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Buy a Teacup pet Persian cat or kitten

Customers say;  " I cannot find a healthier, clean, well socialized and much loved kitten anywhere.

TinyPersians kittens are so lovely and the best ! " 

​Our miniature, teacup and standard Persian kittens possess perfect doll faces  

Small, well balanced, not over-sized, correctly set ears (not too short or too long of noses)   

Gorgeous, perfectly shaped eyes and large with stunning green, blue/green, emerald and blue eyes 

We sell many shades & patterns of Persians, such as; white, silver shaded, silver chinchilla, golden, golden chinchilla, golden shaded Persians  

Choose your kitten from a Kitten Empire collection.  Right here at TinyPersians  


Find your Silver Chinchilla Teacup Persian Kitten or cat at TinyPersians

Exquisite persian kittens for sale at TinyPersians are gorgeous, fluffy white bundles of joy ! Our Persian kittens are healthy, delicate, teacup - very small Persians, we refer to Tiny Persians.  That is what our Persians are!  Very, tiny and smaller then the standard CFA Persians.  We have become a favorite for the Persian feline shopper wanting a well bred Persian kitten with a breeder, paying attention to details. Choose an affectionate - purring Persian kitten that is above the ordinary.   Each kitten is raised by our TinyPersians Cattery, a reputable CFA small Texas Persian cat breeder. Raising kittens underfoot (non-caged cattery) with love, attention throughout the day. Each kitten having access to lots of playing, running, jumping, hiding in the cattery nursery. Including interaction between their feline friends and people.  Kittens recieve vitamins, minerals and top cat food daily to insure the best start. 

If you are interested in taking home a petite, very small Persian kitten for your entire family and friends to treasure

. . .  please contact us.   We love to hear from feline lovers and placing our kitten in special loving homes !

Our customers say;  "TinyPersian kittens are the best out there!  I have search all the websites and find yours are the most gorgeous, healthy looking Persian kittens available".    

Choose a lovely miniature or teacup Persian today!

Give Deborah at call 214 / 960-0267 and we will discuss which perfect, fluffy, bundle of joy is for you !   

<  Now these are gorgeous Persians . . . why purchase a Persian anywhere else when we have absolutely stunning, well bred and healthy Persian kittens.  Our CFA cattery tested negative for ringworm.   For us, that means tons !