After much search for the perfect outcross male

to cross with out already successful breeding program  . . . 

Moscato was added as a Sire to TinyPersians

Adding a sire to TinyPersians is carefully examined

and research before acquiring

Then even after a new sire arrived he is watched for months as he grows to make sure

he is to the standards of our breeding program

We have acquired several sires with much disappointment

that they did not arrive as a top breeder potential 

This does not mean they were a lessor Persian,

but the choice for our breeding sires must be as flawless as possible

This is what Moscato is !

Soon he will sire Persian kittens either in late 2018 or early 2019 !

If you are wanting a lovely doll face Persian kitten with a look like this, reserve one today !

It is never to early to reserve a kitten !

Contact us today to reserve a . . . 



Prince Amar

Sharif Amir

bred Persian kitten 


A new sire of TinyPersians