Free kitten Gift

. . .  with each kitten when the kitten is picked up from the cattery

Healthy Silver Chinchilla Persians for sale 

Reputable Texas CFA Cattery Breeder 

We have never sold a kitten with ringworm

Ringworm free

Why purchase a Persian kitten anywhere else?

Customer Testimonials says it all !


1.   Contact cattery by sending the Kitten Application - describing your dream kitten.  The Kitten Application does not obligate you

2.   Kitten Application  . . . helps us know what you want.  All kittens sold, the cattery needs a Kitten Application from the customer

3.   $ 350 Deposit  . . .  will hold a kitten and is deducted from the price of a kitten

4.   Kitten Health Certificate;  exam + up-to-date vaccinated & wormed

5.   Kittens are CFA registered blue slip, top Champion bloodlines 

6.   Kittens can depart at 8 weeks old or older.   Paid in full before departure. 



Kittens comes with kitten blanket, 2 cat toys, sample dry kitten food,

canned kitten food with can lidsample vitamins,

kitten care brochures,Persian kitten care book; "Cat care for Dummies"  

​Complementary with a purchase of a Tiny Persian  - while supplies last (we always try to have this for customers)


Not available for shipped kittens - AIRLINES RESTRICT SHIPPING ITEMS WITH PETS

You will receive a Gift package; kitten blanket, 2 kitten toys, sample kitten food, sample kitten vitamins for customers that pick up a kitten  


Our Persians are known for being  .  .  . 

>   healthy and luxurious, silky, soft coats

>   ultra sweet and purring 

>   playful and entertaining !

>   gorgeous doll face Persians

>   large expressive eyes

>   green, turquoise, blue-green and emerald green eyes with intense coloring   

>   our kittens bath, groom, use to a dryer and nail clipping

>   socialized and litter trained

>   Vet Health Certificate; all up-to-date vaccinations and worming to insure a good start 

>   and . . .  beautiful ! 

Our Vet says; "our kittens are the healthiest kittens she has seen !  "  

Choose a TinyPersians from a reputable, CFA Persian cattery in Texas, USA.  

We try hard and meticulously care and breed the finest Silver and Silver Persians in the U.S.

This is what our customers are saying after they have purchased kittens from other catteries, research all catteries selling doll face Persian kittens.  

Read more what our customers are saying.

Choose your kitten today 

 Reserve a tiny-teacup-miniature doll face

silver or silver chinchilla Persian today !

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