" Peaches and Cream"  

Reserve a Love Song kitten

Retiring 2022

ask about Aamira

Saafir x Giovanna 2016 Persian kitten


Shaina T  P

Nonee 2017 kitten

Love Song TP​ 

Past kittens - born dark - lighten as they grow

​​ " Onyx of Eden"   - Black Male

*  Aamira's kittens

​​​  "  3 pounds - 8 ounces "   grown

​​​ " Giovanna"  2018 kitten >

Aamira's * kittens

Sired by Saafir

Safir  x Shaina - 2016  kitten

Carol purchased Bella

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"Little Miss Priss" 

Sold Fall 2016

©  2022

​​​  "  Black Velvet "  

Very tiny kittens grow to 3.5 to 4 pounds!       Past kitten


Nonee T P

​​ " Giovanna"   2016 kitten


​​​ " Giovanna"   2016 kitten >

©  2022

​​​  "  Black Velvet "  

Past kitten -few weeks old - now very light !

Past kitten

Nonee T P

"Little Miss Priss" 


3 months old - 1 pound 4 ounces !

"Little Miss Priss" 

"Little Miss Priss" 

Dam - Somewhere My Love




Nonee as a kitten

Saafir x Giovanna 2016 Persian kitten


Love Song

 Silver Chinchilla dam offering kittens for sale . . . reserve her kittens now!

Little Jolene

2018  kitten " Tiny Tina"

Nonee 2016 kitten

​​​ " Giovanna"   a foundation dam that has produced some of the finest offspring with customers coming back asking for a "Giovanna" kitten !

2020 will be some of her last kittens . . . reserve one today ! 

Now with Connie in Texas

Giovanna TP 

Shaina Retired

"Little Miss Priss" 

Safir x Shaina - 2015 kitten

Retiring -  ask about Aamira

Nonee - 2016 Silver

Chinchilla Persian kitten 

Named - Love Song

DOB 5-1-16  two minutes old

Nonee 2015 kitten

Few weeks later - looks like this !

Past kitten

Nonee Retired

Nonee Retired

​​​  "  Coal black"   


" Little Emmie "  >

​" Love Song"

as a baby

Giovanna 2015 kitten - sold

Past Dam of TinyPersians with Emerald Green eyes!

Shaina a silver chinchilla Persian dam

weighs only  3 pounds 2 ounces as an adult Persian

Now that is a Tiny Persian ! 

Shaina  photo taken 9-21-14

Shaina  photo taken 9-21-14

Shaina  photo taken 9-21-14

Shaina  x  Safir  2015 kitten


     Sweet  Perfection !

Giovanna  T P  2.5 months

Giovanna  T P

 6 months - 10 -14-14

" Our  family  of  Persians ! "


 TinyPersians. com

 Tiny  Kittens

Giovanna  T  P

​Our Persians are treasured so much, they are groomed daily. . . and pampered throughout the day !

 Did you know our kittens have their own theatre room?  Yes! Pet movies and they sit for hours watching cats and dogs chase each other !

Yes they are intelligent, curious and

love entertainment just like you!  

Saafir T P


Pooh Bear T P


Custom portraits of

TinyPerisans.com's Persians!

Absolutely gorgeous light, almost white, silver chinchilla Persians for sale!  

Now is the time to reserve a tiny Persian kitten . . .

Ask about our upcoming

2016 Silver Persian kitten litters !

Now is the time to reserve your gorgeous, tiny Persian!  We have a limited number of "Moms" we breed each year . . . only "four".  

Each of our silver Persian dams are highly selected and carefully crossed to the best possible breeding male without in-breeding  

What does this mean?   It is important to breed healthy Persian kittens and that starts with careful selection of pedigrees   

We have a kitten just for you!   A gorgeous, wide eyed with adorable facial features and gentle personalities  

Persians are known for the extraordinary personalities and beauty  

They are the number one feline in the world!   Reserve a special kitten today at TinyPersians.com !

Nonee a past Dam, produced "Love Song" now one of our top breeding Persian females,.  "Love Song" has produced some lovely silver chinchilla Persian kittens, like her dam Nonee, is very light and almost white.   Love Song has a slight silver tipping that adds extra beauty to her coat.  

Her gorgeous, large expressive eyes are alert and ready to play.   Additionally, her soft, silky coat is more then luxurious.  Her fabulous coat is free flowing and easy to care for.  It is our goal to produce gorgeous Persians, yet easy to take care of.   Want a kitten like "Love Song" ?  

Reserve a kitten today for only $350 applied to Persian purchase 

We welcome your inquiries. There are limited reservations as "Mom" has only a few kittens each litter    

Contact us today!  Reserve your Persian kitten now ! 

 We breed responsibly focusing on outcrossing vs. inbreeding.  Giovanna TP, a "Dam" of TinyPersians.com, is an example of  top bloodlines with numerous champions and grand champions in her pedigree !   An absolutely correct and well balanced shaded silver persian.  An extraordinary cobby body and ultra short tail offers correctly bred Persians.

This dam possesses a thick, luxurious coat and non matting.  How rare!   We love her deeply.   With one glance of her gorgeous facial features you will be in love.

We are often asked, to reserve a "Giovanna" kitten.   They are ultra sweet, well balanced, gorgeous doll face and flat face Persian kittens.

Reserve your look-a-like kitten today!    

Now taking reservations for Shaded Silver, Silver Chinchilla, Shaded Golden, Golden, Black Persian kittens !

6 months  - 10 -14-14

Giovanna T  P

Shaina of TinyPersians  Produced lovely kittens

We have retired  "Shaina" 

who we will miss dearly!

Would you like a kitten like this mom?  

Reserve her offspring  !  

Reservations still available.  

Gorgeous, large expressive eyes, free flowing silky coat, very light Silver Chinchilla.  

These kittens are Cattery Top Pick  Kittens

Shaina  T   P    9-21-14

Shaina  photo taken 9-21-14


100 % TinyPersian Cats


Specializing in White Chinchilla Coated ,

Tiny Persians

soft - silky - luxurious coats

Gorgeous doll faces -emerald green eyes are our specialty  

Large expressive eyes

Love Song 

Choose your next Persian Kitten

at TinyPersians.com  !


Doll Face

Chinchilla Persian Dams

Selectively Breeding the Finest Tiny Doll Face Persians

Persians with extraordinary Doll Faces and large expressive eyes !

Breeding Silky -Long Coats

Specializing in Green, blue-green,

and blue eyed Persians !

It is worth the wait  !

Take me home !

Cute - adorable

Tiny Persians!

More Moms below

More Moms below

Peek  Preview - Persian Kittens arriving

2020 Kittens have arrived !



Beautiful Chinchillas

©  2019

Extraordinary Type

         Little Miss Priss                                                                                        Giovanna 


This gorgeous Dam

a top producer of 

 gorgeous CFA Silver Persians

in shades of

Shaded Silver, Silver Chinchillas, 

Shaded Golden & Black Persians

A Silver Doll Face Persian Dam

Emerald Green Eyes

Date of Birth -  April 24, 2014

Shaina  T   P

D a m s

©  2014 

Shaina T  P

2 0 1 9   a n d   b e f o r e
M o m s

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©  2020

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 Tiny Persians



Persian Kittens For Sale

Shaina T  P

Tiny Persians.com

Nonee Portrait



Retired       Love Song  

Watch for our new kitten litters


O u r   G i r l s


Chinchilla Doll Face Persians 

Grand  Champion  Persian  Bloodlines !

S h a i n a  T P

Date of Birth - October 23, 2013

Retired, but have a daughter producing 

Pedigrees with many CFA Champion and Grand Champion Persians brings extraordinary type and silky - free flowing, luxurious Persian coats and large expressive eyes.   With selective breeding for the Doll Face Persians and carefully monitoring all inheritable traits, here at TinyPersians.com we offer gorgeous bred tiny Persians   

Love Song T P

More about our Persian moms  

TinyPersians.com Foundation Moms have been highly selected and have been bred from the finest Silver Chinchilla, Silver, Golden Persians.  With careful attention to detail, TinyPersians.com now offers adorable, cuddly, fluff balls . . .  a tiny cat version of the Persian cat.  These hard to find extra small Persians are a joy and much cherished feline.  "Our breeding program" strives for responsible breeding, cage free, home raised, quality all natural food and vitamins, a worming and vaccination program and much loved raising of our kittens. 

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Custom portraits of our Persians are one of a kind . . . We treasure our creative works!   All renderings, art illustrations, photography, designs are copyrighted, owned by TinyPersians, and restricted from any use.


Chinchilla Doll Face Persian 

Date of Birth - September 28, 2013

Tinkerbell (nickname)


       tiny Foundation girls 

Our Tiny Chinchilla Doll Face Persian Moms 

 See TinyPersians.com Moms as Kittens . . . now grown !

TinyPersians.com has carefully selected some upcoming stars for breeding 

 Silver and Silver Chinchilla dams are producing gorgeous 2020 very small, tiny Persians

When you purchase a kitten from TinyPersians.com you will receive studio photos for a keepsake !

< " Giovanna"  2018 kitten 

Love Song

Nonee T P

Love Song TP

Nonee 2016 kitten

​​ " Peaches and Cream"  

Nonee"  Dam of  "Love Song"

Naira - Retired

Aamira a gorgeous Silver Doll Face Persian Chinchilla with rare Emerald green eyes producing gorgeous, small, teacup, tiny Persians.

In 2016 she produced her smallest kitten 3 months old only 1 pound 4 ounces! That is the smallest Persian kitten on record!   July 12, 2016 this kitten received a new home.Purchased by Carol a retired Vet in Texas, is delighted to have a sweet, tiny, Persian kitten from TinyPersians Cattery

"Little Miss Priss"  >

Replacing her dam - Shaina

​"Priss" now is producing kittens

She is sired by Saafir

 " Peaches "   Giovanna 2016 kitten - 10 weeks old 

Past kitten

"For Sale 

Nonee Retired Dam

Love Song

2 years old - 2018

Aamira - Dam   

​ A Love Song

2018 Female kitten

"Somewhere My Love"

Produced Little Jolene in 2022

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