Breeder Inquiry Form

Thank you kindly for your interest in our beloved cats

We love then dearly and offering them to individuals

that can love them the same!

For the first time we are offering a few breeders 
It is important for our beloved sires or dams to have loving homes . . .
We are offering breeders at the breeders list prices, not our Pet list prices
We prefer Pet Homes, however, will consider offerin
g some as breeders
if the following is provided

1.   Fill out the Breeder Inquiry Form completely

and with your honest intentions

2.   All cats will be microchipped by the buyer

3.   Please indicate if you are a current or new breeder

4.   How will you place kittens in homes?

5.   2 phone numbers are required

6.    Provide the physical address the breeder or breeders will reside

7.    Interested parties fill out the form,

contact Debbie via email and phone

We do respond from the form

TinyPersians has the right to refuse any request to become a breeder

We only will sell breeders to responsible individuals

prefer non smokers and non allergies to pets

Important to fill the Breeder Inquiry Form out completely and honestly

It is more important for honesty 

than to worry about it hurting your chances of obtaining a TinyPersian breeder

Any form submitted with error or being dishonest will be difficult with offering any cats

Contact us at 214 960-0267