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Defining Teacup Kittens

Miniature Size

About the Teacup Persian Kitten and Cat


The smaller Persian is sometimes referred to as teacup, miniature, mini, pixie, toy, or tiny . . . 

at TinyPersians we refer to our Persians as tiny . . . as this is what they are!  

Some of them are much smaller then other catteries kittens they call teacup   

Our sizes start at 3.2 pounds to 7. 8 pounds 

In 2016 the TinyPersian Cattery produced a very small litter of healthy tiny miniature Persian kittens

weighing 1.3 pounds at 3 months old !  

Now that is very small


 What TinyPersians.com breeds CFA Registered Persians specializing in the Silver Persian Division

defined by the CFA Registry   

 As reputable, CFA Registered Cattery, we strive to produce Doll Face Silver, Silver Chinchilla Persians  

We occasionally have Golden and even Smoke Persians  


Here at TinyPersians Cattery, we have carefully bred and produced Persian cats

to insure their sizes remain small, yet healthy 

 Descriptive words such as teacup, micro, mini or miniature have brought so much controversy

between teacup cat breeders

Here is a discussion about the Teacup Persian . . .


When a Persian breeder defines breeding Teacup Persians,

yes it is not recognized as a CFA defined category of the Persian breed,

however, the term TEACUP, has been used for such a long time it has been accepted

within the Cat Pet Industry and termed as; TEACUP PERSIAN  

So yes, there is such a thing as a TEACUP PERSIAN, THIS COINED PHRASE

has been to identify some very impressive and successful

Persian breeders . . . like anything, caution and be selective with your breeder choice   

Remember an adjective describes something, so tiny, teacup, miniature, toy, pixie, and mini

are all descriptions (adjectives) of very small Persian cats and kittens   

Yes !  There really is such a thing as a Teacup Persian !   


What is an adjective?

An adjective is a word that describes, identifies or further defines a noun or a pronoun 

There are thousands of adjectives available to describe how something feels, looks, sounds, tastes and acts

What do the words tiny, mini, miniature mean?   They are adjectives 

The describe a noun.  Cats are nouns  

What are nouns?

Nouns name people, places, things, or ideas

What is a teacup, tiny Persian?

Teacup Tiny an adjective, describes the noun "Persian cats and kittens"   



So " Follow your Dream . . . "

Find a cattery that you can trust, and find healthy very small cats and kittens if that is what you are seeking   

The next time you read; " There is no such thing as a teacup or tiny Persian cat or kitten" 

that tells you that understanding the English language gives you all the answers you have been asking !  

Obviously using an adjective to describe nouns is part of our every day language 

Shop now for your Persian kitten of your dreams !  

Choose a TinyPersian Cattery healthy, small Persian cat or kitten   

Call it what you like   A small, a little, a pixie, a miniature, a teacup, a tiny Persian kitten   

Most importantly, choose a cattery of high standards and that are reputable  

Choose the TinyPersians Cattery of Texas creating positive memories and experiences for the Persian cat shopper. Our customers testify . . .  

" TinyPersians Cattery of Texas have the best doll face teacup, miniature cat breeder out there! " 

Contact us today and have an adorable Persian

for your very own !

Gorgeous, Silver and Chinchilla Persians for sale 









Teacup Persians simply refers 

to a Persian kitten being smaller then the typical average size of the

Persian cat

Some breeders specialize in producing smaller statured Persians generally defined as Teacup Persians . . . 

​There are several
generic names . . .
small, toy and teacup Persians

​Some individual breeder lines are often called "palm-sized", "pocket", "mini" and "pixie" and
"Tiny" Persians

" Teacup Persians are not recognized as a separate breed by major registries, yet, it has not hurt their popularity "

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P E R S I A N S     B E H A V I O R

The Persian cat breed is gentle, sweet, playful 

and does not require much attention  

They rather lay in a regal way on your sofa

or bed like they were a prince or princess !  

The Persian a sophisticated cat breed loves to be with you

and to be admired, loves to stay clean   

"Discover the world of Tiny Chinchilla and Silver Persians" 


More About Kittens

The world of kittens is a joyful adventure . . . for the whole family !  

You will find your kittens possessing their own personalities and learning very quickly routines

Start your kitten on the right track and have a schedule for eating, playing, grooming,

sleeping and interacting with people   

Persian cats are known for preferring routine schedules  

They are regal in their appearance and attitudes  

They love to play, jump, hide, climb, run, sneak, peak, chase . . . and more !  

Choose a tiny Persian kitten to take home . . .  

"Discover the world of Tiny Silver Chinchilla Persians" 


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Teacup Doll Face Persian kittens are the smallest Persian kittens and highly sought after 

They are small kittens, very small kittens !

Teacup Kittens

Teacup and Toy Persian kittens are referred to as Toy or Pixie miniature Persian cats 

They are considered very unique, and a smaller version of the standard Persian cat breed

Teacup Doll Face Persian Kittens are the smallest Persian kittens weighing between

3 to 7 pounds, often defined by some breeders to be up to 7.5 - 8 pounds

Some breeders produce a small-statured Persians generally defined as Teacup Persians, however, there are a number of generic names being used to define these small Persians, "miniature" Persians and "toy" Persians Most often referred to as "teacup" Persians, but with individual cattery breeders these small Persians are also called; "palm-sized", "pocket", "mini" and "pixie" and "tiny". There has been a recent high demand for smaller, kittens and muzzles/face that are less smushed. This is a matter of preference for pet Persians and even today's show Persian cats. If you are seeking a show Persian, the current CFA guidelines is what you should seek 
As far as, smaller, doll face persians, everyone loves miniatures in breeds and the Teacup Persians popularity is increasing in demand ! Teacup is an adjective (description) NOT A CAT BREED. Read More
​Currently, the teacup Persians are not recognized as a separate breed by major registries, yet, it has not hurt their popularity. Each breeder sets their own standards for size since the breed is not regulated by registries. Females weigh between 3 to 7 pounds

Males weigh between 4 to 8 pounds

Teacup, Tiny, Miniature, & Toy Persians 

OUR Newborn kittensweigh 53  grams to 92 grams at birth

Developing kittensranging from

1 pound to 2.5 pounds kittens at 3 months old

Adult Silver Persians maxing out to 3 to 8 pounds 


Females weigh between 3 to 6.5 pounds

Males weigh between 4.5 to 7.5 pounds 

Miniature cats  less then 5 pounds

Other Persian Cat breeders - Standard Persians 

Females 7.5 to 11 pounds

Males 9 to 14 pounds

 The price of a Teacup Persian isn't necessarily based on size. 

There are other characteristics to the Persian that is evaluated in pricing individuals.


The Chinchilla Persian is a variety of the Persian cat, classified as a "silver" cat or Chinchilla Longhair. Chinchilla Longhair has a slightly longer nose than the Persian, resulting in healthy breathing and less eye tearing. Its hair is translucent with only the tips carrying black pigment, a feature that gets lost when out-crossed to other colored Persians. One of the distinctions of the Chinchilla Persian breed is the their blue-green or green eye color only, with kittens having blue or blue-purple eye color.

The Chinchilla undercoat should be pure white, the coat on the back, legs, flanks, head, ears and tail being tipped with black.  This tipping is evenly distributed, gives a sparkling appearance.  The face and legs may be very slightly shaded tipping, however, the chin, ear tufts, stomach and chest must be pure white. Ideally the hocks should be unblemished.  The eyes are large, round and outlined with black eyeliner, color emerald green or blue-green in color.  The nose leather - brick red, outlined with penciling of black.  The pads black.  

Chinchilla Persian personalities are generally very quiet, gentle and placid in nature, love to lie around the home more as a decorative ornament!  They are affectionate, enjoy attention and can be quite attached and loyal to their master

TinyPerisans.com specializes in Teacup Doll Face Chinchilla, Silvers, Silver Shaded Persians  

If you are wanting a tiny Persian, with a long, silky coat and of a dosel nature, contact us today   

Reserve your kitten or join our waiting list