TinyPersians offers​​
ESA – Emotional Support Animals (Persian Cats)
It is well known for years individuals having a pet or pets, live longer and are typically healthier !
A ESA pet provides Human Therapeutic Healing Benefits !


What is an ESA ? 

An Emotional Support Animal is an animal that provides companionship and comfort by just being with a person
They do not require any special training and many states and local governments allow ESA companions into public places

More about ESA Companion Pets / Animals 

Emotional support animals  help individuals with emotional disabilities such as anxiety or depression

by providing companionship, offering comfort and support, in addition to calming and reducing emotional distress 

ESA Cats can be an excellent emotional support  animal and are very easy to care for vs. dogs and other animals

Federal Law  does not require these animals to have any specific training and

you do not have to be physically disabled to have an emotional support animal

Our customers often acquire a TinyPersian for emotional support

traveling, particularly traveling via the Airlines reducing stress  

Additionally  providing companionship to elderly patients  and family members !

An ESA Cat can qualify through a person’s mental health professional  

They can be qualified by determining whether the animal is necessary for the person mental health

and well being by a written prescription or ESA letter stating the pet is required for this person

It is important to know . . .  you do not need to register your cat anywhere !

The only requirement to have an ESA Cat is to have a written letter

from a licensed medical health professional 

Often referred to an " Emotional Support Animal Letter

Multiple Benefits of ESA Animals include . . .

An ESA provides comfort

and companionship

in stressful situations such as Airline flights !

Owning a Cat could

reduce your risk

of a heart attack by 1/3 !

10 Year -

Heart  Attack - Stroke  Study

Consider a ESA Cat

Everything you

should know

about aStroke 

Snuggle up with a fluffy well bred Persian cat!

ESA Emotional Support Animals 

Some Employers allow Pets to come to work with employees

 " The Yoshi Story "

Mary 98 years young -

ESA stays with Mary throughout the day  !

Perfect - proven "Companion" Cats 

Customer Testimonial Reviews 

1.  Companionship
2.  Eliminates the feeling of being alone
3.  Reduces Blood Pressure
4.  Encourages Exercise and being active – improving motor skills
5.  Ideal for PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
6.  Decreases the risk of strokes and heart attacks
7.  Children with high anxiety, ADHD
(attention deficit hyperactivity Disorder
), Autism
8.  Encourages a stress free environment and lifestyle

9.  Helps with Depression, personal disorders, panic attacks, many emotional –

     psychological conditions, such as a Bipolar condition ​

10. Cats may help one sleep better - laying quietly - great companionship !

Be sure to research how to get the proper documentation 
to receive an approved ESA Cat or Animal

Need help ?  The following services

can assist you in processing an ESA Cat

US Support Animals - ESA  - Support in Animal Registration  ESA Registry

The Official ESA Registration of America -   Need more help in processing an ESA Cat ? esaregistration.org/

More about Airline Animal Travel Laws 


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