Teacup Persian Kittens

Teacup Persian cats and kittens have been very popular in the past years.   Teacup Persians are smaller than a standard size doll face Persians.  These teacup sized Persians are petite in size, yet they still possess the highly sought after strong structure with the body showing substance, yet are just smaller.   Here at TinyPersians we are not only breeding the very small, tiny teacup Persians, we are staying true to the CFA Persian Cat Registry breeding standards by insuring our kittens maintain a well built body and balanced bodies, in addition to so many other important characteristics the Persian cat is known for.   A teacup Persian kitten and cat is just smaller, very tiny and miniature looking.   A standard doll Face Persian may weigh 10 to 15 + pounds while the smaller Teacup Persian often weighs as little as 3 to 8 pounds. Often the standard Persian cat sizes are described as having much longer bodies and this too is not necessarily true.   Different bloodlines and how Persians are bred, and crossed will determine the structure of a Persian cat, no matter what the size is.   TinyPersians successfully breeding smaller Persian cats have achieved producing very small, extra tiny, teacup Persians that are correct, true to the Persian breed, with a focus on producing these strong bodies and possessing a doll face.  Teacup Persians have basically 3 facial types that are produced by Teacup Persian cat breeders.  They may be a doll face, flat standard face or longer nose face (still often referred to as a doll face Persian).  Of course there may be individual cats/kittens look that range between these Teacup Persian cat face types. 

Teacup Persian Cats and Kitten Description

A Teacup cat or kitten is a description of the size of the individual, not necessarily a non traditional look or only being a doll face look.

It is merely a term that has been used for years to describe a smaller cat.  Many selective breeders have have chosen to breed this smaller version of Persian cat.   A responsible breeder will not accomplish this by inbreeding.  Many reputable Persian breeders are careful with outcrossing and acquiring breeding stock unrelated and focusing on breeding and producing healthy very small Persian cats.   

Therefore, these breeders will use the term "Teacup" to describe their cats and kittens are the smaller variety of the Persian cats.  

Teacup Persian Kittens Sizes

‚ÄčOften a Teacup Persian cat is referred to as a miniature, toy, pixie, or tiny Persian cat, in addition to the often used "Teacup" term.

A full grown adult Teacup will typically be 8 pounds or less.  More often described as from 5 to 8 pounds.

When a kitten is much smaller it is described as a miniature cat being 5 pounds or less.   Here at TinyPersians we have achieved some of the smallest Persian cats and kittens that can be found Internationally.  Our breeders range from 3 pounds 4 ounces to 7 pounds 2 ounces.   Our Persian kittens range between parents sizes and can be smaller or a bit larger then their parents.

Our customers testify we are the #1 Teacup, tiny miniature Persian Cat breeder in the U.S.A.  Read more

Some incorrect descriptions of the teacup Persian cats have been posted and published by individuals or breeders that have not correctly researched or applied information from actual experience years of breeding the smaller variety of the Persian cat.  Here at TinyPersians we can clearly and correctly state that a smaller Persian is not necessarily by gender, for example, females are not necessarily smaller.  

It depends on the crossing of specific outcrossing to obtain a litter of Persian kittens are plainly smaller no matter if a female or a male kitten. I have experienced females larger then males in a litter.   When breeding the smaller Persian cat, a breeder can still maintain and/or produce smaller kittens and they can be a flat face, doll face, traditional look Persian kitten, additionally, could be cobby, long bodied, green eyes, blue/green eyes, emerald eyes and turquoise eyes.  It depends of the parents genes and the breeder knowing the breeding stock bloodlines. Studying which genes are dominate or recessive with a breeder Persian cat, a breeder can successful achieve many sought after characteristics of the Persian cat, including size !   In 2017 TinyPersians Cattery has produced even smaller Persian cats,

weighing right at 3 pounds or so as full grown adults.  Our Persian kittens range from 427 grams to 1 pound 6 ounces at eight (8) weeks old ! That is very, very small !

Teacup Persian Kittens Care

Caring for your tiny, teacup Persian kitten and cat is pretty much the same as the Standard Persian size Cat.   Yet, special care and awareness is taken to insure any grooming, and care is done safely.

Since a Teacup, tiny Persian is so much smaller it is important to take your time and be aware they are so much dainty and small in size that it maybe easy to injure the little one.

Pay attention, constantly moving slowing and with much awareness of the kittens movements and reaction to what you are doing to them.   The smaller Persian cat and kitten are so much smaller and miniature in size they can get under and in furniture, in cabinets and drawers and even slip out an exterior door.   They can be easily injured by shutting a door too fast as the shuttle across the floor to be with you, they are faster then you think.  Look, be aware, careful and watch your every move with a Tiny Teacup or Miniature Persian Cat or little kitten.

Grooming your Persian cat or kitten, do not use brushes, use a 7.5 inch metal feline grooming comb and a 4.5 inch facial comb for this much smaller Persian cat variety !  

Clean their faces and eyes carefully.  TinyPersians with much experience has found ANNA FACE WASH is a top product that safely cleans, and whitens the facial area cleaning, removing and preventing staining.    We highly recommend the Feline Anna Face Wash !


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<  Teacup Persian cats and kittens still have well built body structures, large paws and just as gorgeous as

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Doll Face Teacup

Shaded Golden Male

Teacup kitten                             Miniature Kitten

                                         8 weeks old 427 grams grams

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Longer Face Teacup

          5 weeks old   -  310 grams

Flat  Face Teacup

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              Miniature Persian Kitten

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