Sired by Pooh Bear

"Dream Girl" is truly a special Princess  !

A correct balanced Doll Face

that is absolutely perfect !  

Mom will be bred to another sire

so this girl will be one of a kind !  


Sired by Pooh Bear

" Afina " 

Silver Chinchilla Female

Gorgeous, lovely lady !

 "Little Lucky" is very, very sweet - alert - playful- full of the dickens !

A very small - cute male Silver male Persian kitten ! 

< " Dee Dee "  SOLD 

"  Dee Dee"​​

​" Hayla "  

This little lady is stunningly beautiful . . .

Sale Pending

She blossomed into an outstanding - Doll Face fluffy Persian beauty !

Reserve this lovely little girl today!

Doesn't get any better then a Persian kitten like "Charleen" !

This is one gorgeous lady !  

Extremely small and dainty !  

She has a strong chest even though so tiny,

a short cobby body and a very short tail ! 

"  Dee Dee"​​

" Hayla "

White Silver Chinchilla female 
Persian kitten For Sale
JD - SC-F-2-2019-PB

" Hayla" . . . a " Silver Chinchilla  " female Persian kitten that has a Snow White Silver Chinchilla silky coat

with an adorable Doll Face Cute turn up nose that has amazing eye color already a Turquoise color

Her coat is a clean, silky Chinchilla coat ! 

"Hayla" is sweet, playful, gorgeous, correct and out of a gorgeous 4 pound dam and the stunning sire - "Pooh Bear"!
Her eyes, nose and mouth outlined in black !  

Her large expressive eyes are a brilliant

 turquoise color outlined in a strong black outliner  

She has a soft, sweet, personality that is all lady !   
Her little well formed body is extra small,

yet is strong and sturdy for a little kitten !

She is dainty and predicted to be about 3.5 pounds
Born  2019  Sired by *Pooh Bear !  

Full sister to Jonee (Jonee a previous litter)

"  Curious and playful ! "​​

 Sired by Pooh Bear

" Benny"

Photo taken 2-5-20

Beautiful all around  !

photo 10-31-19

" Charleen " 

Photo taken 9-30-19

This is one Gorgeous Chinchilla  !

Look at this face !

Sired by Moscato - perfect in every way!

Fluffy full coat !

Playful and full of the dickens !

" Jonee "   3.5 pounds ! 

​All time smallest male produced !

Small kitten - silly big feet !




Sold to Josey - Texas

Sired by Pooh Bear

" Afina "

Silver Chinchilla Female Persian Kitten
Silver Chinchilla misted in Silver  !


Oh my!  What are you waiting for?

It doesn't get any better than an extra tiny Persian kitten like "Afina"

She is ever so small, correct in so many ways!

. . . And has a perfect Doll Face  !

Ultra sweet, cute as can be as she softly trots across the room to greet you!

Extra tiny ears heavily covered with thick fur, a correct round face with a turn up nose outlined in black!

​She as an extraordinary round crown that is a characteristic

highly sought after in the show ring!    

She possesses gorgeous very large expressive eyes 

that have a strong black outline

and eye color predicted to be a turquoise color

like her sire " Pooh Bear" who is sired by "Prince Amar"

Afina's dam is a "Saafir" daughter 

This pedigree offers much of TinyPersians breeding sires

that entail several years of careful breeding  !   

Look at " Afina's" coat  !  Ever so gorgeous as it is free flowing, silky and full !

She is and will be extremely small and considered

A " Top Pick" TinyPersian kitten

" Afina" Sired by Pooh Bear

A cattery keeper consideration !   

Grab this Princess up today !  

Literally perfect in every way !

Afina's twin sister "Mitzie" is Available !

Photos taken 11-4-19​​

" Mitzie"

A lovely Chinchilla female !

" Look at this adorable

Doll Face Persian kitten !"

 Sired by Prince Amar

"  Cute as can be ! "​​

"  Sandee "

Silver Chinchilla Female Persian Kitten

 " Sandee" is a beautiful shaded Golden Chinchilla female Persian kitten

 with a mixture of lighter colors which could be described as a Golden Chinchilla

You will find shades of gold, apricot, cream, white, chocolate and black !

What is a Chinchilla Golden?  It is a Golden with a coat that is brighten up with soft light colors of white, creme, apricot, along with the Shaded Golden Persian colors!


"Sandee" has extra large expressive eyes and a face that looks much liker her  brother "Tequila Sunrise" (from a prior litter).

Her cute Doll Face - round head is just what you want!

"Sandee's coat is easy to care for and lovely in every way!

From her soft texture to her multi pattern coat with stunning a variety of colors !

She is a lady, playful, alert - looking at you straight in the eyes!

She trots across the floor to meet you and her short and cobby body

with her tail up in the air is adorable!

She has a sweet - sweet personality that is all "love" !

Taking home " Sandee" will give you much joy and you will have found a new buddy !

She absolutely loves attention !  

Easy to bath and groom !

Sired by Prince Amar who produces outstanding eye color -

the most amazing turquoise intense colors

Choose a TinyPersian today !

Choose a 

kitten in advance !

Discover Silky - Smooth

and extra soft Persian coats !

Ever so sweet !

Testimonial Reviews !

" Jenny "


" Simon "

"  Dee Dee"​​

"  Simon "

Shaded Golden Male Persian Kitten


" Simon" is a very sweet - sweet

Golden Persian kitten !

He has a beautiful, fluffy, long hair coat with

shades of gold, cream, apricot, white, chocolate !   

His coat is soft, silky and easy to care for!

He always looks fabulous!

He has a cute expression on his Doll Face

and extra large eyes predicted to be emerald green or turquoise. 

He is very sweet, loves to be held, playful, baths and grooms well, is out of a very small dam that is 4 pounds !

" Simon" will be very small !

​He has large feet, a well formed chest, short and cobby and a short tail that gives him an adorable look !

Sired by Prince Amar   

​Dam 4 pounds !

"  A gorgeous, luxurious Shaded Golden male Persian kitten with shades of gold,

apricot, white, cream and black !

Current weight 1 pound 2 ounces !

" Simon" a Shaded Golden male Persian kitten available and now old enough to depart!

Reserve this lovely Persian kitten today !

Our last Shaded Golden male available

​We have a female available too !

2020 ​​​​​​Doll Face Silver Persian kittens of all colors - very small to standard sizes                         

Sweet  Charleen!

Beautiful Silver Chinchilla Persian

large expressive eyes !


a lovely little Princess

today !


More Persian kittens below !

Look at Mira, Jenny and Afina below!

A gorgeous Fluffy coated

Shaded Golden Persian kitten

with shades of gold - apricot - creme' -

white - chocolate 

Getting more golden every day! 

Extra large eyes- cute turn up nose !

"  Very White Doll Face Silver Chinchilla -faintly -  softly misted silver"​​

Silver Chinchilla extra small !


" Charleen " 


Photo taken 2-5-20

Benny departing


Sold  - Texas

Sired by Pooh Bear


" Hayla" 

"  Hayla "​​

Sired by Saafir


" Afina"  Perfect Doll Face Persian characteristics !

Look at this gorgeous extra small Princess !

Very, very Tiny !

Want a extra small kitten?

Predicted to be 3.5 to 4 pounds grown !  

Reserve "Afina" Today!

"  Love's Dream Girl " 

Silver Chinchilla  Female

Sold - Reserved for Darleen + Marty - Louisiana 

This little girl is a very white Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten

with a soft- faint mist of silver 

Her coat is of mink texture - ever so luxurious, very easy to care for !

Very, very Snow White !
She is very small and all girly girl, very sweet,

"Love's Dream Girl" has a lovely DOLL FACE 
with eyes that are predicted to be either a brilliant green or turquoise color  

Black leather paw pads standout !
She baths and grooms well and loves your company

A no nonsense kitten . . . always happy!
 Love's Dream Girl is the most Love Song (Dam) 
look-a-like in the facial features - 

looking like her dam 

She is extremely small and predicted to be under 4 pounds

"Dream Girl" has an adorable look

She possess a short fluffy tail, cute turn up nose

with a Doll Face look! 

She is quiet natured, a non fussy kitten

A happy kitten !

that is a joy to be around !
​Sired by Moscato


More lovely TinyPersian kittens below !

" Mira "

Ever so sweet - alert - loves to be with you!

Photo taken 11 - 4 -19 

Darleen and Marty of Louisiana choose

< " Love's Dream Girl" a beautiful mink coated Chinchilla and the gorgeous all time beauty . . . "Charleen" !  >

 Cute- Cute Doll Face Golden Persian   Sire - Prince Amar

" Nicholas " 

"  Hayla "​​

Perfection !

" Hermes "

Reserved for Jennifer      Sired Prince Amar

Photo taken 2- 5 - 20

" Tiny Charleen "

Shaded Silver Female Persian Kitten

SOLD - Reserved for Darleen + Marty - Louisiana

 Very small 

This kitten keeps getting better and better each day !  

 A sweet Silver Persian female kitten out of one of our

finest Dams that has out produced herself with every litter !

Choose one of her perfect Doll Face Persian kittens

with correctly balanced facial features . . .  and that is "Charleen" !

Her stunning large, expressive eyes are outlined in black

and predicted to be a turquoise or brilliant green color ! 

Charleen's nose is a correct red brick color outlined in black and her nose slightly turns up giving her an adorable "Girly - Girl" look !

She has very small ears, large paws, short cubby body with extra short tail

Her brother is Sterling (sold) and a lovely shaded Golden sister

all are extraordinary individuals !   
Charleen's coat is fluffy, soft and easy to care for !

A very light-clean white coat misted in Silver along her back and tail

Her tummy, legs and mane are Snow White !

Best of all she is playful, active, full of the dickens !

​Choose " Charleen" today and you will be taking home an adorable, very sweet,

beautifully coated Silver Persian female kitten !  

Sired by Prince Amar

Short and Cobby - Strong chest  !

" Dee Dee "

Blue - Cream Shaded Silver Female 

Sold - Preslie * Texas

" Dee Dee "  is a gorgeous fluffy Silver female Persian kitten

that is playful, bold, active, conformationally correct, sturdy chest and large paws, yet small and dainty ! 

All girly girl !  She as a very long free flowing, silky coat

that is easy to care for 

Her coat color is white-soft creme-blue/silver the most highly sought after in the European market today!  

A Persian kitten to treasure !   

Look at this beautiful balanced Doll Face !

She loves people, will have stunning eye color

like her sire and dam

Mom has brilliant Emerald Green eyes

Dad has stunning Turquoise eyes !

" Ima Cutsy" looks at you straight in the eyes - like she is human

having a look of love in her eyes!  

A very smart, alert and loving "Princess"! 

She loves her brother . . .

and chases him around doing somersault flips !​​

Younger photos were taken 8-5-19

Current photos taken 9-30-19

Sired by " Pooh Bear  " 

Look at this face !  >

Sweet and Gorgeous !​​

Reserved for Sheerie

​Washington USA

Silky, soft luxurious Chinchilla coat

Eyes predicated to be turquoise, green, or blue / green ! 

Both parents have stunning, brilliant eye color !

This kitten weighs 3.5 pounds 1-23-20

DOB 5-21-19

Now that is small !  Kittens size usually matures size-weight wise at about 10 months old,

yet are not adults until 24 months old 

A top pick kitten . . .  adorable in every way!

The cutest personality as he softly trots up to you looking straight up to you

with much love and respect !

 " Jonee " has very large eyes, a tiny teacup nose and

cute expressive Doll Face facial features !

Reserved for Sheerie 

Washington State

" Little Lucky"

Jonee adorable at a few weeks old - blossomed into a perfect

Doll Face Persian kitten  !

Photo taken Jan 2020

Precious !


big feet ! 

"  Love's Dream Girl "

" Sandee "  SOLD  >

"  Little Benny "

Silver Chinchilla Male Persian Kitten

   Sold - Reserved for Jennifer - Texas

 " Little Benny " is a beautiful very white, Silver Chinchilla coated

male Persian kitten very lightly misted in Silver -

He has a full fluffy tail and his coat is of mink texture -

just what a Chinchilla is known for !

"Little Benny" has a cute Doll Face look with large eyes strongly outlined in black

He has a correct round face and round crown and a turn up nose

that is absolutely adorable !

​His eyes are extremely large at this age as when a kitten matures

you will see his eyes increase in size!  

So this little guy will have amazing -

highly sought after extra large Persian eyes !

He is active, alert, playful, very well mannered, a no nonsense kitten

just wanting to be loved and to please !

He baths and grooms well and amazingly purrs when you groom!

How could you want anything different than a well bred, gorgeous, extra sweet Silver Chinchilla with a very white Chinchilla coat and will remain extremely small.  

He is predicted to be 4 pounds or less as an adult !

Best of all he has a very sweet loving, soft personality

and a willingness to please !  

He loves your company and is so much like is mom in many ways  . . .

" Little Benny" will be very, very small ! His dam is very small - just under 4 pounds !

He has a strong chest and correct body even though he is as small as can be.

A small kitten with big feet gives him an cute - cute look!

​If you would like a larger Persian kitten we have standard sizes, however,

"Benny" is and will be a very, very small Persian!   

Sired by Prince Amar - that produces outstanding eye color and small kittens !

​" Little Lucky"  

 A Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten that possesses a lovely DOLL Face look ! 

​Brilliant Turquoise Eyes ! 

Sired by "Pooh Bear" 

Photo being added this week

A very sweet little boy !

         CFA Persian kittens bred for beauty, health and personalities !

Cute, Cute face!

" Thank you Debbie & Steve for doing an excellent breeding.  

We love them to death and melt our hearts !

 Thanks you so much !  "   Darleen and Marty  


Choose a Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten today ! 

Female Silver Chinchillas  

Male Silver Chinchillas

out of our top producing  dam " Juliette's Dawn "​​

Juliette's Dawn is sired by Prince Amar and her grandsire the gorgeous sire; Saafir

Her Dam is a Giovanna daughter and that puts her at the top of the list

for an extraordinary pedigree !  

We have taken the best of the best to produce  "Juliette's Dawn"

and now have bred her to our new sire "Pooh Bear"! 

Choose a Persian kitten from

Juliette's Dawn's Litter !​​

One gorgeous boy!  

One we had our eyes on for a breeder!   

Doesn't get any better

then " Jonee's" look!  

"  Dee Dee"​​

For  Sale

"  Dee Dee"​​

A Female Persian kitten with a White undercoat 

beautifully misted in Silver 

A " Top Pick" TinyPersian kitten

Little Lucky"
Silver Persian Male Kitten  !


This little guy is a very small Silver Chinchilla

kitten with a big personality !  

"Little Lucky" has a personality that will entertain you . . .

he has a love for life and you can see that in all he does!  

He doesn't miss a step with making your day!
He is ultra sweet and will not be a lazy cat, but an alert and playful Persian ! 

Has a loud purr even when he is groomed . . .

in love with people . . . looks up at you with a desire to be held, loves your company, ultra sweet and a correct Doll Face look !

He has extra large expressive eyes

and a has a cute Doll Face look!

Currently, Little Lucky has one turquoise eye and one green eye.

Final eye color matures at about 24 months old.

His sire is " Pooh Bear " processes Turquoise eyes, 

additionally, his dam has brilliant turquoise eyes  

​Sired by Pooh Bear !

Reserved -  "Little Lucky"  ! 

" This young lady is the sweetest "Princess" . . . you can see it in her loving eyes ! "

" Sandee "

 *  TinyPersianCustomer Reviews*

Photo taken 1- 2 - 20

Prince Amar daughter


Doll face

Silver Chinchilla 


Extra tiny!

​3 pounds !

"  Tinker  " ​​

" Mitzie"


Doll Face Silver Persians !

 "Mitzie"  Silver Chinchilla female

" Hayla"  Silver Chinchilla female SOLD

" Little Lucky"  Silver Chinchilla male SOLD

"Simon"  Shaded Golden male SOLD

" Jenny"  Silver Chinchilla female

" Dee Dee"  Blue-Cream Shaded Silver SOLD

" Mira"  Silver Chinchilla female SOLD

Fluffy and

easy to

care for !

Sired by * Saafir

Extra large eyes !

" Charleen ! "

Stunningly beautiful !

  • ​Correct balanced Doll Face
  • best personality ever !
  • a loving little lady!
  • Short Cobby body 
  • Extra short tail !
  • Large paws
  • sired by Pooh Bear
  • ​grand sire Prince Amar

" Very small - ultra sweet and playful ! " 

" Afina "

" Jonee "

            Our Persians are unmatched in quality and personalities !

Sweet Doll Face look !


" Mitzie"


 Silver Chinchilla Persian female kitten  


 This lovely Silver Chinchilla with Silver across her back 

sired by "Pooh Bear" and a gorgeous Dam 
"Mitzie" is a look a like to her Dam !

A correct Persian face possessing all the required characteristics

within the CFA Silver Persian Division!

Her coat is a clean white silver Chinchilla coat that is ultra soft and silky!

Exactly what TinyPersians breeds for!

​With years of breeding only the best to the best out Persian kittens are known

to out surpass any Silver Persian teacups Internationally !

This little girl is ever so sweet, playful and all lady! 

A princess at that !

She baths and grooms well

knowing you are caring for her with much love !

Her beautiful Doll face is adorable -

Her face is round, with a round crown forehead,

large round eyes predicted to be turquoise or green !

with expressive eyes !

This lovely Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten is considered a top pick kitten !

Very sweet, sweet, little lady predicted to be very very small 3.5 to 4 pounds grown !

11-4-19 photo 


Look at this boy !

Absolutely gorgeous Chinchilla ! 
This kitten is very-very small !
​Extremely intelligent


Pure snow solid white male Persian  

" Jonee "

Origin:  Hebrew

Meaning:  meaning of the name Benny is "son or son of the right hand" This name has charm and grace

"This is one gorgeous Silver Chinchilla boy !

Sold to Jennifer - Texas

Sired by Pooh Bear


and alert !


One very sweet Persian kitten - Purrs all the time ! 

Chinchilla coat stays groomed !

"  Are you seeking a very white coated

Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten?

" Little Benny" is  an exceptional kitten !  

Reserve "  Little Benny" today ! "​​  Opps! Sold

Very small, gorgeous Doll Face Persian

For  Sale


Beautiful Persian coat !

Easy to care for coat !

Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten  ​​

This is one adorable very, very small 

Doll Face Persian kitten with a gorgeous, silky Chinchilla white undercoat softly misted in silver

" Jonee " (Johnny) is ever - so cute Doll Face look with extraordinary large eyes! 

 Will be very small !

" Jonne" is a perfect Persian kitten in every way !

He has a strong structured body, good chest,

yet ever so small !  Pick of the litter!

We have standard size Persians available, however, this is the small version of the Persian cat out of the CFA Silver Division

  " Jonee " no longer available . . . however, ask about reserving a full sibling !

" Simon "

" Simon" 

Correct body structure !

" Beautiful Facial Features ! " 

Look at this adorable little girl !

Benny departing

" Jonee "


" Doll Face - name to come"

Silver Chinchilla Male  


An outstanding Silver male Persian kitten

with a Snow White Chinchilla coat and just a mist of silver on his tail

He is predicted to be 5.5 to 6 pounds

He has a beautiful Doll Face and has a sophisticated,

sweet, sweet personality !

He has the most amazing, clean white coat, silky - satin texture lightly misted silver on his tail

This kitten's coat always stays gorgeous and puffy !  

Stays self combed all the time ! What a gem !

Eyes to be predicted to be either Turquoise or a brilliant Green

Dad is the imported sire* Saafir

Current photos taken 12-29-19


For Sale

" Mira "

Silver Chinchilla Female 

How could you not love" Mira "   

What a beauty ! 

An exquisite and perfect Doll Face Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten

That has a luxurious full coat that is free - flowing, snow white and soft as can be ! 

She is one gorgeous, literally perfect Doll Face Silver Chinchilla !

Look at that face !  

" Mira "  was gorgeous from day one !   

Everyday she became even more beautiful and stayed feminine

in her looks and personality

A real lady . . . even when the other kittens play rough . . .

she will play softly in a princess way ! 

Sweet - Sweet - Sweet !   

​" Mira" gently trots across the room as if she is floating on air . . .

coming close to you as she wants to be with you    

She will watch what you do with much interest with her eyes sparkling at the same time!
A lovely young lady that is above the ordinary !

" Mira" loves people and other Persians, eats well and easy to groom ! 

A kitten like this does not come along often as she is correct in every way!

A kitten you will be proud to own and share your life with !

Everyone loves this girl !   

Excellent eye contact with you . . .

shows her intelligence and awareness of her surroundings ! 

You will find she has excellent body substance,

yet possessing a royal " Princess " look !

If you want a very sweet kitten to snuggle with

that will bond with you to be your forever friend . . . 

 choose "  Mira "  today !  ​​

She has an amazing Chinchilla coat and a Doll Face look . . .

this " lady " has a perfect face that is balanced with large expressive eyes

and correct turn up nose, brick red outlined in black !  

She has a round crown forehead !  One of the most sought after Persian cat traits !

Just what the breed standards require  !   

Look at that face and her long beautiful Persian coat !  ​ 

" Mira"   is considered as a cattery keeper and any time without notice this one may no longer be available ! Got to know a good thing when you see it!    Of course we are known for all of our Persians as exceptional and unmatched in quality of bloodlines, look and outrageously sweet - sweet personalities !

Sired by the stunning sire -  " Moscato " 

Mom:  4 pounds 

Photos taken 8-24-19

One gorgeous Silver Chinchilla with a beautiful perfect Doll Face !

TOP pick Persian kitten 

Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten 

Doll Face Silver Chinchilla

only 3.5 pounds at 7.5 months old!

Want a very tiny Persian kitten?

Reserve a "Jonee" sibling in advance!


Jenny photo taken at night - poor lighting . . . showing shadows 

Her face has light Silver accents !

Not a cream color  > 

When lighting is on the right of a kitten there are shadows on the left >

NOT to worry ! 

See photos below . . .

Luxurious Coat

White Persian -Sire Moscato

" Nicholas " 

" Hermes "

Lovely Golden silky coat !

" Dee Dee "

" Afina "

" Simon "

Sold !

Large expressive Eyes predicted to beTurquoise or Emerald Green !

Extra small female Persian Chinchilla female  

Absolutely perfect Doll Face lady  !

"  Dee Dee"​​

" Hayla "

" Hermes "

photo 12-29-19

" Little Lucky"

" Jenny"

Silver Chinchilla Female 


This is one well bred Silver Chinchilla Doll Face female Persian kitten  !

Her dam is "Giovanna" and that says it all!    

​" Jenny" possesses beautiful large eyes that will be a brilliant color

and an easy to care for Chinchilla coat

Her face stays clean and she is considered an easy keeper !

Her and Hayla are best friends - you will find them snuggled together and showing much love and affection in their faces !   

" Jenny"  baths and grooms well, full sister to our sire;  "Onyx of Eden"

Giovanna, her dam is a top producer with customers coming back asking for  

another Giovanna kitten as they are sweet, loving and gorgeous!

Her Sire is known for producing luxurious coats and that is what this little lady has!   She has a light coat and silver Accents her face and coat, yet primarily light!  

Sired by " Saafir " Take a look at her sire and you can see where her beauty comes from!

An amazing soft - silky luxurious Chinchilla coat !

" Mira "

White Persian - male Available

​" Hayla "  

Pronounced:  Hay-La

Origin:  Persian
Meaning:  "Unexpected gift"

Determined toward goals.

Imaginative and has a great memory

Silver Chinchilla 


​" Little  Lucky  "   Silver Chinchilla male

 Meaning: Having good luck!


​" Simon"   - Shaded Golden male

Origin:  Greek

Meaning:  to "The Listener"

Reputation to listen and hear !


" Benny "   - Silver Chinchilla male


Large eyes outlined in black

" Nicholas"

Silver Chinchilla Male Persian Kitten
Silver Chinchilla accented in Silver  !


This gorgeous Doll Face Silver Chinchilla Persian has a clean light coat

with a small about of Silver

He has extraordinary large expressive eyes

that are predicted to be a green color

His sire is " Moscato" processing Turquoise - green eyes

and dam has Emerald Green eyes 

He is well built as a Persian should be !

His dam is a gorgeous White Silver Chinchilla

Nicholas's coat is a full Silver Chinchilla coat like his sire  

His sire is 7.2 pounds and dam is 4 pounds

" Nicholas" looks much like his dam in the facial features

He is smart, active and well bred ! 

​Sired by Moscato !

A " Top Pick" TinyPersian kitten

Stunningly beautiful with amazing eye color

perfect textured Chinchilla coat that is a clean white softly misted in Silver !

Reserved for Sheerie - Washington