Ima Prince (2020 TinyPersian)

New name: "Simba" named by Wissam

Shaded Golden male Persian kitten 

Weight 3 pounds 1.4 ounce at departure

DOB 10-15-20

Departed  1-8-21



May 8th. 2021 9:12 a.m.

Hi Debbie,  Ima Princess is now Artemis after the Greek goddess of hunt, and she’s absolutely adorable!!!!  We are wanting a friend for her and a new family member for us!  LyvonMarie


Gidget (2020 TinyPersian)

New name:  "Maloos" named Souzan

Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten 

Look at this adorable

TinyPersian face! 

April 17, 2021 11:08 pm from Debbie  - TinyPersians
Hi Tina,
         Oh my Goodness, he is gorgeous!!   What lovely photos!   Thank you so much for sharing!   Who is in the photo with Oscar.    Debbie  Debbie - TinyPersians

May 11, 2021 from LyvonMarie

She purchased a prior 2021 kitten named Ima Princess and renamed her "Artemis" soon after her family contacted TinyPersians to acquire a second kitten offering "Artemis" a friend.

LyvonMarie named her new Shaded Golden

Giovanna (Dam)  kitten "Apollo"

Debbie we are naming our new kitten “Apollo”, figured in Greek mythology Artemis had a younger brother named Apollo, so why not!  LyvonMarie

​Lyvon, That is amazing, the choice of Apollo! 

How fitting!  I did an all nighter.   Nursery care, etc.
My main objective tomorrow is Apollo’s photos

either afternoon or evening.
A mom due any moment so we have a 24/7 watch and we both switch off on the shifts
Steve will keep you informed on the flight   Debbie


Miss Pixie, formerly named Princess Sophie

arrives to her new home !

1-30-21 8:19 pm
Mrs Debbie and Mr Steve
We could not be more in love with her ,

she is getting all settled and warming up to us quickly!  Sweetest kitty ever,  Jeanie

"Ima Princess"  - new name "Artemis"

April 18, 2021 9:00 am from Tina

 Thank you so much!!  His personality is equally as beautiful!!  He is really amazing, he brings so much love, silliness and happiness to us and our home.  Thank you :-)
        That’s my daughter Nicole, Oscar is her baby, she takes all of the photos of him & he poses for her so cute!  
        I’m happy you enjoyed them.  Have a beautiful day !!   Tina

April 18, 2021 9:27 am from Tina

Good morning Tina,
I cannot believe how beautiful he is and that is because you all take such good care of him!
We can offer lovely kittens, but a perfect loving home like yours is what makes them special! 
Thank you Tina for giving Ocar (Shiraz) such a fabulous new home!!  Debbie - TinyPersians

Very tiny Silver Chinchilla

Persian kitten ! 

Tina purchased Shiraz in 2020

named him "Oscar"

2021 customer photos

April 17, 2021 6:21 pm from Tina

Hi Debbie,
We couldn’t love our sweet little Oscar more than we do, thank you!!!  
All the best,


2020 photo 

"Ima Prince" Shaded Golden Tabby

Persian kitten


Ima Prince a Top pick TinyPersian

has a new home with Wissam


Hey Debbie
How have you been doing?
Hope you've had a great new year!
"Ima Prince" is doing great!

 We renamed him "Simba"

He looks and behaves the part
We love him so much

and we've been having a great time with him! 
This has been such a pleasant experience,

we are now considering getting him a brother/sister!
Can you send me your available (2021) kittens

with DOBs and pricing?
Thanks,  Wissam

​Houston, Texas 

Anita in Florida has 4 TinyPersians!

April 12, 2021 Customer Photo

Anita decorates the backyard giving her kittens much to look at

Her kittens love to enjoy Anita's screen porch listening for birds !

TinyPersians always sees her Persian cats meticulously groomed and cared for!

Thank you Anita for sharing this lovely photo!   

Her black Persian is Mickey (Micheal) a Saafir son out of the top producing dam "Giovanna"   Soon the last Giovanna kittens will be available!

Debbie. TinyPersians

"Miss Pixie"

Formerly named

"Princess Sophie"​​


2020 photo 

"Gidget " Silver Chinchilla 

Female TinyPersian kitten

 and she is tiny !!

 New name: ​ "Maloos"
Means . . . super adorable and precious! 


San Francisco  Airport Arrivals

LyvonMarie and her husband pick up their first TinyPersian "Ima Princess" (new name Artemis)

 2021 Testimonials

Abby is searching for a friend for Makya  

March 2021

Dear kindness Angel Deborah,
Good afternoon Deborah, it is 3:15pm Hong Kong time, Texas USA is 01:15 am,

Oh! You not yet sleep and still working, it’s not good for your health! 

But I sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm for work, meticulous choice of color and background, and replacement of many new combinations.

 So your website is very wonderful, there are the most beautiful photos

and drawings and useful information.

So I often browsing your website.

May I have Porsche and Lacy photos

I prefer Dad is a Saafir or Moscato, mum prefer is love song,

because of Porsche is his daughter.

He produces lovely Doll Face Persians, very beautiful and so, so sweet!!

After reading photos of Porsche and Lacy if they not my cup of tea,

May I waiting Saafir and Moscato of Kittens. 
I’m really sorry for the inconvenience! I will wait patiently for your reply, Thank you very much for your helpful!     Abby

Miss Pixie meets her new family!

2-1-21 12:08 am

Debbie, Yes , her name is Pixie she is already responding to it

and is doing great!, the kids just met her here is the video  -

they are so happy and in love with her!

Pixie didn’t even get scared or anything she instantly warmed up

to them and played with them!  Jeanie

"Gidget" arrives to her new home

with Souzan and her family !

Gidget gets a new name " Maloos" 


Good afternoon Debbie (TinyPersians), 
Just wanted to give you a quick update,

Gidget is absolutely beautiful and I am in love with her, she is not fully used to the surrounding yet, however she started eating a little. 
And she pooped once last night.

She has her toys, tower, beds and everything.

She is very much loved

and I think we’ll call her"Maloos"
Which in our language means,

super adorable and precious! 
My question is how do I give her, the vitamin?

And how often is she suppose to have it? 
Thank you again!  Souzan K, Houston, Texas

"Ima Prince "

has a new name "Simba"

Miss Pixie's first night home!

1-31-21 12:30 am
She has just started munching on her wet food ,

she is purring up a storm sweetest sound ever,

we have been having lots of snuggles and petting sessions!

Princess Sophie gets a new name !  

1-31-21 12:30 am

Hi Jeanie,  Wow!  Purring so soon with a new home!  

Makes me happy she is adjusting instead of bewildered!
Thank you for your notes!  

Steve said you changed her name to "Miss Pixie"?   Debbie

Miss Pixie a surprise gift for Jeanie's Children

2-1-21 12:09 am

Oh Jeanie, how lovely!  

Miss Pixie (Princess Sophie) looks amazing!  

You really groomed her beautifully!  Thank you for Sharing!
Love the red bow! Your children are adorable!  

Miss Pixie looks very comfortable and happy!