A TinyPersian Silver Chinchilla male kitten named  "Moishe"

formerly named"Neil" 

departed 2020 -

In 2022 now wants a feline friend to play with!

 Hi Debbie & Steve-
Happy holidays and hope you and your family are happy, healthy, and enjoying the holiday season.
This is Leah Weiss - my husband and I purchased one of your Persian babies “Neil”

now Moishe back in November of 2020.
We are absolutely head over heels in love with Neil, he is the center of our world,

and we truly can’t imagine our life before he came along.  
We are interested in purchasing another Persian kitten and would love for Neil (Moishe)

to have a feline friend and sibling.
Could you let me know which of your babies are available

and/or if you have any litters that will be coming in the near future?
Prices and photos would be great if you have them.
We’re interested in a sweet loving girl preferably a shaded golden

or shaded silver but we’re also open to getting another boy :) 
Really looking forward to hearing from you and hope all is well! I referred a family friend to Tiny Persians

and they will probably be reaching out any day now - yay! 
Thanks so much and if we don’t touch base prior, wishing you a very happy new year!        Leah

 A TinyPersian Exotic Persian female kitten named "Funny Face" departs with Preslie, college student !

"Funny Face" is Preslie's third TinyPersian kitten she has purchased the last few years!

This was a very rare coal black kitten that TinyPersians had their eye on!  One we wanted to keep,

however it is more important for the kitten to have a dream forever home like "Preslie offers!

 Her coat color is a stunning coal back, shiney, mink texture!

Her eye color is predicted to be a correct copper color!

Here Preslie and her mom meet with TinyPersians a their recommended Vet  for "Funny Face's" departure!

Preslie now has three (3) kittens from TinyPersians.  Want a kitten like "Funny Face"?
Visit PurrDelites Cattery  . . . 
where TinyPersians breeds Exotic Shorthair

and Longhair goregous kittens!


 A TinyPersian male kitten named "Pooja" departs in 2022 !

"Pooja" will be very small and have extraordinary, brilliant eye color!

Another one we wanted to keep!  So hard to part with these lovely Silver Doll Face Persian kittens!

Cindy purchased 2 TinyPersians!


March 2022

Tonya, reserves a Silver Persian male kitten and names him "Silver"

Her daughter absolutely loved her new kitten! 


2022 Customer Testimonials 

and Departures

Paul's Departure 12-16-22 going home with Scott. Scott meets "Paul for the first time a TinyPersians' Vet

"Danny" 2021

Shaded Golden TinyPersian

"Little Amy" was the smallest and sweetest in the 2022 TinyPersian litter

Her dam is Aamira an imported Pure Silver Chinchilla Persian

Her sire is the highly respected and proven TinyPersian sire named "Saafir" a Silver Chinchilla male

Eliane asked for a very tiny female Persian kitten.  Amy is predicted to be 3.5 to 4 pounds

The breeder TinyPersians . . .  feels this kitten might only be 3.5 pounds as an adult!  

Two tiny Persians depart from DFW International Airport

2022 and head to their new home!


" Luna "   Silver Persian Kitten

Kanok" 2022

 Golden TinyPersian

 A TinyPersian male kitten named "Yago" departs in 2022 !

 Look at this typey Persian cat face on "Yago"!

A silver Chinchilla male kitten arrives by Airline Flight Nanny Pet Transportation

as a carry on!  Alice meets her new kitten "Yago" at a California airport!

"Yago" possesses a sweet loving personality that TinyPersian kittens are known for!​​


Kanok" 2022

 Golden TinyPersian

"Lavender Lace and Luna"

with Vet Tech

Two TinyPersian females "Lavender Lace " and "Luna"

 "Lavender Lace" a retired dam from TInyPersians and "Luna" a few weeks old are in their new home

with Kelly and Stephen from Highland Village, Texas!

 TinyPersians Cattery was very pleased to place our beloved kittens in a lovely forever home!

Lavender Lace immediately took to Luna (Luna a young Persian kitten by another Dam) as if Luna was her own baby!   Lavender Lace produced several litters for TinyPersians and how fitting was her to depart with a baby, even if it was not hers!   Lavender Lace certainly thought Luna was hers!

A big thank you for a home that "thinks about our beloved ladies!"

​A match made in heaven!   ​​​

Departs 9-13-22 

Kelly and her two new tiny Persians!

Vet Tech bringing

tiny Persians to Kelly

"Zackery" a Silver Persian male kitten !

 "Zackery" is a very small Persian kitten

A gift for a very much appreciated family!

 A TinyPersian Silver Chinchilla male kitten named "Paul" 

departs 12-16-22 with Scott and now lives in Dallas, Texas 

"Paul" has a lovely Doll Face look and a clean face always!

He is ultra sweet, gentled natured and matured to only 4 pounds 3 ounces!

DOB 6-14-22 sired by "Pooh Bear" and the gorgeous retired dam - "Little Miss Priss"! 

It was important for TinyPersians to place "Paul" in a home

that would appreciate his sweet personality and maintain it!

Scott a retired Pediatric Oral Surgeon was a good choice . . .

giving "Paul" a new home where he could be someones "Buddy"!

Scott prepared his home for his new tiny Persian cat providing a water fountain,

hideaway bed, cat tower and even a special room just for "Paul"!

What a cat haven!  Lucky boy!

With "Paul's" departure he purred and did biscuits, being just as happy as he always is!

Departure 12-16-2022

Dee and her son meet their new TinyPersian Silver Chinchilla male kitten named "Saul"

Dee asked for a snuggle bunny and "Saul" is just that!  A gorgeous Doll Face TinyPersian!

He purrs when you enter the room and loves to be held! 

He has a fluffy Silver Chinchilla coat that is easy to care for! 

Top that off he is stunningly beautiful Big time!


"Lavender Lace " Retired Dam

May 9th, 2022

Anita now has four (4) Persians

from TinyPersians

Mikey was a kitten TinyPersians had plans on keeping - this gorgeous black satin beauty is considered rare produced from the Silver Persian Division!  Best of all, Blacks from this line are extremely small

Anita chose both siblings brothers and named her Persians Michael and Angelo 

"Little Amy"  a very TinyPersian Silver Chinchilla female kitten

departed 12-7-22 heading to Austin Texas for her new home - 

Elaine and her husband find a new tiny Persian kitten after loosing their beloved senior Persian cat

Our prized TinyPersian Dam will be greatly missed and forever loved!

3-1-22    10 pm

Debbie,  (My first TiinyPersian kitten) . . .

He's named Danny -

the most wonderful, friendly,

hilarious, sweet cat! 

We all adore him and I think he's everyone's favorite member of the family

3-1-22  "Kanok" TinyPersian

kitten # 2 Reserved
Morgan purchased "Danny" in 2021 and now is seeking a friend for her 2021 Shaded Golden Persian "Danny"​

Morgan reserved her second TinyPersian a Golden male kitten named "Kanok"

on March 1st 2022!


"Saul " a  TinyPersian Silver Chinchilla male kitten

Departed 12-2022 

Dayiya (Dee) and her son pick up their new TinyPersian "Saul"!

"Saul" from the "Sahira" line gives him his stunning beauty!

Departure day, one month older than her studio photos above 

TinyPersian "Saul"  studio photos

 2022 TinyPersian kitten "Hope"

Terie chose a gorgeous female Golden Persian kitten named "Hope" and

has renamed her "LuLu"!


hi debbie! we are thinking about getting Lulu

a friend! do you have any golden females available or coming up? we just love our kitty!

Hi Terie, we have Goldens arriving most likely June 2022, pricing depends on which kitten



Hi Debbie!   This is Terie Jones and I bought my kitten "Hope" now named "Lulu" from you a year ago. She’s precious and we may get another one for Lulu to have a “sister” to play with.  Do you have any photos of any available and price?   Thanks so much, Terie

Yes Terie we have several kittens available


 A TinyPersian Silver Chinchilla male kitten named "Oliver" departs for his new home in ​Texas!

Everyone loved "Oliver", but only one family was lucky enough to take home "Oliver" !

Bethany purchased "Oliver" for a surprise gift for her sister . . . 

and boy was her sister surprised!

He is a special boy; gorgeous, with stunning eye color,

his coat a clean Silver-White Chinchilla look, texture and easy to care for!

"Oliver" loves to do biscuits and purr all the time! 

A Persian kitten trait that is produced by the breeder TinyPersians!   

See TinyPersians  testimonial reviews  and customers say it all!

He had a look in his eyes that he wanted to be picked up and be snuggled with love!

His dam a lovely dam -  "Princess Afina" Silver Chinchilla that is amazingly gorgeous from head to paws!