"Coconut"  1st birthday!​​

7-1-23  5:28 AM

from Karla
Today is Moon’s first birthday!
He is doing really well!
Coconut renamed - (Moon) 7-1-23

 7-1-23 9 pm

Karla, OMG  How lovely!
Thank you for sharing!

Debbie. TinyPersians

"Martin" and Little Joey""  

 Silver Chinchilla Persian male ​​

Isreal purchased 2 TinyPersian

kittens so they would have a buddy!

Departed June 2023

DOB 2023

Ben" and Sean 1-26-23 departing for Irving, Texas!

Jeremy's family

Jeremy's family with another breeder's Persian

they purchased from another breeder

before they came to tinyPersians to reserve

"Little Lelia"

"He is SUCH a friendly and loving cat!!"
"You guys did such a great job raising him!"
"He purrs often, loves being brushed, is playful,
and isn't scared of new people"

"She is doing great!   Very sweet!
She sleeps on my pillow!"

"She literally just follows us everywhere!
She just finds her comfy spots wherever
she is but she's always right here!"

"I cannot believe how friendly this kitten is!
He walks right to the adult cats,

he is so funny, awlsome boy!"

​​"Snoopy"  a Shaded Silver male Persian ​​

Sandy purchased her second kitten "Snoopy"

April 2023 wanting a snuggle "bunny"!

Exactly what "Snoopy"is! 

Her first kitten "Iris" a Silver Chinchilla female Persian was renamed by Sandy and is now


Sandy is a cat lover

and enjoys her household of cats!

4-20-23. 2:34 pm

Debbie. We are not sure of his name yet, maybe "Rooster"

"Snoopy" is using the litter box, eats a lot!
He has the run of the whole house now.  Stella and Rooster chase each other all day.
cannot believe how friendly this kitten is!

He walks right to the adult cats, he is so funny, awlsome boy!

give,me time I will get you pictures


4-20-24.  2:35 pm

Sandy,  I am so happy for Snoopy! 

He always had so much life in him and very in-tune to people

and his surroundings.
Thank you for letting him explore!

Thank you Sandy for giving Snoopy a forever home he deserves! 

You do not want to keep his name?  Just curious.   Debbie

April 20, 2023  8:48 pm
I have to give this baby boy a 10, your kittens are so smart!
He is doing so well. 
How is Taz, doing without snoopy?  Hope he’s okay
Give me some time I will get you some pics, maybe a video
Thank you for your nice email  sandy



"Bijoux"  a Silver Chinchilla female Persian 

March 16, 2023  1:58 pm

"Debbie,   We did rename her ! Her name is Bijoux- which she answers to!

Her best friend is our dog, Baci. They love each other.

They play ball together and sleep next to each other.
Bijoux has the most amazing disposition!

We put cat trees all over our house and she loves to sit and bird watch.
She’s very affectionate and is almost like a dog in the sense ! " Rebecca 💗

​tinyPersians  Cattery!

"Little Leia"  on Valentine's Day 2023

Jeremy purchased "Little Leia" for his wife!

​tinyPersians  Cattery!

exotic shorthair cat breeder texas USA about the cattery-purrdelites


2023 Customer Testimonials 

and TinyPersians Departures

TinyPersians breeds both Silver Persians and Exotic Shorthair cats . . .

 we named our shorthair cats' breeding program . . . 

PurrDeiltes Exotic Shorthair Cattery !

Golden Chinchilla and Shaded Golden Persians

"Nikko "  Previous "Bear"   Left kitten

Dam -Giovanna x Sire - Saafir

"Jules" previously Tiny Teddy"    Right kitten

Dam-Ima Sunsation and sire Prince Amar 

 12-11-23  2023  5:53 p.m. "Debbie,   I wanted you to see my 2 lovely

Golden Persian boys I acquired from you . . . 

TinyPersians several years ago!

I have renamed them "Nikko" and "Jules" 

I am seeking a new kitten and looking for an Exotic SHorthair kitten. . . .  from your  PurrDelites Cattery"

Thank you! Shelli

1-26-23   4 pm Departure

"Ben" is William Sean's 2nd TinyPersian kitten!

Sean previously purchased Pooh's Boy and now wants a buddy for his beloved TinyPersian

"Ben" a Shaded Silver Persian male kitten was very much wanted by many!   So much after he was reserved, unborn and newborn Shaded Silvers were  requested and reserved!

DOB Oct 2022  "Ben" a TinyPersian

was only 3 pounds 2 ounces at departure 3 months old!


"Little Leia"  a Silver Chinchilla female Persian 

Her Dam's a Giovanna Daughter

Sire is Prince Amar

"Little Leia" a bundle of perfection now in her new home Dallas, Texas

"Debbie, we call " Little Leia" Miss Kitty (daughter naed her)

She is doing great!   Very sweet!

She sleeps on my pillow and wakes ne up every morning

to feed her by head butting me!  Very funny girl!"  Jeremy

​tinyPersians  Cattery!

"Graham Cracker" a BiColor Exotic Persian Shorthair departed in 2023 

His dam is Oreo Delite an imported Exotic Shorthair Black and White BiColor 

Her kittens are featured on our sister site PurrDelites, where we breed Exotic Shorthair and Longhair Cats

His sire "The Snow Prince" is pure, snow white Persian odd eyed with one blue eye!

"Graham Cracker" named by Katie that is 10 years old,  received her kitten as a 2022 Christmas present!

To see more photos of Katie and "Graham Cracker" visit our sister site

​PurrDelites Cattery!

"Anita's TinyPersians"   Silver Chinchilla Persians

Anita, has purchased several SilverChinchilla TinyPersians




Romeo - a gift for a friend!


Exoic Shorthair-Longhair Cattery sells CFA show cats


​tinyPersians  Kitten
now Jeremy gets his first TinyPersian 

"Little Leia"

"Cairo" a Black male Persian

​"Charmer"  a Silver Chinchilla male Persian 

both now in a new home with Jeremy and Megan

and their 5 children!


Debbie,  (Photo of Cairo with our new baby "Bobby")

"He sneaks into the bassinet during nap times 

they are obsessed with each other". Jeremy

NOTa ​tinyPersians  Kitten

This is a kitten Jeremy acquired from another breeder


Photo taken by new owner "Karla"

"Coconut "  now named "Moon"!

"Stormie"  a Back female Persian 

January 2023  

"Debbie,  : She literally just follows us everywhere!

She just finds her comfy spots wherever

she is but she's always right here!"  Christina

March 19th, 2023

"Stormie's new photos " Christina 

​tinyPersians  Cattery!

What TinyPersians 2023 Customers say . . .        . . .

7-1-23  Jeremy, purchases 2 more TinyPersians named "Cairo" and "Charmer"

'Cairo" enjoys snuggling with their new baby "Bobby Whitney"

"Coconut"  a Snow White

Exotic Persian Shorthair  male​​

Karla purchased  "Coconut"

June 19th, 2023

wanting a snow white male kitten not too young

"Coconut" being 11 months and a snow white, silky and mink textured coat

with a medium fur length was the perfect fit ! 

DOB 7-1-22

Mom the imported Exotic - "Blueberry Delite"

a PurrDelites Cattery Dam and ​

Sire a Snow 'white Persian "The Snow Prince"

6-19-23  3:34 pm

 "Coconut" departed to his new Dallas home with a family of two

"Coconut was renamed by Karla his new owner!

Karla named him "Moon"

and prepared to celebrate his first birthday July 1 2023 !

6-26-23 from Karla
Debbie,  First week update! Coconut 
We have
renamed him (Coconut)  to "Moonstone" which is my birthstone

since I got him for my birthday

and sometimes he goes by "Moon" 
He is SUCH a friendly and loving cat!!

You guys did such a great job raising him!

He purrs often, loves being brushed, is playful,

and isn't scared of new people

 He walks up every morning ready for morning routine.

His eating and litter took a few days to regulate

and all is well now 
I couldn't be happier with him

 He is absolutely perfect!

Thank you so so much, I am so grateful!
Karla Montgomery in Dallas 
Coconut arrived  6/19/2023