" Little Lady "

" Little Lady " 

April  2019    Sherry purchased a lovely Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten " Ima Cutesy " in 2018 

and has chosen " Little Lady " in 2019

" Little Lady " a 2019 Persian kitten is the smallest Persian kitten to-date

that TInyPersians has ever produced !

2 pounds 1.8 ounce at 3 months old !

 " Little Lady  " DOB January 20th, 2019 kitten

Departed April 2019


Debbie,  " Nikko Bear "  is really good with our daughter - Gia

This pic of Nikko and Gia is too precious not to share !   Shelli

   " Bobbie McGee "  and "Susie

 Purchased by Giang (pronunced Yang)

Jackie friend picking up the kittens for her friend 


9 - 6 -19

Daijah and her Sister arrive to pick up their TinyPersian kitten " Billy "

They are so happy with him they are keeping his name !

 3 months old and still tiny !

   " Stoni " 

Gilbert and Jennifer 


   " Stoni " 


Jayne and Amy Doctors in Dallas Texas are friends come to pick up Jayne's new TinyPersian Shaded Silver Persian kitten . . .  " Jake "

A very small Doll Face Persian kitten !

Jayne giving her kitten his first bath . . . amazed her kitten is purring !  

7-27-19  Breeder - Debbie

So glad you love him . . . Rickie is a special boy

and I will miss him dearly

I wanted to keep him but have to let go of them

He has always held a special place in my heart !

I  know you had such an awful experience

with a past breeder . . . and ringworm

It makes our job more difficult helping cat seekers to trust and have confidence in acquiring a healthy and ringworm free, well socialized Persian kitten 

Yes, everyone always says they are so much

smaller in person -  glad you are pleased

Best wishes with your Monday surgery

Snuggle with your

new TinyPersian Rickie and rest 

He is a snuggle bunny !

Thank you for sending photos of Rickie

settling in his new home !

" Vinnie" 2018  kitten

< " Vinnie " 2018  kitten

DOB  May 8th, 2019

​Sired by " Pooh Bear " 

"  Hi Debbie,   

I hope your new lil babies have been letting you get a little sleep ! 
Dude & Diva absolutely LOVE one another 

Dude had his 2 round of vaccines last week

and weighed 2lbs 2oz. Diva weighs 1lb 2oz. 
Dude & Diva are also starting to warm up to our Bullmastiff (Boone)
You can see Diva checking out her BIG brother....so cute & tiny! 
Much Love "    Jill

"  We just started introducing Diva to Boone as if this weekend 

Naturally, she was a bit scared of him at first 

Although, the past 2 days she has really been curious about him 

Dude has had a few extra weeks to get to know Boone,

so he walks and plays freely in front of him with no problem
I tried to grab my phone to take a video of Dude trying to play/swat at Boone’s tail while he was lying in the floor...when I turned to grab my phone he started playing with another toy 

I can’t wait to get close up of all 3 together ! 
Diva has grown, but
she’s still soooo tiny!   All of her features are so cute

& petite. They’re both so adorable and they do love each other "   Jill


Hi Debbie,    Hope you’ve been doing great!   I just left vet with Dude & Diva

for their vaccines. Dude is weighing in at 3.6 lbs at 4 months & a few days...Diva is a big 2 lbs exactly at 3 months & a week. Everyone goes crazy when I take them to the vet !   They’re soooooo precious !   Thanks,  Jill

" Tiny Teddie " 

" Boone "  125 pounds !

Jennifer surprised how small " Rickie " was the day she picked him up (7-27-19)

Rickie born May 8th 2019 was

11 weeks - 3 days old in this photo 

Over 3 months old !

" Georgette " 


and Dave

" Georgette " 

" Nikko Bear " 

7 -  31 -19

Debbie,  Thank you so much for any future  grooming referrals ! 
Tomi and Luna are doing wonderfully

Tomi . . . always by my side
He’s such a sweet boy -

started out being a shy kitty (first arriving) but quickly grew out of that

now loves following everyone around,

playing and taking naps

with the doggies. L O L !
Luna is so talkative, beautiful

and the princess of the house.
We treasure them both ! ! !


2016 Silver Chinchilla

Persian kitten

Sired by Prince Amar

" Nikko Bear "  and " Tiny Teddie "

2 TinyPersians arrive to their new home this past week

Departure March 25th and 28th, 2019​​

" Now this is " Cute " ! 

" Little Emmie " 

March  2019    After much regret to retire " Little Emmie" Sharlotte and Mary each had purchased Persian kittens from TinyPersians in the past

When they heard " Little Emmie " was available, we received a message after just a few hours posting her availability !   " Little Emmie " a full sister to " Love Song " dam of Sharlotte's beloved " Yoshi "

Both Sharlotte and her mother, Mary knew the Persian bloodline of " Little Emmie " most being less then 3.8 pounds as this lovely girl weighed only 3 pounds 8 ounces at 2 years old the day she departed - March 2019

Congratulations to Mary and Sharlotte and we are extremely pleased with this lovely girl getting a forever dream home !   Debbie with TinyPersians  Departed 2019

" Mary  and  Sharolette,  I would  like to thank you both for giving 3 TinyPersian kittens

an absolutely perfect, loving forever home !  "  Debbie - Breeder

Jennifer little boy holds " Rickie" all the way home after picking up this Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten for TinyPersains

Rickie relaxed

Adjusting immediately !

Calm - Sweet Persian kitten 

" Debbie,  I made my baby  Jasmine

a custom bed !  " Robin

" ​Robin, your lovely

Silver Chinchilla is adorable ! 

Love the bed you made for her ! " 


" Stoni "

"  Billy "

2019 Asma seaches for a Shaded Golden female Persian kitten

and finds her dream kitten " Rosie "  with TinyPersians 

July 4th, 2019

Debbie, She is playful and active !  Rosie brings so much joy and happiness to ouir family - we all love her adorableness !  Asma

   " Romeo "  

Just arrived to his new home 5-17-19 

5-17-19   ( To Anita from Christine ) 

" Anita, It just hit me this evening and I can't stop crying . . .

I am so blessed !   I can't believe how perfect " Romeo " is !!

and he is so playful !! "  Christine

 5-17-19  ( To Christine from Anita wishing Christine a Happy Birthday ! ) 

" OH ENJOY HIM - A PRECIOUS GIFT FROM GOD - HE CREATES ALL !!!!!    DEBRA (TinyPersians) of course helps !  Anita

5-26-19  Anita giving Romeo his first bath >

after arriving to his new forever home in Florida !

Anita offered Romeo for a Birthday present for

Christine and her husband - dear friends 

These TinyPersians recently departed

and are in their new homes much loved !

Lots of smiles and good times with their new kittens !

" Tigger "

" Pooh Bear " future sire for


First litter arrived May 8th, 2019 !

Reserve one of his kittens today !

Shelli purchases "Nikko Bear" 3 days later Shelli returns

to choose another Persian kitten - " Tiny Teddie " 

7-27-19 First day home

Omg ! We are in looove ! Smaller than I imagined . . . very intelligent eyes and communication  

He is beautiful insdie and out !  Thank you ! 

Your husband is a gem too

My tabby exotic is already submitting to him 

They are not upset at all  

 My male tabby just wants to be newr him !

They're all going to be best friends!

I'm so sorry we seemed difficult

Thank you for this wonderful kitty

I will cherish him !   Jennifer

" Nikko Bear "  and Gia 


2019 kitten

Shaded Blue Golden Persian

2018   Hi Debbie, just want to give you an update on " Vinnie " We love him so so very much Debbie ! 

2019  " Debbie, this is Connie, we would like another kitten  . . .  a friend for Vinnie ! "

Connie -  Oklahoma

5 -7 -19    Hi Debbie ~
First night he (Stoni) really missed his mommy and brother.  Yesterday was perfect ! ! 

Already fitting in great.  Vinnie and Stoni seem like they have been buddy’s forever. 

Stoni loves to give kisses and sit up on his back legs which is adorable!!  They are so smart ! ! 

I feel so lucky.  His little personality is just exploding.   Dave and I really enjoy you and Steve’s company.  Wished we lived closer.  Thank you again for everything.  Coming home after work is like coming into a fairly land thanks to you and Steve bringing our precious babies to us. I will send pics asap.    Thank you again and have a great day with all of your babies.   Connie

Customer Photo

" Tomi "

" Mei " 

2019    Debbie,  Mei is a spaz !   She's adorable !  Upgraded her to her own room

(with a brand new cat tree that she scales like a champ much to my surprise)

 and the room itself will eventually have a door converted with a cat only entrance

so the cats and come and go through the house 

Since she’s still so small, keeping her away from the bigger pets for now

 Lots of love -  Lots of toys -  Eating and playing well and getting along with my two cats 

The younger one is super interested in her 

 Here’s a quick video !     Best and much love,
Kelly and Mei

Mei DOB January 2019

" Pooh Bear "

" Georgette " 

Departed March 30th 2019

Syliva and Daemon - Katy, Texas

 2019 Shaded Golden Female Persian kitten sired by Prince Amar

In 2018 Syliva reserves a kitten . . . 

planning ahead !   March 2019 Sylvia and her husband Daemon choose " Georgette "  a lovely shaded golden female Persian kitten !

2019 Testimonials

2 pounds  1.8 ounces at 3 months old !

" Tigger "

" Rickie "

" Rosie "

Jill, Russ and her family come back for another Tiny Persian 

   " Stoni "  

 " Stoni " formerly named " Nick " by breeder

May 14 2019    Hi Debbie ~
First night he really missed his mommy and brother  

Yesterday was perfect ! !  Already fitting in great  

Vinnie (our 2018 Persian kitten from TinyPersians - you )

and Stoni seem like they have been buddy’s forever 

Stoni loves to give kisses and sit up on his back legs which is adorable ! !  They are so smart ! !   I feel so lucky ! 

His little personality is just exploding  

He is drinking about (3) small bowls of milk and some wet food each day  Brush time is about 5pm and he is already figuring it out ! ! 

Dave and I really enjoy you and Steve’s company  

Wished we lived closer.  Thank you again for everything  

Coming home after work is like coming into a fairly land thanks to you

and Steve bringing our precious babies to us. I will send pics asap   Connie

Departed May 10, 2019    Sired by Moscato

​Out of a Giovanna daughter !

Full brother to " Romeo "


"  Debbie we would like another kitten ! "

" We are all just thrilled to have them both ! !  "

 " ​His turned up nose is the most adorable thing ever ! ! !  "

" We love him so much !  "

"  Debbie . . . . we are in love ! "

" ​I couldn’t be happier with her sweet disposition !  "

​ " She is a wonderful loving baby ! "

" I adore her ! "
" Everything i wanted ! She is a head turner !  "

" He loves to give kisses and sit up on his back legs  ! ! "  

"  I can't stop crying . . .  I am so blessed ! " 

" I can't believe how perfect " he " is ! ! "

" We are already on cloud nine ! "

"  Coming home is like coming into a fairly land  "

Omg ! We are in looove !  

​Smaller than I imagined  !

"  She is perfect !

My kids went nutzo when they saw her face & big eyes ! 
Please reserve her for us ! Thx Debbie ! ! ! ! "

" You go above and beyond to make sure your cats

are happy & healthy ! 
This is why y’all have the best tiny persians !  "

" He is beyond precious !   His eyes look so turquoise ! "   

"  We’re all in love already ! !!!  " 

He's beyond beautiful ! 

" Hi Debbie,
 I’m feeding Dude Boo Bear (named after his sire "Pooh Bear" - fo
rmerly named Tigger) 3 x daily soft food, dry food out all the time 

and goats milk 1 -2 x daily.   He loves his goats milk !

I add in the Nu Vet vitamins to his milk b/c I know he’ll finish it all ! 

I did notice that if I give both canned food and goat milk at same time, Dude will fill up on the milk and not eat much canned food.

Now, I try to let him eat his food first and later give him milk. 

I cannot begin to imagine how you and Steve keep up with multiple feeding schedules for all your babies and the Mama cats.

You go above and beyond to make sure your cats are happy & healthy !

This is why y’all have the best tiny persians ! 

Our family and our new cat names:
:Addi (11 yrs), Reed (9yrs), Chase (6 yrs)   - Russ & Jill 

Tigger (Shaded Silver male) we named : Dude BooBear
Dotty  (Silver Chinchilla female) we named: Diva Luv 

Dude & Diva *

** I’m attaching a pic of the goat milk that I bought to make sure

it’s one you prefer.

Look  at those precious eyes in that pic of Dude! Super cute ! "  Jill

7-17-19  Oh Debbie, Tigger is beyond precious!   His eyes look so turquoise!   We’re all in love already ! !!!  
If you get a chance to take pics of Richie, please send just in case kids decide 2 boys would be fun! 

I’m so glad you sent that link about caring for your Persian.

I did not know you’re suppose to keep them in small room & not let them roam for a week or more. I’m learning so much from you...you’re a remarkable breeder!   Thanks,    Jill

7-17-19  Jill, you can have kittens the first day any place in the home supervised until they get adjusted to their new home.  The info I provided are guidelines and most kittens adjust the first few hours!   Even with dogs !    Debbie

In 2018 Connie purchases " Vinni "

formerly breeder named " Jo Jo "

in 2019 Connie returns to choose

another Persian kitten that is only 3 weeks old ! 

Nick and Connie names him " Stoni " 

   " Lucifer "  


June 23 2019    A shaded Golden male Persian kitten . . . .

Lucifer Departure to Houston Texas with his new family Sherry and Justin and children

This is the 3rd Persian kitten Sherry and Justin Purchased for their family

First Silver Persian kitten they took home was in 2018

Early 2019 they came back and acquired "Little Lady" and that is what she is . . . very tiny Persian female kitten with a big personality !

6-23-19 Sherry and Justin's family reserved their 4th Persian kitten 

patiently awaiting a rare black Persian kitten.  Thank you Sherry and Justin for giving "our" tinyPersians a loving home.  Debbie

Departed June 23rd, 2019    Sired by Moscato

​Out of a Golden Persian dam !

Full brother to " Rosie" and " Mr. Truffles "


August 2019 Jill and Russ pick up another Persian kitten named Dotty

and her new name is now Diva Luv !

" Nick " 2019 kitten > 

​Now named " Stoni"


< Look how white this Silver Chinchilla matured to by 4.5 weeks old  . . .  

and still small  !

" Nikko Bear " 

" Nikko Bear " 

Two Silver Chinchilla TinyPersians kittens story

   " Diva Luv "  1 pound - 2 ounces bold and nothing bothers her 

 " Dude Boo Bear "  2 pounds - 2 ounces playful with 
 " Boone "  a BullMastiff -  a
125 pounds gentle giant  ! 

" Debbie, His (Pooh Bear) turned up nose is the most adorable thing ever ! ! ! "  Sharlotte

" Diva Luv "  1 pound - 2 ounces

 3-30-19    Debbie,  OMG they're GREAT !   " Nikko Bear "  has fully adjusted and

looks/acts like he's home (after arriving 3-25-19)

" Tiny Teddy " is still not sure about us but we did hear him purring several times today

and they both are eating well  (departure on 3-28-19)

We are all just thrilled to have them both ! 

They play together ALOT ! They sleep in the cat tree together and it's adorable

  These boys are our hearts ! 

They're doing great and we are thankful for them !  Blessings !   Shelli 

   " Bobbie McGee "  

 Bobbie McGee is an absolutely perfect Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten  

Perfect balanced Doll Face with large expressive eyes!

" Debbie, your Persian cats are so cute ! " Jackie

Departed 2019    Sired by Prince Amar


" Little Lady "

9 - 6 -19

Debbie,  Thank you so much !  He's beyond beautiful !  He will be very loved !


Dallas, Texas

2019 Silver Chinchilla

Persian kitten

Sired by Moscato

Aa - SC - M 2019

In 2018 Mary purchases a male Silver Chinchilla and her daughter prior to that purchased the "tiny" Yoshi

In 2019 Mary returns to choose another Persian named

" Little Emmie " 2 years old and only 3+ pounds  !

"  Billy "

" Dude BooBear "

Jill and her lovely family picked up their new Shaded Silver Persian kitten " Tigger"

" Rickie" is a very tiny Persian kitten that is ever so sweet !  A clean white coat misted with Silver .  Jill has also reserved the little girl " Dotty " sired by Prince Amar

" Tiny Teddie " 

Departed March 28th 2019

Shelli and family  - Dallas, Texas

 2019 Shaded Golden Male Persian kitten

sired by Prince Amar

   " Romeo "  

" Romeo " was named and chosen by Anita

for a Birthday present for a dear friend; Christine  

Anita already has 3 TinyPersian kittens named;  Versace, Michael and Angelo

Romeo " departed 5-17-19 and was delivered to Anita and Christine !

This lovely Silver Persian kitten has an extraordinary balanced Doll Face and perfect in every way   -  Christine loves her new TinyPersian 

Departed May 17, 2019    Sired by Moscato

​Out of a Giovanna daughter !


Customer Testimonial Reviews

" Little Lady "

" Happy Birthday Christine ! "

from Anita 

" Little Lady "

" Tomi "

" Vinnie" 2019 Customer Photo


   " Amazing Grace "  

 "Amazing Grace " purchased in 2018 by Karen - Texas

May 25 2019    Hi Debbie,
After almost a year with us  "Amazing Grace"  is doing really well ! 

We love her so much and she is the perfect kitty ! 

She plays with our grandchildren now and

is becoming more independent all of the time.  

I thought you might like to see her picture
Thank you !   Karen 

Departed 2018   Sired  " Prince Amar"

​Silver Chinchilla female Persian


" Georgette " 

Tiny Diva - 1 pound 2 ounces

with her friend a Bullmastiff  !

" Jasmine " 

   Hi Debbie,  I wanted to update you on my baby Jasmine (Jazzy)

 She is 3.7 lbs of total love !  

She is a veteran flyer at this point, and happily sits on my shoulder for the entire flight 

We literally spend 24 / 7 together and I couldn’t be happier with her sweet disposition !

Hope all is well ! Thank you !  Robin

  January 1, 2019   " She is a wonderful loving baby -  a very good traveler 
I travel mainly to and from Florida and California with her -  
I adore her!
Everything i wanted ! She is a head turner ! 

She did get bigger than expected but still easy to manage travel with 
She seems to be done growing now 
I am so happy with her  !  Robin

Happy 2019  New Year !   

 " Jasmine "   2018 kitten

" Nikko Bear " 

Departed March 25th 2019

Shelli and family  - Dallas, Texas

 2019 Shaded Golden Male Persian kitten sired by Saafir

" Georgette " 

" Chirp " 

January 2019    Wanda lost her lovely Persian and came to TinyPersians to find her next sole mate

Wanda was looking for a Persian that would be sweet, healthy and sleep with her

  To my surprise "Chirp" meeting Wanda for the first time immediately took to her !

"Chirp's" first day home he quickly adjusted and soon was exploring and playing with toys offered him

 " Chirp " March 2018 kitten

Departed 2019


" Vinnie" 2018  Persian kitten -

Now 10 months old!

Born dark and lighten up as the grow !

" The Silver Prince"

" Rickie "

   " Teddy formerly named " The Silver Prince"

 Debbie, Teddy is amazing, fun, sweet and playful and the best cuddles !

He now has free rein of our house and is so confident and happy !  Elizabeth

 May 9th, 2019   Hi Debbie,
Thank you for the additional photos, we are so in love with him. We are moving forward with Teddy, for his name. Thanks for sharing the information on your website in caring for our new kitten.   
Thank you.
We are already on cloud nine !

lizabeth & Josh   & Family :)

​Thank you!  Elizabeth ( and Josh) 

 " The SIlver Prince "  January 2019 Persian kitten
Departed 2019    Sired by Prince Amar