There is a breeder in Missouri states if a breeder does not do

a custom video of litters for you, that breeder is a SCAM!


Here at TinyPersians we go the extra mile to breed healthy, sweet kittens!

We take pride in providing lots of photos for you to choose your dream kittens! 

Calls that request a video, we do not take videos for callers.   

We have photos on our site and sometimes a video.   

There are too many calls a day asking for videos an more photos!

They will say, "you only have 1 photo of the kitten!"



This person is not reviewing the entire web page!

We feature a few photos of each kitten at the top of AVAILABLE KITTENS

If you view further down the Available Kittens web page . . . 

you will see many photos of each kitten!

TinyPersians does not attack other breeders!

Beware of Breeders that attack reputable breeders!

We do listen to your stories, wish you the best!

If you would like a referral to another breeder. feel free to request!

Another form of Scams is a breeder that takes your deposit and when you arrive, 

they say "we decided to keep the kitten!"

TinyPersians has never done this and never will!

Once a deposit is down . . the kitten is reserved for you!

There are breeders that do not release kittens !

We have had customers contacting us after a Missouri Breeder

has taken the deposit and once the buyer arrives,

tells them the kitten will stay with them, we decided not to sell the kitten!

Read TinyPersians customer testimonial reviews !

Real stories of customers that love their tiny Persians !

We do breed Exotic Shorthairs too!

Buyer Beware !

TinyPersians receives calls all the time by individuals are being scammed

when searching and purchasing a new furry friend 

I have been asked by several individuals to provide this list of websites

that are pure SCAMS attempting to offer and sell kittens and cats!

You will find website names and actual phone numbers of Scams !

They are usually priced at $500 - $600 - $800 and sometimes more!

They take your money and never send a kitten because they have NO KITTENS !

Do not ever send money by Western Union for example

Visit this website and check back for updates

of current Cat for Sale Scam information provided by . . . 


This information was received 7-21-20 and posted 7-22-20 at TinyPersians as being current 

Check with kittenscamsites.com for updates ! 

Buyer Beware !