How to Reserve a Kitten 

1.  Fill out Kitten Application

2.  Put a Deposit down

What is the Price of a Persian Kitten ? 

We only give the prices of our kittens after the Kitten Application is received

Too many catteries shopping us !  Thank you for your understanding 

How to contact TinyPersians

Best way to contact TinyPersians

1.  Kitten Application first

2.  Follow up with :

*   E-mail 

*   Phone   214 / 960-0267

 We promptly respond to KITTEN APPLICATIONS

      Feel free to call !  We welcome your inquiries

We will immediately contact you once we receive a Kitten Application

Occasionally, we are tending to newborns or kittens and moms - might be tied up for a bit, however, we will get with you asap !