" Tequila is doing fine, letting him out of the bedroom supervised to wonder the house.  Other kitties are closed off in master suite but Tequila can smell them.   He is responsive and sweet, Im so impressed by him.  He is gentle and very responsive to touch. 

He is an Angel !! "  Terry

"  Is he eating?  "  Debbie

"  Yes he is eating fine, I just can't get enough of him" .

" He far surpasses my expectations of what I thought he would be !  I am in love ! "    Terry

Tequila Sunrise a "Golden" Persian 2 years old

now resides with Terry in California !   



We had to put a little bell on her because even though we have her confined to just our room and bathroom she finds the tiniest places to get into.

​But I can her her jingle when she moves.  

She cones to me when I call her thought !!

And she purrs when I hold her !!

She follows me around too!  :)

I carried her a lot of the way home to

San Antonio because she was crying in the kennel so I think she got attached pretty quick!  We have named her Clarice



" Hi Debbie!!  We are finally home it was a long flight.

Here are some pictures :). 
I got the carrier at PetSmart in Houston.

Let me see if I can find it online

and I’ll share the link with you. 
Tinker is doing great, she slept most of the flight

and was only up for about 30 minutes.   

Tomorrow I will send you pictures of her at home!    

Have a great night!   Lillianne

​Lillianne, I love the carrier you choose to pick up "Tinker"!  

I can see Tinker has an A+ forever home ! 

Thank you for giving her such a perfect new home !  Debbie 

Reserve a " Golden " today !


Julissa photos of Clarice in her new home!  (formerly named Christy and now named Clarice)


Lisa purchased a Christmas present for her daughter " Libby "  . . . choosing a lovely - perfect Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten named " Little Dolly" .  


Debbie, She (Little Dolly) is doing great!

Definitely skittish last night (after arriving) and some this morning.  I Think she is adjusting beautifully . . .  long trip ad I think it was because she needed to go pooty 

That is the first thing she did when she got here!  Potty!

Poor thing   . long time to hold it.

She is eating . . . and loves the rug in her safe room !

12-3-19  Lisa, all kittens will be disoriented when they arrive . . . everything is new and smells different and she has lost her home, mommy and siblings.  They quickly adjust to a new home and I am glad you are in love with her!   It was hard to part with this lovely lady!   I really wanted to keep her.  Have a Merry Christmas with your family and daughter "Libby" !   What a lovely Christmas present !  You are one amazing mom !   Thank you for entrusting in TinyPersians.  Debbie

" He far surpasses my expectations of what

I thought he would be !  I am in love ! " 

" I just can't get enough of him ! "  


Tinker flying in a private Jet from Texas USA to Panama -

where this lovely Silver Chinchilla TinyPersian will now reside !

Lillianne an Interior Designer choose this Persian kitten for her sole mate!  Thank you Lillianne for choosing "Tinker" !  Debbie

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Tequila Sunrise

Golden Persian

Now resides

in California with Terry