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Anna Cat - Luxurious & Natural Pet Care ProductsAnna produces several products from top quality ph pet grooming care products to luxurious lotions and care products for your whole family. 

Here at TinyPersians, we only recommend products that we have tried, and religiously use, and have proven to bring top results.

Pamper your precious Persian with all-natural, organic
and ph balance Feline Quality Pet Products Here at, we recommend the following Anna Products.

Step #1: PH Face Shampoo
Step #2: Pet Face Wash
Step #3: Pet Tear Stain Remover and Oxidation Preventative
Step # 3 Pet Body Powder to enhance and coat protection
Step # 5 Pet Face Powder - protect from face staining

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Grooming your kitten

Caring for Silver Persians, has successfully narrowed down top feline grooming products that are proven to work.  

Anna's Pet Products do not have chemicals or harmful ingredients that would irritate or affect your pet's health.  

These products are used religiously at 

Here are a few steps we recommend and the products to help you groom and care for your new beloved Persian.   

*   Your Persians Coat:   Groom your kitten daily by a quick combing and use gentle shampoos  

*   Your Persians Eyes:   Use Anna Pet Products to insure a clean and gorgeous look for your Persian

*   Shop easily:   right here at to purchase your Persian Pet Products

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