Always consult a qualified Licensed Vet or Feline Specialist to diagnose,

treat and care for your Persian cat - information provide is for you to take

the steps to acquire a Persian cat from a reputable breeder 

Any illness or diseases a cat may have or show signs of should be seen

by your Vet and if needed referred to a Feline Specialist !   

Happy Paws !  

 Persian Cat  Health issues 

What you should know is you can avoid many health issues in your Persian cat

with acquiring your new Persian kitten from a reputable breeder

that takes the steps to produce health Persian cats

Choose a breeder that offers a Warrantee and one that takes the steps to breed Persian cats free of PKD and other issues


Persian cats have a few health issues like all breeds of cats . . . 

Avoid PKD, Urinary Health issues

(Before you become disappointed or worry way too much

. . . .  check out the list of diseases a human has a high risk of !)

Avoid these Persian Cat inherited health issues 


Polycystic Kidney Disease  - PKD

TinyPersians breeders DNA PKD tested Negative  

Purchase a Persian from a breeder

with Sires and Dams that are free of PKD !


Urinary Health issues

Did you know there are cat foods that can cause health issues?

Choose a quality brand of cat food . . .  

Never give well water or faucet water ! 


Consider Feeding Royal Canin S/O