Ima Prince (2020 TinyPersian)

New name: "Simba" named by Wissam

Shaded Golden male Persian kitten 

Weight 3 pounds 1.4 ounce at departure

DOB 10-15-20

Departed  1-8-21


Gidget (2020 TinyPersian)

New name:  "Maloos" named Souzan

Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten 


2020 photo 

"Ima Prince" Shaded Golden Tabby

Persian kitten



Hey Debbie
How have you been doing?
Hope you've had a great new year!
"Ima Prince" is doing great!

 We renamed him "Simba"

He looks and behaves the part
We love him so much

and we've been having a great time with him! 
This has been such a pleasant experience,

we are now considering getting him a brother/sister!
Can you send me your available (2021) kittens

with DOBs and pricing?
Thanks,  Wissam

​Houston, Texas 


2020 photo 

"Gidget " Silver Chinchilla 

Female TinyPersian kitten

 and she is tiny !!

 New name: ​ "Maloos"
Means . . . super adorable and precious! 


 2021 Testimonials


Good afternoon Debbie (TinyPersians), 
Just wanted to give you a quick update,

Gidget is absolutely beautiful and I am in love with her, she is not fully used to the surrounding yet, however she started eating a little. 
And she pooped once last night.

She has her toys, tower, beds and everything.

She is very much loved

and I think we’ll call her"Maloos"
Which in our language means,

super adorable and precious! 
My question is how do I give her, the vitamin?

And how often is she suppose to have it? 
Thank you again!
Souzan K

Houston, Texas