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Nonee kittens - Sold    


Nonee kittens - Sold    


Sharif Amir      








Nonee kitten - Sold    


Shaina - Dam     



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Gorgeous 2016 Persian kittens 

Persians shown maybe breeders or past kittens, not kittens for sale

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We cannot predict heat cycles, however, we can estimate an approximate availability of kittens.

" We have never sold a Persian with Ringworm or positive for the PKD Feline Disorder !  "

Tiny Persians



Persian  kittens 

2016 Kittens for Sale!

Silver and 

Silver  Chinchilla  


 ​Kittens  for  sale - 2015

 2016  Kittens  now  taking  reservations  !    

 " The finer things in life . . .  are carefully planned,, nurtured and shared !  "


" Now this is cute!  

A very tiny Persian !  "

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Kitten photos displayed may be past kittens.

We sell kittens for pets - 

spayed or neutered.  

If you are a cattery and seeking a breeding Persian, from time to time we may have breeding kittens available.

​A Cat Fanciers Registered Cattery

Small Home Cattery - Non Caged - Healthy + Socialized Tiny Silver - Chinchilla Persian Kittens 

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Doll Face & Extreme Face Persians KIttens

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Thank you for getting with us.  We will get with you asap.  Please leave a phone, e-mail and address where this kitten will be.


All Tiny Persians sell as pets -  new owners are responsible for the spaying or neutering of the kitten. 

Kittens are available for departure at 8 weeks old or later.


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Our Persian Kittens 


     .     Kitten Exam-Vaccinations-Wormed
     .     Long, Silky, Luxurious Coats
     .     Large Expressive Eyes, mostly Green
     .     Kitten Shipped Clean + Groomed
     .     Healthy Kitten Guarantee - See Policies
     .     Socialized Kittens, Non Caged
     .     Keepsake Photos of your kitten
     .     Several Litters a Year
     .     Specializing in Chinchilla, Silver Persians
     .     Pet Persian Kittens For Sale
     .    Up-Grade Kitten Package - includes Micro                  Chipped, Gift Package, Pedigree Docs
     .     Legitimate CFA Registered Kittens
     .     Numerous CFA Championships in Pedigree
     .     CFA Registered Cattery
     .     Breeding for Excellence and Healthy Kittens
     .     Ability to Reserve your Kitten in Advance
     .     Micro Chip Kittens Available
     .     Kitten Gift Packages Available
     .     Airline Carrier included with Flight Fee
​     .     PKD Negative CFA Cattery

Producing gorgeous, extra small Persian kittens with careful attention to detail, insuring extraordinary traits with appealing well balanced facial features, 

including trusting, playful personalities for the whole family to enjoy.  CFA Registered Kittens.  Take home an adorable tiny Persian kitten today !

Adorable, Luxurious, Silky Coats

CFA Registered Persian Kittens  

 Gorgeous green - blue eyes * Silver Persians

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Purchase  small, tiny, Chinchilla  Persian  kittens  from  a  CFA reputable,  breeder    …

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Chinchilla Persians

* Gorgeous silky long haired kittens

* Healthy home raised kittens

* Large expressive eyes

* CFA Registered Persians

Tiny Doll Face Persian kittens for sale
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