"Too Cute" 


Now in Pilot Point, Texas

New name "Eden"

Thank you Jackie

for giving "Too Cute"

a loving forever home !


2020 Silver Chinchilla

Persian male kitten now lives in a new home !

Want to know more about the Silver Persian cat ?

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Here at TinyPersians we specialize in the most popular colors Silver Persian CFA Division
We breed responsibly without inbreeding

We carefully breed and select the best possible breeders and combinations 

You will find many colors and patterns to choose from The Silver Persian cat lines

With this   Quick  Shopper  Guide   

you can choose a Persian cat or kitten

by color and look 

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choosing your Persian cat

TinyPersians offers adorable, non-stop purr baby Persian kittens

that are raised with love and affection!

Our Vet says . . ." this kitten will not stop purring for its exam, adorable"!  

Choose one of our carefully bred Persian kittens today!
We are located in the North Dallas, Texas area

where we can deliver your kitten straight to your arms,

via a professional pet transporting service offering safe

and comfortable airline carry-on travel!

In-cabin flight delivery

We specialize in chinchilla silver, shaded silver, golden

and other coat colors and patterns of the Persian cat!
 Our treasured Persian kittens possess emerald green, green,

blue-green and turquoise eyes!

Doesn’t get any better than that!
 We specialize in producing the traditional doll face,

however, we do produce flat and peek nose if you are seeking this look, in addition to producing the smallest, healthy Persian kittens available, additionally, 

we produce a few standard size Persian cats!

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"Tupelo Honey" 

2023 Shaded Golden

Persian female kitten

Future TinyPersian Dam!


We are often asked . . . "What is the price of a TinyPersian"?

Our Persian kittens and cats are priced an individual basis 

How do we determine the price of each kitten - cat?

We look for many characteristics with pricing a kitten
Their general look

Pedigree - parents

Body structure and facial features


Eye color - Eye shape - How eyes placed on face

Facial structure - without facial folds

Nose - nostril structure

Size of the ears and ear shapes

Amount of hair on the back of the ears

are just a few things we evaluate

Some may sound silly to you . . .

however, these are important features for a well bred Persian cat!

Sometimes just because we have more than not, we may lower the price