Persian Eye care

I would like to share with you some my personal experience and successes with caring for your Persian eyes.  

Please consider these simple procedures to care for your Persian’s eyes.       
The following information will discuss eye care, eye stains preventions and stain removal.

 With a few minutes a day, your furry friend’s eyes improve and look absolutely gorgeous.

Please take the time to read, try and you will be happy with the results.

A few minutes a day caring for your kitten’s eyes is all it takes to have a gorgeous and happy Persian! 

With following these procedures for caring for your Persian cat or kitten's eyes, you will find through time it might be several days

before you have tend to your Persians eyes again.

Follow these simple guidelines and watch the improvements !

Shopping List

1.     White Paper Towels – lay your products on.  Another one to put dirty ones on to quickly pick up and throw away.
2.  100% Cotton flat rounds ( not cotton balls)
3.  Quality Q - Tips
4.  Eye product s :
a.   Anna's Face Wash
b.   Anna's Face Shampoo
c.   Eye  Envy Powder for the face and around eyes
d.   Eye Envy Eye Cleaner can be used instead of the Anna Face Wash. 


I prefer Anna Face Wash, Anna Face Shampoo, however, for heavy stains first use the Eye Envy Eye Cleaner and you can finish off using Anna Face Wash which brightens, whitens and cleans the coat. Then the Eye Envy Powder will help remove stains and coat the hairs to prevent stains.

1.  Carefully wipe any wet easy eye tearing or loose stain off the eye area/face with a dry
100% Cotton pad ROUND. 
2.  Then use a
100% cotton makeup pad ROUND with Anna Face Wash to wipe around the face and eye area.
3.  For heavy eye stains:  With large pieces of eye dirt take a
Q-Tip with Anna Face Shampoo to carefully dab on the eye area that you would like heavy stains removed.  Proceed carefully and slowly. Just dab on, leave shampoo there. Then take a clean Q Tip and wipe the shampoo off.  The dirt will melt away and lift easily.  Keep using new Q Tips until you cannot remove any more heavy stains off the eye area.
4.  Now again us the
Anna Face Wash with a 100% makeup pad and wipe the eye area again.  Keep using pads and Anna Face Wash (looks like water) and wipe until all stains removed.  
5.  Use
Vetericyn VF Plus /Ophthalmic Wash Veterinary Formula (for eyes) For Flushing, cleaning irritation and wounds to the eyes.   I use it for cleaning the cat’s/kitten’s eyes after cleaning their face with various products.  This is done before you use the Eye Envy Face Powder for the face and eye area.
6.  Final eye care:  Use the
Eye Envy Face Powder around the eyes and stained areas.   This will protect the face and hairs for future staining and will lesson how often you need to clean your cats face.  The more you do this procedure the higher chances your Persians eyes will tear less and be easier to care for. 

I hope this was helpful.  If you have any questions feel free to get with me through the site; or  I prefer e-mail vs. text.
Best wishes, for many years enjoyment with your new Persian Cat ! Debbie

REMEMBER: Once your cat tears (clear tears), Bacteria grow on the wet tears when it is exposed to oxygen. Soon staining your kitten’s face, in a red / rusty color.  So any moisture on your cat’s face – is where bacteria grow. Keep you cats face dry during the day. These powders help absorb the moisture and coat the hairs to reduce staining.  Carefully pat dry and clean at lease once a day.  You will be amazed how easy it is to have your Persian lovely!

Check with all Manufacturers on their suggestions as they may periodically change products.
You as the consumer please research and decide what works best for you.  These suggestions are what works for us at Tiny Persians.


How to take care of your Persian eyes