"Stormi"  rare Black 

Reserved - Sold

"Stormi"a tiny Black Persian female kitten - 

Silver blacks are rare - Born on May 6th 2022

Blacks are known for lovely coats !

Her eyes are predicted to be a brilliant green color !

She already is showing an adorable personality . . .exploring her new home!

We usually only get about 1 black Persian kitten a year!   

You can see how dainty she is!

Currently 3.5 weeks old in this photo . . . she is tiny as can be!

She is a little ham . . . chasing toys and twirling before your eyes!  Almost like "Watch me!"​​

Not named yet, as she a real gem and one of the finest we have produced!

She is a good eater and not fussy

Reserved by Christina - New Jersey​        DOB May 6th, 2022




"Sherlock Holmes"   


Smart and alert !



Parti Color Longhair Exotic Persian 

This link takes you to the breeder

PurrDelites Cattery

who is a sister site of TinyPersians Cattery!

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Sold 7-13-22

A very tiny Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten out of the dam named "Somewhere My Love"

Her coat is easy to care for and ever so soft and silky with Silver accents that glistens !​​

She eyes are beautifully shaped on an adorable Doll Face

If you want very tiny, this little girl is predicted to be 3.5 pounds as an adult!

Her Doll Face look includes a strong black outliner around her eyes, nose and lips!

She has black leather paw pads

A perfect Silver Persian   SWML-S-3-Saa-2022

Mom is less than 4 pounds

Dad is 5 pounds



"Sherlock Holmes"     SOLD  -  Melissa - Dallas Texas

Cute and playful!

Silver male Persian Kitten


A small Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten

DOB March 28, 2022

His coat is snow white accented

with just a pinch of Silver- appears white, however, looking close you will see a sparkling silver on his coat!

He has a snow white coat that dominates his look!

His Doll Face is correctly balanced with beautiful expressive eyes to predicted to be either blue-green or a brilliant green! 

His eyes have a strong black outliner,

like his nose and mouth

His face will look much like moms!

As a newborn Silver kittens are born dark and lighten up as they grow . .  as seen in the left photo with mom!

The best thing about Sis's Boy is his personality !

He is sweet alert- active and watches your every move!

Sis's Noy wants to be with you . . . gentle natured !

He is a good boy bathing and grooming!

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​DOB 3-28-22






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<  Persian kittens !

Photo 7-8-22

" Tiny Iris" 

" Sherlock Holmes "     

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Liliann Sold 

Lucy Sold 

Luna Sold

London Available 



<    Photo taken 7- 4 - 22  >

Photo taken 6-24-22    

London #2  AVAILABLE

Female Persian

"Gorgeous male available"

Luna  #4  SOLD


Gorgeous Doll Face Silver Chinchilla

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Sweet personality!

Four (4)  Silver Persian Kittens

3 Females, 1 male 


Choose one of these Persian kittens!

Shaded Silver and Silvers!

We very seldom have Shaded Silvers -

a good time to choose one!

3 weeks old in left photos!

 NEW PHOTOS posted - choose a kitten

Kittens are born dark and lighten up as they grow

The shades of silver and black will soften up to a clean silver misted look on the snow white coats!

You can watch them grow or be the first to choose one 

#2 Male, #1, #3 ,#4 are females



Beautiful Chinchilla coat !

1 pound - 2 ounces 


" Stormi "   >   

Sweet- playful- gorgeous Silver Chinchilla

Posted 8-9-22 

> Silver Litters due September and October 2022 !

>  Golden litter due 8-12-22

Reserve in Advance a newborn Persian kitten !

 We have a very tiny Silver Chinchilla Persian kittens available

Standard size also available

These kittens have been carefully bred to produce outstanding DOLL FACE Persian kittens !

Ask how you can take home one of these kittens

in October of 2022 !

Want one sooner?

We have other 2022 Persian kittens

ready to depart right now!

From 8 weeks old 

and up to 4 months old!



"Gabrielle  is a tiny Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten

Gabrielle is a French feminine name & that is what she is!

All girly girl and a Princess at that!

Her mom is the lovely dam of perfection! - "Love Song"

Her dad is a top TinyPersian Sire - "Prince Amar"

producing very tiny Persians 

This kitten is a full sister to "Somewhere My Love" and

a full sister to "Pooh Bear"

Chinchillas are known for silky, luxurious coats !

Her eyes are predicted to be a brilliant green color !

She has a sweet personality and extremely intelligent wanting to learn!

Gabrielle is a real gem and will make a wonderful buddy!

She is playful and has a calm and has a sweet personality ! 

DOB 2022

Silver male Persian Kitten


An adorable Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten

Born on May 6th 2022

He has a gentle nature about him always being so kind to his sister!

Just got to love a kitten like this!

His eyes are predicted 

to a brilliant green color !

He has a fluffy, soft coat

and just starting to explore !

His dam is Giovanna an often asked for kitten! 

Reserved by Melissa a Trauma Surgeon and Pilot of ​Dallas Texas

Named "Sherlock Holmes" by Melissa (owner)

​DOB May 6th, 2022


<  " Sherlock Holmes "     


" Stormi "     

Male - 1

Sis's Boy named   

" Lover Boy "

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We have not named these kittens yet . . .

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"Jolene"  growing up






2022 September Available 

     Sister a Black Persian named "Stormi"

     Reserved by Christina, New Jersey   SOLD

3.5 weeks old


True perfection!

Gabrielle as a newborn !

A gorgeous kitten from day one!

Look at this pretty face!

Dam - "Somewhere My Love"


Sweet and all Girly Girl !

​Lover Boy


Three (3) Persian Kittens  Available   1 SOLD

"Little Gabrielle "

Liliann #3 reserved by Erin - Dallas Texas

Kittens are not available for choosing

until evaluated at 7 to 8 weeks old

at that time they will be named and priced


Silver Chinchilla Male Persian Kitten

This is one extraordinary Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten out of a top producing dam named "Somewhere My Love"

and the imported sire named "Saafir"

"Lover Boy" is perfect in many ways!

His coat is snow white and just a slight accent of Silver

on his tail and misted on his back!

You see more white, however,

looking carefully you will see the silver sparkle !

This line produces clean, silky Chinchilla coats

that DOES NOT MAT!   What a gem!   

He has a perfect Doll Face look with a strong black outliner around his well developed nose

His small ears are covered with thick fur -

not bald ears like you may find elsewhere!

We carefully bred and all of our kittens

 with outstanding characteristics highly sought after!

He is such an outstanding "boy"

we are considering keeping him!

His full brothers from a previous litter

and named . . . Mi Lord and Dilan!

An absolutely perfect Chinchilla Persian kitten like this,

does not come along every day!

He is estimated to be small!

 Mom is less than 4 pounds, Dad is 5 pounds

Gorgeous Doll Face

Dam - "Juliette's Dawn"

Lucy  #3  SOLD

Liliann #1  SOLD

Posted 8-9-22