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These   are 100%   Persians 

Kittens now available  !

C h o o s i n g   a   r e p u t a b l e   b r e e d e r 

 C a t t e r y   /   b r e e d e r    P O L I C Y   S U M M A R Y . . .  M O R E

.  Kittens listed for sale:  We may list kittens already sold and therefore, at times may not have kittens available -   We will try to keep all data update  -  Please contact us for kitten availability

.  Flight Fees Subject to change without notice:   Due to destinations and Airline price changes, and other unknown expenses   

.  Seller to Refuse a Kitten Sale:   We may refuse the sale of a kitten at our sole discretion 

.  Creative Works Disclaimer:   Some illustrations, photos,  may be depictions only and/or may be used as an example of what we offer and may not be an actual cat or kitten we now have available nor imply any characteristic whatsoever of what the buyer will receive, as new kittens are born . . . they are all individuals.  Each tiny Persian kitten is unique. Similar in look, however, are individuals!  .  

Copyrighted Works:   Any art, illustration, graphics, logos, backgrounds, and photos on this website are copyrighted and solely owned by, any reproduction, usage, copying or electronically transferring will be in violation of the U.S. Copyright Laws.  We do not warrant any of these depictions as our sole foundation stock available as they may be past kittens, or current breeders kept by cattery -   These illustrations are a  presentation of our products and services.  Some illustrations are actual portraits of our cats and most photography are actual cats in our inventory right now, including any listings such as; Kittens/Cats Available is constantly changing any there may be or may not be available, due to laps between update and customer viewing

.  Refundable Deposits Exclusions:    If a refundable deposit is advertised as refundable, such as, Vet Deposits advertised 100% refundable. will be refunded upon the Buyer's Federal Licensed Vet sending documentation the kitten/cat has been neutered/spayed identifying the micro chip # and date of surgery -    At that time the Seller will send the buyer the 100% refunded Vet Deposit to the buyer in a check form via U.S. Mail.

.  Kitten Deposits:  A small deposit to hold a kitten is non refundable, however, is transferable for a future kitten.  We strive for happy customers.  Let us answer your questions about choosing a Persian kitten. 

.  Kitten Limited Warrantee Disclosure:   We do not warrant any kitten beyond our warrantee time line -   Any kitten that is taken into possession by the purchaser and is returned to the seller will pay for quarantine and vet  checks, vet requirements to check and bring cat or kitten back to health - No kitten can return back into our cattery without a quarantine period of time with a third party  -   Please review our Policies  

.   Persian Colors: Persian kittens/cats are Silver, Silver Shaded, Silver Chinchilla, Golden, Golden Chinchilla, Golden Shaded, Black Smoke Persians -   Our Persians may look white, however, are    registered CFA Silver Persians -    We do not warrant the coat color variations, eye color, nor the size of the cat or kitten  

.   Persian Size: TinyPersians website/advertising may refer to "The Teacup Kitten", however, we breed Persians and they are typically small -   Buyer agrees cannot guarantee the size a kitten will mature to. and does not represent ourselves as per say; "A Teacup Breeder", we breed well bred Persians -   Due to many shoppers asking for "Teacup Persians", we find it necessary to define our Persians -   

We cannot guarantee any kitten size or growth development -   What we do strive for excellence in Persians breeding, and excellence in customer service -   Thank you for shopping at

Adorable, fluffy, silky coated 

very small

Silver Persians bred by a 

reputable Persian breeder  

.  Doll Face Persians 

. Fluffy, Silky Coated 

. Healthy Kittens

. Health Certificates

. CFA Registered

​FIV / FeLV Negative Proof

. PKD DNA Tested

.  Ringworm Free Cattery

​Small Cattery - Non Caged Persians

. Imprinted Kittens 

. Pick Up or Airline Transportation

. Breeder Located in Texas

. Two Major Airports Departures

. DFW Airport

. Love Field Airport 

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.  Specializing in Chinchilla and Silver Persians

.  Pet Persian Kittens For Sale

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.  Legitimate CFA Registered Kittens

.  PDK DNA Tested Cattery

.  CFA Registered Cattery

.    Numerous CFA Championships in Pedigrees

.    Healthy Kittens - Health Certificate 

.    Silky, Luxurious coats

.    Large Expressive Eyes, mostly Green

.    Micro Chip Available

.    To Acquire a Kitten - RESERVE KITTENS

 a reputable cattery with high standards

We have been in business publishing magazines for 31 years, breeding top Arabian horses for 26 years and there are universal business strategies that are applied with all businesses.  Here at with our years of success, and experience, are applying these highly successful business strategies and standards.  With breeding top bred Silver Chinchilla Persians we now offer "Tiny" Persians to Pet Homes.   The most important factors when purchasing a pet, you should purchase your kitten from a reputable cattery, know the cattery's environment, # of adult breeding cats, kitten health warrantee (limited warrantee standard - period of time established by each cattery), warrantee against genetic feline diseases, up-to-date vaccinations and worming, transportation policies, kitten registration paper's transfer documents released.  Most importantly, you should be seeking a healthy, well adjusted - socialized Persian kitten.  That means kittens produced are taken care of on day one.  With each new development stage carefully introduced and maintained, carefully bred with legitimate CFA registration papers. This is most often a smaller breeder within their home, cage free …. avoid cat mills.  Responsible breeders do cat dams with young kittens for the safety of newborns and the first few weeks of development.   Seek a reputable company with great customer service, great attitude and stead fast in its intentions. When a Persian breeder defines breeding Teacup Persians, yes it is not recognized as a CFA defined category of the Persian breed, however, the term TEACUP, has been used for such a long time it has been accepted within the Cat Pet Industry and termed as; TEACUP PERSIAN.  So yes, there is such a thing as a TEACUP PERSIAN, THIS COINED PHRASE has been to identify some very impressive and successful Persian breeders . . . like anything, caution and be selective with your breeder choice.  We can refer you to a few successful Persian breeders and breeders offering Teacup Persians.  So fulfill your dream and find an even smaller Persian . . . your adorable Tiny Persian at   Our marketing goal is to offer Persians of all sizes, yet specializing in breeding smaller pet Persians.   We refer our kittens as TINY PERSIANS.  Welcome to  a top CFA Reputable Persian Cattery in Texas.   Specializing in Silver, Silver Chinchilla and Golden Persians. 

"Most of all providing a enjoyable experience"

In any industry there are individuals or companies that are more desirable to do business with.  Our goal at is to have your experience a positive experience and therefore, providing our kittens the best home possible.  With all of our businesses we strive for excellence in product and service, and customer service, however, these kittens are not a money making business, they are a passion. We try harder and pay attention to details.   If we cannot immediately provide you with a kitten, we will refer you to a reputable breeder.  We recommend using our form to reserve your kitten with us . . .  and it will be worth the wait. Other times no wait.

Our goal is to have 6 to 7 litters a year and paying attention to each kitten that is born; by imprinting kittens early on, nurturing each one, litter training, grooming basics - introducing to bathing, combing, grooming and never caged.  Each kitten is introduced to a highly selected diet with top rated "kitten vitamins".   Each kitten is carefully weaned from the mom to insure a well-adjusted transition of the kitten and ultimately transforming the kitten into a "secure, happy kitten". Our kittens environment is cleaned minimum 4 times a day. NONE are caged, or left in small confined spaces. They are hand raised and nurtured to the fullest with human interaction throughout each day.  

We recommend our kittens to be placed in non smoking environments.  We are a cattery that will not intentionally breed genetic defects.  You can count on high standards when shopping for your Persian dream kitten.

Thank you deeply for shopping at 

"Healthy, well adjusted kittens . . . Legitimate CFA Registrations"   


CFA Registered CATTERY

 P K D   N E G A T I V E   C a t t e r y

 Our kittens are provided to "Pet Homes", sometimes to approved catteries.  No agents, laboratories, pet shops need to apply.  Thank you for your inquires.

Any catteries interested, please fill out our cattery application.   Occasionally, we have adult males available, see the forms to reserve an adult breeding or pet Pet Persian.   Thank you 

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There are smaller persian kittens than the TRADITIONAL PERSIAN.  Be highly selective when choosing a cattery.

The Persian cat is smaller than most felines and generally within the breed smaller persians are produced.  Additionally, THERE ARE Persians that are even smaller than the Traditional Persian Cat.   A few selective Persian Breeders that have carefully selected Internationally, Silver breeding Persians and bred responsibly very small Persian kittens . . . much smaller than the Traditional Persian Cat. These smaller Persians are referred to as, TeaCup, Toy, Pixie, or Tiny Persian.  With careful research you can find more than a handful of superior Teacup Persian Breeders specializing in breeding extraordinary small Silver, Silver Shaded, Silver Chinchilla, and Golden Persians. Here at we welcome your inquires . . .   Our goal is to breed healthy, tiny Silvers and Goldens, specializing in the Chinchilla Persian.  We offer these Persians for sale to qualified pet homes.  If we cannot help, you we will be more than happy to provide a referral to a responsible TEACUP PERSIAN BREEDER.    Buyers ask do we have Teacup Silver Chinchilla Persians?   We breed small CFA registered Silver Persians.  Very small Persians.  Smaller then the CFA solid division Persians.  

About us

Small and Healthy Tiny Chinchilla Persian Kittens For Sale from a Reputable Breeder

Your kitten could look just like one of these adorable Tiny Persian kittens….  watch for new photos!         



The Doll Face Persian kitten looks like a round fluffy ball of fur, with a sturdy, muscular, a cobby body, yet very light in weight. The eyes are large, rounded and set far apart. The Traditional Persians have small rounded ears set low on the head, full cheeks with a well developed chin.  It's head is round and massive, yet the nose is snub, placed lower on the face.  An up-curving mouth gives an expression of happiness, almost smiling. The tail is thick, short and in proportion to the body, angled down, lower in the back.  The legs are short.  The Persian cat's silky, very long coat flows beautifully and is dense.  The Persian cat comes in various colors.  

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Other Persian cattery - adult Persian cat males 9 to 14 pounds and adult Persian cat females 7 to 11 pounds with the exception of the popular Tiny Doll Face Persian kittens that are much smaller ranging from 4 to 6 pounds for females and 5 to 8 pounds for males.  

Choose your next very small ChinchillaPersian Kitten at   TinyPersians

Buyers ask -  "Do you have 

Tiny Teacup persians? kittens

Quick Review of the Persian Cat Breed

Welcome to Cattery, We specialize in breeding and selling minature, very small, toy and tiny Persian kittens.  Offering a wide range of Silvers, Silver Chinchillas and White TeaCup Persian colors and coat patterns.  CFA Reputable Persian Cattery

Reserve your kitten today!

Our highly selected Tiny Persian bloodlines offer only the best of Persians.  Our customers testify our Persians are outstanding, healthy and the prettiest doll face Persians in the U.S. 

We have carefully chosen top foundation Persians in order produce only the "best" TeaCup Persians 

Certified/Registered CFA Cattery


Tiny Persian KIttens

What makes us stand out ?

More about us . . .  TinyPersians

Teacup Persian kittens are extraordinarily popular among cat fanciers Internationally  

Persians are stunning to look at, have huge personalities

and  are highly treasured, making them the #1 cat breed in the world.  

​​Want  to  know  more  ?, a Doll Face Persian breeder of tiny CFA registered cats and kittens welcome your inquiries.

Please email or call us for all the details of upcoming litters and how you can reserve one today 

Our tiny teacup kittens are small in size with playful personalities.  Our Persians currently are between 3  to 7.2 pound adults 

We do not guarantee size, however, we can give information on parents size   

A Persian that is less then 8 pounds is defined as a Teacup 

The Chinchilla Silver doll face Persian is considered the # cat breed in the world and the smallest of the Persian cat breed

 They are not runts or the smallest in the litter 

They are naturally small in size, with beautiful white undercoat (sometimes appearing completely white) with soft, silver tipping

  Their eyes are typically large and round with black eyeliner, eyelashes as if they had mascara on their eyes  

The Silver Persian Cats are known for it's playful personality 

At we strive to breed top Teacup Persians adhering the the strict requirements by the CFA Registry of America 

Together with emphasizing balanced temperaments and gorgeous treasured Persians we encourage our shoppers to shop around first  We feel are Persians are unmatched with quality, care and specifically and carefully breeding without inbreeding extensively   

Our Persians interact with our family on a daily basis and know each one of us 

As a small Persian Cattery we do not over breed 

You will find a variety of colors and coat patterns (when available) within the Silver Persian CFA color division 

These Persian cat coat colors include Silvers, Silver Shaded, Silver Chinchillas, Golden, Golden Shaded, and sometimes Golden Chinchillas

  TinyPersians is located in the North Dallas Texas 

Our Persians can be shipped easily from DFW International Airport with a carry on service 

You can reserve a teacup persian kitten in advance by 
placing a deposit 

Please call us and discuss before you put a deposit down so we can discuss your expectations

  When you reserve, you will receive e-mail photos of your lovely kitten as it grows   

Your deposit to reserve a kitten is made in good faith and not refundable   

If you place a deposit / payment on a kitten that is your commitment to that animal,

and your agreement all terms and conditions set forth and therefore agreeing these terms and conditions reserves the right to retain any exceptional kittens for our program 

Request a Persian Cat/Kitten sales agreement before you put a deposit down   

Thank you for visiting us and welcome your inquires 

View our available Persian kittens and adult pet Persians for sale 

Contact us to receive up-dated information on new litters and available Persian kittens featuring photos

Tell us about yourself and what you are looking for with Persian kittens

Review our breeder moms / dads   

Choose a Silver Chinchilla, Shaded Silver. Shaded Golden, Golden, Golden Chinchilla, Black, White, Smoke,

or a Tortie Persian kitten or cat adult

We welcome your inquiries

" Actual  custom  portraits  of  kittens!  "

" The  finer  things  in  life  . . .  are carefully  planned,  nurtured  and  shared !  "

Cute, adorable, playful, prissy, active, quality Teacup Persian kittens 

Kittens out of highly selected Domestic and Imported Blood Stock

​We breed only the best !

Snow White, frosted lightly with Silver gives a sparkling appearance

Fluffy, silky, long haired Teacup

Persians above the ordinary 


Shaina Copyright Portrait

Choosing a Cattery . . . Small Cage Free Breeder . . . Imprinting Kittens . . . Healthy, Happy, Playful Kittens 


Striving for excellence.  Carefully crossing the best to the best!  Specializing in Silvers -  

Very Light Chinchilla Teacup Persians!  

Carefully selected breeding Persians - aimed to breed smaller Persians   


Silver Chinchilla Persian 

Bloodlines World Renowned  . . .

find your next Persian Kitten at


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We are a small breeder

photos are past kittens unless posted for sale

Here at TinyPersian Cattery we focus on breeding and producing quality, healthy, well maintained, socialized Persian kittens.   We have provided valuable Persian cat care information, sharing on how to feed, groom, and Care for your Persian cat.   A reputable Persian cat breeder will share and inform - educate individuals new to the Cat World.   TinyPersian Cattery is a CFA registered cattery -

WARRANTEE:  DNA PKD Negative Cattery- all breeders individually DNA PKD tested, Ringworm Negative Cattery, Parasite, Ear Mite and Flea Clean !   

FIV and FeLV Negative Breeder 

Carefully selected breeder Silver Persian cats 

Warning !  Unauthorized and illegal use of our

tradename and trademark of TinyPersians

Other persons and catteries using our name -   Tiny Persians

There is a Trisha using our Tiny Persians company name on a facebook account.  Located in 11 Ann Street, New London, CT.  This is not us.  We are the original and only CFA cattery named and cattery registered as TinyPersians

We are located in TEXAS !