Submitting the KITTEN INQUIRY FORM 

    Once you tell us more about your dream kitten you are seeking

    we can show you kittens that meet your expectations

The KITTEN INQUIRY FORM does not obligate you

How to contact TinyPersians

Best way to contact TinyPersians

1. KITTEN INQUIRY FORM - please fill this out first

2.  Follow up with :

*   E-mail   info@tinypersians.com 

*   Phone   214 / 960-0267

 We promptly respond to KITTEN INQUIRIES

 Feel free to call !  We welcome your inquiries

TinyPersians website is best viewed with a computer Mac or Personal computer

We will immediately contact you once we receive a Kitten Inquiry FORM

Occasionally, we are tending to newborns or kittens and moms, grooming, bathing, feeding, loving our Persians and preparing kittens for departure -

might be tied up for a bit, however, we will get with you asap !  

I check my messages often throughout the day and night!  

Welcome to TinyPersians !     Debbie

We do not have kittens for $1000

Thank you for your understanding

If you are seeking a well bred Persian kitten

from a reputable CFA Registered Cattery  . . .

TinyPersians has a kitten for you!

" Sired by Saafir  "


Silver Chinchilla


For Sale >

" Emma "

" Sired by Prince Amar"

Just want information right now?

Fill out theKITTEN INQUIRY FORM to receive more about TinyPersians, warrantees,

available kittens, shipping details, customer testimonials, photos upon request - 

choosing Persian kittens or adults 

​Welcome to TinyPersians !