"Snow Bunny"  is an Exotic Persian female kitten

that has an amazing silky, mink very snow white coat!

This female kitten is sweet, playful and not a fussy eater

"Snow Bunny" has a correct built, balanced face, pink paw pads,

pink nose and is an odd eyed!

One eye is a beautiful blue!

She has a soft beautiful look about her!

Dad is the a gorgeous snow white Persian that is also odd eyed!

This line is known for their soft, silky, luxurious, mink textured  coats !

She has a balanced, sweet personality, active loves to play!

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"Newborn Silver Persian males

1 Shaded Silver Male "Miles"Available

1 Shaded Silver Male " Charlie" RESERVED1-21-23 for Gretchen

1 Shaded Golden Male "Mochi" RESERVED

Litter of 3    DOB 1-21-23 

Dam is a Giovanna daughter that has been a top producer where her kittens are reserved fast!

 Sire is Prince Amar a very small male DAD that produces cute Doll faces 

Dad is a top producing male named Saafir

This line is known for their extraordinary eye color and Doll Face looks!​​

Photos where taken a few hours old

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#5  "Blu"  a Shaded Silver Male

        will have a coat just like "Ben"!  



" Miles"

Gorgeous Doll Face Silver Chinchilla


"Snoopy"  a Silver Persian male kitten

that is " extremely small" , yet has a well built body!

Adorable as he is so small, yet all Persian in every way!

He has a strong chest and sturdy body, yet will be very small

This male kitten is an all time smallest kitten !

"Snoopy" has a cute Doll Face look with beautiful eyes


His nose is predicted to be a strong pink color and he already has a well

defined black outliner around his nose and eyes!

Mom is a gorgeous Silver Chinchilla  3.8 pounds

Dad is a top producing male named Saafir  5.5 ponds

This line is known for their soft, silky, luxurious, Chinchilla clean coats!

"Snoopy" has a sweet personality, active, loves to play with his brother "Taz'!

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Sweet and all Girly Girl !

          Snoopy                           Miles                          Taz                               Golden  -   Sire                               Snow Bunny 


Silver Chinchilla Male Persian Kitten


"Taz" a Doll Face Silver Chinchilla Persian 

male kitten that is very small 

He has a cobby body and lovely, silky Chinchilla coat

that is altra white accented in a soft silver mist !

His gorgeous Doll Face look has a cute turned up pink nose that is outlined in black!

Currently his eyes are a stunning blue,

at this age having this color means

his eyes will be either a stunning blue - green color,

turquoise, or a brilliant green color!

"Taz"  has an adorable personality! 

He is a good eater, loves to play!

His Dam is out of the Giovanna line and

that means extraordinary personalities and

correct conformation

along with a cute Doll Face look!

Reserve him today! 

#5  "Blu"        

"Shaded Golden Male"


#1  "White Female" -  Available  Gorgeous mink textured coat!  Beautiful face and sweet personality 5 weeks old

#2   Snow Bunny   Available Snow white silky mink textured coat, blue eye, Easy coat to care for, a real gem!

#3   5 week old Litter of 4  Available - DOB 1-6-23  3 white females, 1 male Shaded Silver named "Jesse"

#4  Taz  Available  Male Newly listed  Extremely -extraordinary coat!

#5   Blu  - Available  Shaded Silver Female (CORRECTION, WAS LISTED PRIOR AS A MALE)   DOB 1-6-23

#6   Snoopy - Available -   5 weeks old, very small!  Stunning eye color!

#7   Gwen -  Reserved -  Top Pick female Silver Chinchilla, small female, very sweet!

#8    Tyler -  Available - $1500, Snow White Male, Neutered, 1 blue eye, 1 green eye, pink paw pads!

​#9     "Miles" - Silver Chinchilla - Available

# 9   Newborn litter of 4  DOB 1-28-23 Available- Shaded Silver tiny male, Silver Chinchilla female

                                    Discover these kittens photos and descriptions below !

Beautiful Silver Chinchilla Male Persian kitten named "Miles"

Gabrielle as a newborn !

A gorgeous kitten from day one!

Look at this pretty face!



"Gabrielle  is a tiny Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten

Gabrielle is a French feminine name & that is what she is!

All girly girl and a Princess at that!

Her mom is the lovely dam of perfection! - "Love Song"

Her dad is a top TinyPersian Sire - "Prince Amar"

producing very tiny Persians 

This kitten is a full sister to "Somewhere My Love" and

a full sister to "Pooh Bear"

Chinchillas are known for silky, luxurious coats !

Her eyes are predicted to be a brilliant green color !

She has a sweet personality and extremely intelligent wanting to learn!

Gabrielle is a real gem and will make a wonderful buddy!

She is playful and has a calm and has a sweet personality ! 

DOB 2022


DOB 1-21-23

Few hours old


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"Newborn Kittens"     Litter of 4

"Little Gabrielle "

​​Silver Chinchilla male   Available

Female Persian


Shaded Golden Male

Persian  Available !

Silver Chinchilla Females and Males Available

Ask to see them!

                      < White Female Available !                                                                            


Silver Chinchilla male "Miles"  Available

Shaded Golden "Mochi"  Reserved

Shaded Silver - "Charlie" Reserved 

 Shaded Silver Males evenly misted Silver coats!

                 We have 2 Shaded Silver kittens 5 weeks old right now!  >

      Reserve a Shaded Silver today!

"Gorgeous male available"

"Snow Bunny"


Shaded Silver Male

Persian  Available !

 " Choose a kitten today ! "   Ask about TinyPersian's New Litter of 3!   DOB 12-3-22!  


"Charlie" Shaded Silver  RESERVED 1-21-23

Snoopy                                                                Taz                                                                         Snow Bunny a White  Female

Snow Bunny

Choose a 2023  Persian Kitten !

Silver Chinchillas, Shaded Silvers, Black Smoke  . . .

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DOB  1-28=23  "Litter of 4"

Dam - "Giovanna Daughter"

 "Mochi " 

 Silver Chinchilla Male Persian Kitten​​

"Miles" is a gorgeous doll face Silver Chinchilla Persian male kitten

that is absolutely adorable and correct in every way!

He has a clean white undercoat with Silver accents on his coat!

"Miles" is playful, alert and doesn't miss a thing!

He sees any movement and he is ready to explore!

If you are seeking a fun and stunningly gorgeous

Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten . . . 'Miles" will make your day!

"Miles" is out of a Giovanna daughter

His dam produces outstanding eye color

that is often a turquoise  color!

Mom has lots of rich milk giving her litter a good start!

We carefully breed and all of our kittens

 with outstanding characteristics highly sought after!

DOB -1-21-23
"Miles" will be ready to depart in late March 2023!

Reserve "Miles" today and start planning on having your fur baby

arriving early April 2023 or later when he is 8 weeks old!



2023  March  Available  Kittens


Parti Color Longhair Exotic Persian 

This link takes you to the breeder

PurrDelites Cattery

who is a sister site of TinyPersians Cattery!

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"Silver Male"


1 females Golden

2 female SIlver Chinchllas

1 male Shaded Silver

1-21-23  7:59 pm 

" WE ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO very excited and so so so excited to have Charlie coming!!!   

Thank you for chosing us to be his new home 

My sons just won’t know what to do with a new little brother 

They kept asking me for a real one    …  "Charlie",  we are waiting for you!!!   SO excited ! 

My heart is happy"   Gretchen

Newborns Available

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Giovanna line!

Yes we will take new photos under better light 

Right now important protecting kittens from bright lights !

Currently we have these kittens to choose from . . .

Snow White, Shaded Silver, Silver Chinchilla and Golden

" Miles"