Our CFA registered purebred and very small, tiny persians kittens considered toys and teacup size Persian cats - available at TinyPersians Cattery in Texas   

Our kittens are socialized, affectionate, playful, loving and absolutely gorgeous Persian cats !

Our customers say; "I found your silver Persians the best out there!  

I have searched and research Persians and your Persian cats are so much more beautiful then other cattery websites!"  

Exquisite Silver, White, Golden, and Black Persian Cats and kittens at TinyPersians a reputable Persian breeder in Texas

We also breed rare Persian cat coat colors such as blacks, black smokes, goldens and blue - goldens.  

Most colors are shades of silver and very white looking Persian long hair coats.   So if you want a very light colored Persian, choose from our shades of Silver, Silver Chinchillas (white looking cats) , Silver Shaded, Goldens, Golden Shaded Persians. Stunning, rare - beautiful Chinchilla Cats.
Sometimes there is a wait, but it is worth it to have a Persian kitten from a reputable CFA Silver Persian Division breeder. 

t i n y    P e r s i a n   k i t t e n s


                Some catteries refer smaller Persians as Toy, Teacup, Pixie Kittens


Toy Persians are little larger than the Teacup Persians.  

They are still very small Persians.

Smaller than the Standard full sized Persian Cats.  

Teacup Persians

are small kittens weighing between 3 pounds and 8 pounds. 

Females average weight between 4 to 6 pounds

Males average weight between 5 to 8 pounds 

Toy Persians

are small Persian kittens larger than a teacup

and smaller than a Standard Persian.

Standard Persians 

Females 7 to 11 pounds

Males 9 to 14 pounds

 The price of a Persian isn't necessarily based on size. 

There are other characteristics to the Persian that is evaluated in pricing individuals.


We grade our persians based on . . .

1.  Size

2.  Gender

3.  Color / Coat Texture

4.  Inherited traits visible in each individual, such as; face, eyes, coat density, bite, color of eyes, etc.

5.  Pedigree

6.  Show quality, Breeding quality, Pet quality.

7.  Age


Teacup and Toy Persian kittens are also, referred to as a Toy or Pixie miniature Persian cat, being unique, and smaller then the standard Persian cat breed.  Looking for a very small, tiny Persian kitten breeder.  TinyPersians CFA cattery is considered a reputable breeder selling Silver, Silver Shaded, Chinchillas, Goldens and Golden Chinchillas throughout the United States - U.S.A.   Reserve a happy, healthy, teacup - toy kitten easily at TinyPersians.