"Danny" 2021

Shaded Golden TinyPersian

May 9th, 2022

Anita now has four (4) Persians

from TinyPersians

Mikey was a kitten TinyPersians had plans on keeping - this gorgeous black satin beauty is considered rare produced from the Silver Persian Division!  Best of all, Blacks from this line are extremely small

Anita chose both siblings brothers and named her Persians Michael and Angelo 

March 2022

Tonya, reserves a Silver Persian male kitten and names him "Silver"

Her daughter absolutely loved her new kitten! 


2022 Customer Testimonials 

3-1-22    10 pm

Debbie,  He's (Danny) the most wonderful, friendly, hilarious, sweet cat! 

We all adore him and I think he's everyone's favorite member of the family

3-1-22  "Kanok" TinyPersian

kitten # 2 Reserved
Morgan purchased "Danny" in 2021 and and now is seeking a friend for her 2021 Shaded Golden Persian "Danny"

Morgan reserved her second TinyPersian a Golden male kitten named "Kanok"

on March 1st 2022!


Kanok" 2022

 Golden TinyPersian

 2022 TinyPersian kitten "Hope"

Terie chose a gorgeous female Golden Persian kitten named "Hope" and has renamed her "LuLu"!


hi debbie! we are thinking about getting Lulu

a friend! do you have any golden females available or coming up? we just love our kitty!

Hi Terie, we have Goldens arriving most likely June 2022, pricing depends on which kitten



Hi Debbie!   This is Terie Jones and I bought my kitten "Hope" now named "Lulu" from you a year ago. She’s precious and we may get another one for Lulu to have a “sister” to play with.  Do you have any photos of any available and price?   Thanks so much, Terie

Yes Terie we have several kittens available