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Persian kittens !


Reserved 11-14-22



Christinas !

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Super Sweet & Playful !


Persian Kittens!

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<  Persian kittens !

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​Ask about Amy and Anna!

Choose a 2022 Princess Afina Persian Kitten !

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Silver Chinchillas

Silvers & Whites

Black Smoke & Parti-Color

Persian Kittens ! 

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"London"  a Silver  Chinchilla male Persian kitten​​

He has a cute Doll Face with a pink nose!

He is super sweet, playful and baths and grooms well!

"London" has an amazing silky, soft coat that is easy to care for!

He s out of one of our finest dams . . . Juliette's Dawn!

He is well bodied, just like a Persian should be!

If you want a a lovely Persian kitten . .

take home "London" today!

DOB 6-14-22   JD-SC-4-Nol-2022


Sold  Reserved for Bethany 11-14-22  Gift for sister

This little kitten was named "Oliver" as he cleans his plate . . .

He will sit there as if he is saying "I want more!"

He is a good eater, adores his sister . . . 

both are buddies!

Oliver" is a small Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten

out of the dam named "Princess Afina"

This kitten is all personality, has an amazing soft, silky coat

and is playful and fun to have around!

He really enjoys your company and awaits your arrival,

loving to cuddle and be with you!  

A light undercoat with soft Silver accents !​​

He has a Doll Face look and balanced facial features

Tiny ears with lots of fur that appears

to hide his ears seems to hide his ears

giving him an adorable look!

"Oliver"   has a strong chest and cobby body with a fluffy short tail,

just like Persians should have!

His paw pads are black and stand out

A male Silver Persian kitten

DOB  2022        PA-SC-M2-Nol-2022

Mom is 3.5 pounds  -   Dad is 4.5 pounds



"Name to come"   a snow white   male Exotic Persian kitten​​

He has a correct Persian face with a pink nose!

Very small ears with lots of fur!

His coat is silky, soft and of min texture!

He is playful, smart, baths, grooms and eats well !

The Exotic Persian breed is either shorthair or longhair

and are known as the shorthair Persian

If you want all that the Persian cat breed has to offer,

yet a medium short hair silky mink coat . . .

this lovely boy is a good choice!

Reserve this boy today!







Available right now ! !



Sire- "Noland"



"Gabrielle"   a very light white

Silver Chinchilla   female Persian kitten​​

She is truly a Princess in her beauty and personality!

She has a Doll Face look with large expressive eyes

that are predicted to be a stunning brilliant green color!

"Gabrielle" is super sweet, walks like she is walking on on feathers!

She baths, grooms with ease always sweet as can be!

Her coat is silky and easy to care for!

She is predicted to be between 3.5 to 4 pounds

Her dam is one of the finest we have ever bred and owned!

Her sire is Prince Amar

If you want a true Princess in every way, this is the last of this breeding!

DOB 2022






Dam - "Princess Afina"


9-24-22 for Sarah - Michigan

"Olivia  a very tiny female Persian kitten 

out of a top producing dam named "Princess Afina"
and the sire named "Noland"
She is absolutely adorable and has a sweet - sweet personality!

She is a Princess just like mom!
"Olivia" has an adorable face with large expressive eyes!
"Olivia"  has small ears are covered with thick fur!

Looks like Dad!

She is estimated to be 3.5 to 4+ pounds as an adult!

 Mom is 3.5 pounds     Dad is 4.5 pounds

A female Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten

DOB  6-18-2022   PA-SC-F2-Nol-2022

"Noland "

Reserved  11-22-22



"Emma's Boy"

Reserved  9-24-22




Sold 11-22-22

"Saul"  lovely Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten

out of a dam stunningly gorgeous mom!

His coat is is easy to care for, fluffy and smooth to the touch!​​

He has a Doll Face look includes a strong black outliner

around is eyes, nose and lips!

He will have the most amazing eye color!

Saul's eyes are currently blue predicted

to be a stunning color when he matures

He has a regal, elegant look to him and is ultra sweet as can be!

He is a tiny boy, yet as you can see he has good body structure!

He baths, grooms being happy and eats well and is playful!

If you are seeking a lovely Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten . . .

this lovely boy will capture your heart!

Snatch "Saul" up today . . .  as this one is very special ! 

Look at his purrfect balanced face, extra small ears and lovely eyes!

An adorable male Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten

DOB  2022   Sar-SC-M2-DIL-2022

Mom is 4 pounds  -  Dad is 5 pounds

Reserved 9-26-22


Posted 9-28-22 

"Emma's Boy"


"Emma's Boy"  a Shaded Silver  male Persian kitten​​

has a gorgeous, cute Doll Face

with a strong black outliner around his eyes and nose!

He is playful, alert, loves people 

 and actually the smallest kitten ever produced!

He is a consideration of a keeper for TinyPersians

Reserve him before he is taken!

"Emma's Boy"  a lovely Silver and White coat

that is easy to care for!

October 20th, only 1 pound 3 ounces!

If you want a a lovely Persian kitten . .

take home "Emma's Boy" today!

DOB 6-14-22   JD-SC-4-Nol-2022

"Gorgeous male available"



2022  Princess  Afina  litter  Available 

"Snow White"

Gorgeous Doll Faces

Silver Chinchilla male kitten




Silver Persian Kittens


Sired by the sire "Noland" and out of the a gorgeous dam

 Choose from 3 Silver male Persian kittens

and 1 Silver female Persian kittens DOB 2022

These are very small Persian kittens, sweet, playful, healthy!

There eyes have a strong black outliner around the eyes

and are predicted to be a stunning green or blue - green color!

They groom and bath well including relaxed with a dryer

Reserve one today!


Posted 8-28-22 





"Zackery"   a Shaded Silver  male Persian kitten​​

He has a cute Doll Face with a pink nose!

He is as sweet and playful as can be!

​Best thing about Zackery is his loving personality!

He baths, grooms and eats well !

He loves your company!

He will be small as his mom is 3.5 - 4 pounds and dad is 4.5 pounds!

The Silver Persian category are the smallest of all Persians

You can find most Silvers tiny!

If you want a snuggle bunny, someone to sleep with,

reserve this boy today!

DOB 6-27-22   SAM-SS-M1-2022

Reserved 9-26-22

for Kathyrn - Dallas 



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