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White  Female & Male -  Available

Silver Chinchilla  Female -  Available 

Silver Chinchilla  Male. SOLD  "Miles"

Silver Chinchilla Male   Available  " Taz"

Shaded Silver Female  SOLD  "Blu"

 Silver Male   SOLD   "Snoopy"

New litter DOB 3-11-23


   Newborn  kittens

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" Ben " 


Very very small Chinchilla !

Reserved   2-17-23  for Gretchen - Fort Worth, Texas

A snow white male kitten 4 months old

His coat is soft, silky and easy to care for! 

He is sweet natured

has the same eye color of  his spectacular sire!

His sire is an outstanding White Persian with odd eyes

one being a stunning blue color !

Will be Neutered  1-16-23    DOB  7-1 -2022

Available !


Golden Chinchilla Persians For Sale 

"Tupelo Honey"  

Shaded Golden Chinchilla female Persian kitten

That is all personality!

Is a sweetheart and a gorgeous Golden lady!

She has multiple colors on her coat from Golden,

apricot, cream, accented in darker shaded colors l

Look at her adorable soft cream tummy!

She has black leather paw pads, black eye, nose and lip liner

Best of all is her sweet - sweet playful personality !

Her eyes are just developing right now, however,

are predicted to be an amazing green brilliant color !

She has an adorable Doll Face

She loves to play, a good eater, non fussy,

grooms and baths well,

does biscuits and purrs!

Her Dam is the beautiful . . . Evening Prim Rose!

Her Sire is a snow white Persian with blue eyes!




"White Kittens"

White Female Kitten kitten

Available     DOB 11-2-22

Gorgeous  Kittens!


"Lovin  You"  

Shaded Silver male Persian kitten  available looks like Ben!

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" Ben " 


" Snow White Male" 


"Tupelo Honey"  

​​"Somewhere My Love"   Litter Available Kittens!

A Silver Chinchilla Female Persian Kitten named "Lovin You"!


A male Silver Chinchilla Persian Kitten named "Lenny"

are both absolutely adorable and past litters have been top pick TinyPersian kittens!

These stunningly gorgeous Persian kittens

have a clean white undercoat and Silver tipping

and as they grow they lighten up and sometimes can appear

white with just a mist of silver that glossens!

Reserve on of these lovely Persian kittens today! 

DOB 3-11-23

Ready to depart at 8 weeks old

" Teddy"   Available

2023 Available Spring Persian Kittens

" Bonnie" 

Nighttime photo !

"Miles"  is a Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten -  Reserved 4-17-23

Departed 4-20-23​​


"Tupelo Honey"  

Taz Male

White Female


Silver Chinchilla Male Persian Kitten Available 

​Very, very small!   Gorgeous Silver Chinchilla !

Chinchillas For Sale 

"White Female"

Available ​​

A white female Kitten with odd eyes . . .  one blue eye
This is a gorgeous little lady, sweet - sweet and

amazing clean snow white coat, pink paw pads, pink nose

and odd eyes with left eye a stunning blue!

She is easy to care for as her silky smooth coat stays clean and gorgeous!  She never makes a mess!

Reserve her today!

A Snow white kitten !


"Whites + Silvers"  



"Sunny's Boy" 

"Somewhere My Love" 

 3-11-23 Litter

"Lenny  "  

"Tupelo Honey"  


ASK ABOUT   "Tiny Timothy!

"Tupelo Honey"