Giovanna kitten 

Most popular for their 

​Personalities !

G - 4

A beautiful doll face Silver Shaded Persian

Perfect facial markings   

with stunning black outliner  !   


 " Yoshi "

Shaded Golden Persian

Male Kitten

DOB March 1, 2017

Absolutely adorable personality !

Sold  to Edgar

BOY  G - 1  Silver Shaded Male Persian kitten
if you are seeking a Shaded Golden kitten, this one is all personality !    A lovely,, correct, cobby body, short tail,

large feet and expressive green eyes.

Giovanna's kittens are easy to care for, no nonsense personalities, easy keepers as they typically eat dry and find people their passion.   They are ultra sweet in nature, love company, easy to groom, and adore attention ! 

Sold to Edgar and wife

Congratulations !

Mi - 2

Silver Chinchilla  doll face Persian kitten male

Wants to be with you !
Loves to play !


" Loki "

Large expressive

emerald green eyes 

Breeder cannot guarantee the size, coat color, eye color,

nor personality by the time the Persian is full grown

We can give you our honest estimate of these characteristics based on

past litters (if any) and the parents characteristics they have or may pass on  

G - 1


Shaded Silver


Naturally stands correctly - as if to say; "Look at me"  !

" Barbie Doll " 

"  Susie "

 Shaded  Golden Persian Male Kitten

Beautiful soft facial features

Perfectly balance on his face !

Sold to Linda
Boy  Mi - 4  Shaded Golden Male Persian kitten

A Shaded Golden male Persian kitten that will possess emerald green eyes, and a beautifully pattern coat of luxuriously, silky fur !

A lovely natured personality that you will enjoy having around every day !   Choose a special looking shaded golden . . .

One of the most highly sought after kitten colors !


This youngster is playful, loving to his siblings, loves people and sits on the cat tower watching butterflies and birds !

Very alert and intelligent !  Cobby bodied, large feet and a lovely doll face. 


Sold to Linda and daughter


Snow White Persian Female Kitten

DOB March, 2017

" Barbie Doll "  

Girl  SP - 2 

White Female Persian kitten

A stunning, snow white female sired by Sharif Amir.  

A "Girly Girl", being all girl, very tiny and dainty,

has an extremely silky coat

This kitten is solid, pure white   

She has gorgeous, blue-green eyes at 7 weeks old  

 We feel she is perfect in every way!   2/3 smaller then her brother, and well built.   A very sweet, playful, lovely little, tiny female Persian kitten, a lovely prize kitten !  

A breeders wonderful gift from heaven !

Barbie Doll is a darling little girl  !


Adult   for  Sale 

4.5 pound female Chinchilla - Emerald Green Eyes !  

Silver Sisters !

Female Persian Kittens  

                        G - 2   


Snow White Male Persian kitten

G - 2

G - 3


Playful, inquisitive, sweet, tiny

Shaded Silver Persian 

​​A  - 2

"  Marco Polo "

Mi - 3





Silver Chinchilla Persian Male Kitten

Absolutely stunning in every way !   

MALE   N - 2  Silver Chinchilla

If you want perfection, this kitten is perfect in every way !  Her coat is luxurious, mimicking his Sire's look.  We have bred several seasons from this combination to get a boy like this ! We have many wonderful boys like this kitten, ask about viewing one.  


Balance faces and large expressive eyes.  Several beautiful Chinchillas with silky snow white coats.   Sweet, playful kittens and out of top producing moms and dads.   Gorgeous rare turquoise, emerald green and blue/green eyes are available.   If you want a boy like this, reserve a kitten from the next litter or ask us for a sibling look-a-like !   Sold to Gus

Silver Persian Kittens


"  Charlie  "

" Barbie Doll " 

​​​​​​A  - 1


​"  Joey "

Ice Blue eyes !

Sold ​

Girl   L - 1 

Silver Chinchilla Persian Kitten

Perfect doll face Chinchilla  !

Ultra Sweet proven bloodline !

For Sale
Girl G - 2  Silver Chinchilla Female Persian kitten

A lovely Silver Chinchilla female kitten that is absolutely correct, and perfect in so many ways !  Lovely, large expressive eyes, that will be a gorgeous emerald green to stunning brilliant green color.   Soft silky coated that is easy to care for has been bred into this line.Giovanna kittens are asked for as we have the reputation of breeding kittens that customers rave about !  This is a cattery keeper and kittens like this are quickly taken off the sales list once many of the kittens sell.

We do this as we only keep some once in a while.  

Last litter the top female was over-looked by buyers and we finally removed her from availability and she will be a treasure here at TinyPersians Cattery

​​Available for Departure June 2017

Candid photo !

All boy !  Tons of expression and personality

 " Yoshi " Sold to Sharlotte -Testimonial

G - 3

Sweet, soft personality  . . . ​ a lover boy !  

Silver Chinchilla Persian Male Kitten

DOB 2017

All Personality - Silky coated 


This little guy is all personality and a real gem if you want a kitten

with lots of character and highly intelligent.  

Looking at you straight in your eye shows you he is aware of his surroundings.
His dam and sire both have luxurious, free flowing coats, with stunning, 
show white coat slightly accented in a mist of silver.  This kitten's expressive eyes, projected to be a rare emerald green color 
and shaped like teardrops is highly sought after. 
Consider an amazing Silver Chinchilla with a lovely white undercoat accented with a mist of silvers.  Kittens lighten up as they grown until about 10 weeks old and get pretty much the color they will be.  
A wonderful Persian kitten that loves people.  

Ask about adopting this kitten.    He is available to an approved home that can provide a lifetime of happiness for this boy !
N - 4    " Jayden "  Sold

Sold to Cathy - West Tawakoni, Texas

Gorgeous Shaded Golden  . . . 

with beautiful unique markings !

Shaded Golden Persian Female Kitten

 Exquisite DOLL FACE

For Sale
Girl  L - 1  Shaded Golden Female Persian kitten
This beautiful shaded golden is a top pick - contact us for details

For details on this lovely Persian kitten, contact TinyPersians

Choose a dream kitten   

What makes this kitten special is his intense rare emerald eyes, even though all of our shaded golden have emerald eyes, his dam has the most intense - gem looking eyes.  Choosing this kitten is a prime pick that you will enjoy for years to come.  Dam is one of our smallest girls and is a love bunny !

​​Available for Departure in May 2017

" Jayden "


​"   Joey "

Take a look at his beautiful, unique -

multi coloring markings   !  Outstanding in every way ! 

Do not get discourage when you see SOLD below . . .   
There are kittens to choose from !    

We are adding new kittens  !​ 

"  Doll face - green eyes "

Stunning shades of Gold accented

with snow white markings !

M i - 1 

​"  Twinkle"

​​Watch my

brother's Video 

Golden Persian Kittens


" Elija Blue "    N - 3

"  Susie "

Girl  L -1 

Shaded Silver Persian Female Kitten

DOB March 1, 2017

Sweet, sophisticated, correct


Girl  G - 3   Silver Shaded Female Persian kitten

An adorable Giovanna and Saafir daughter known for their personalities and stunning beauty.   This female is a special girl offered for sale.   If you would like a doll face Shaded Silver Persian kitten above the ordinary, this kitten is a good choice.   

Ask about Available kittens  

"  Bobble Two  " 

NOW AVAILABLE 2017 full siblings to this 2016 litter


Choose an Easter " Love Bunny " !  

We have several tiny Persians to choose from  RIGHT NOW !

Easter has come & gone, but these kittens are now 8 - 9 weeks old - Choose one today !

Perfect doll face

Persian Kittens


Only at 


​​​A  - 1

​"  Joey "

Gorgeous, very tiny Silver Shaded

Male Persian kitten 

  <    SOLD        A  - 1  " JOEY "

Shaded Silver Persian Male Kitten

DOB February 18th, 2017

Nothing bothers this little boy !

BOY  N - 3  Silver Shaded Male Persian kitten

This kitten has a lovely Silver Shaded coat accented.  

Possessing a luxurious, very white coat that will be free flowing and easy to care for.   Nothing bothers this kitten.  He is ultra sweet, laid back, playful, sensible, first to eat dry food, making him an easy keeper.  Truly a gem.   His doll face is highly sought after.

Predicted to be very small as Mom is 4 pounds, 2 ounces and Dad is 5 pounds, 9 ounces.   His dam and sire both have luxurious, silky coats, with stunning, show white coat slightly accented in a mist of silver.  

This boy will lighten up to a soft misted silver with a white undercoat.
He is ultra sweet, soft personality and very sensible with all his ventures.

A non fussy eater, and loves to play, chase balls and alert of his surroundings. 
  He accepts grooming, very quite when handled for his care.   If you would like a special Shaded Silver Persian kitten with a lovely personality, reserved by Kathy in Texas.  
Sold to Kathy - Texas

"  Bria "

Sold to Carla - Oklahoma

​"  Twinkle"

Chinchilla Softly

Misted in Silver

​N - 1

N - 4

For  Sale


Silver Chinchilla Persian Male Kitten

Absolutely Gorgeous !

Sweet Personality !

Sold to Victoria & Rene
BOY  MI - 1  Silver Chinchilla Male Persian kitten
absolutely gorgeous, correct in the facial features for a wonderful CFA Silver show persian kitten.  You might not want to show your kitten, but you can show off to all your friends that you have a quality, Internationally renown pedigree bloodlines.   Sire is a Russian, European bloodline and Dam is an exquisite black female with rare emerald green eyes that is all personality.  Her pedigree is also, Internationally renown.    

Highly sought after tear drop eyes are the most popular persian kittens today, the eyes become larger and complete their final look in perfectly shaped eyes!  His sweet face has black outliner around his eyes, nose and mouth !   A soft pink nose adds more then just cute!

His face is correctly balance including his ears being perfectly positioned.   This kitten is so so sweet.  Truly a please to be around.  No need to ask about his personality, doesn't get any better !

Choose this kitten for your dream kitten and charish his companionship for years to come !  His pedigree offers very sweet disposition, absolutely perfect choices in Silver Chinchilla Persian kittens.  


Available for Departure after May 1, 2017

Mi - 3

Don't pass this one up  . . . 

He is outrageously gorgeous and has a lovely, sweet personality !

For Sale

Beautiful snow white undercoat - accented in shades of silver

For   Sale

" Elija Blue "   

For  Sale

Silver Chinchilla doll face Persian kitten female 

SP - 1

" Jayden "

Available !

L - 2

I am adorable  . . . 

Take me home . . .  !

Silver Chinchilla- misted with silver  

LOOK  at this Shaded Silver Persian male kitten's face !  Accented in bright white and shades of Gold and large Emerald Green eyes !

"  Susie "

Take home a "love bunny "

Sold to Jennifer

G - 3

Beautiful doll face Silver Shaded Persian female kitten



Oh my a tiny Persian !

Too Cute Again !

Ask for a Saafir kitten

G - 4


G - 3

N - 2

Female White Persian

One of the finest Shaded Goldens we have produced

and  IS  AVAILABLE    !   

SP - 2 

Persian Kittens for Sale

males and females for sale​

G  - 1    " Loki " Golden Male -

G  -  2   Silver Chinchilla Female - For Sale

G  - 3    Silver Shaded Female - For Sale

G  - 4   Silver Shaded Male -  SOLD 

Litter of 4 available for sale.  Some are sold.

Reserve a kitten today !  

Available for departure early May 1st to 5th, 2017




Loves to play !

 " Yoshi "

 Soft - Silky Coat ! 

Sold  G - 1 

<  Sister

Brother >

Don't pass this little guy up !   If you want an intelligent kitten that has tons of personality, to make you laugh with his antics.   He is so adorable to watch his soft nature personality, play and interact with his surroundings.   Even when he takes a nap he is so cute !  You can see he is a very special tiny Persian kitten.  When you walk in the room, he stands up like a bunny on 2 feet and stays there !  Now this is a "love bunny "

His mom is only 4.5 pounds!  That is very small  !


​​​​A  - 1

​"  Joey "

Shaded Silver Persian Male Kitten

DOB March 1, 2017

Doll Face perfectly outlined pink nose !

Departed April 27th, 2017

Sold to Edgar
BOY  G - 4  Silver Shaded Male Persian kitten

This kitten has a lovely personality and is absolutely

correct in every way!

A gorgeous white undercoat with a silvery mist on his coat.

His current darker coat will lighten up to a soft silver mist shaded across his back.  As a Giovanna boy (like all of mom's kitten litters) is ultra sweet, laid back, yet playful and well built.   His confirmation (body) is correct with a straight back, large feet, beautiful large eyes, ears correctly placed on his gorgeous doll face.   

All of Giovanna kittens are absolutely perfect in their beauty and personality.   Dad - Saafir is a Silver Chinchilla with a snow white undercoat and most of his body, and accented with a silver mist on his back.   Both parents have the best personalities and passes this characteristic to every one of their kittens.

Every buyer has raved about their kittens ! 

​Ultra sweet - perfectly accented Shaded Silver

His new home is with Jackie and Edgar - Houston, Texas

Giovanna litter

#1 asked for kittens !

G - 2

Top pick kitten

​​Available for Sale

​ Lily's  baby  " Ash " Sold

"  Marco Polo " ​  N - 2

Silver Chinchilla Persian Female Kitten

Sold to Sharlotte
Girl  LS - 1  

Silver Chinchilla Female Persian kitten

This is an extremely tiny Silver Chinchilla female sired by Prince Amar (Dad).  She is very dainty, all girl, possesses a soft, silky coat that is ultra white.   Kittens born dark and this kitten will most likely be all white looking.   Her eyes are perfectly placed, and will be a fabulous green, as Dad's eyes are the rare emerald green eyes.

If you are looking for 2 kittens we have a very small Chinchilla boy that is about her size and they would go well together.

Kittens love buddies and to play, yet females are know to be more independent and males love to roll on their tummies to be scratched.

Either male or female kittens at TinyPersians are found to have lovely, sweet personalities.   DOB March, 2017

Take home a very tiny, precious Silver Chinchilla kitten  

Sold to Sharlotte -  Fort Worth, Texas

"  Susie "

G - 3

  6 - 28 -17 photo

. Ready to depart 

. All shots

. Negative FIV

. Very Small

. Shaded Golden

​. Female

Silver Shaded Persian Female Kitten

Emerald Green Eyes

 " Ash"  Sold to Brian
Girl  L - 4   Silver Shaded Female Persian kitten

I love this little girl ! 

She is the first to greet me and looks at you (a towering 20 story human) as if " I love you ! " .    She offers much affection, love and laughter.

Watching her play gets you laughing and hypnotized.  You just cannot take your eyes off this " Love Bunny "!   A precious, fluffy, correct, Shaded Silver Persian female kitten . . . that will give much pleasure for years to come.

His mom only 4.5 pounds, dad 6.2 pounds - predicting this kittens's size to be quite small.  

She is a twin to her brother .  Discover an Inquisitive, playful kitten.

Her dam is such a " Love Bunny " herself and all her kitten model after mom !   Dad brings much quality to the kittens, with adding a silky white undercoat that is beautiful !    

Sold to Brian and family -  College Station, Texas

White Persian Kittens


SP - 2 

 <   Watch my brother's Video 

I will look just like him at 8 weeks old, but with have a much brighter white undercoat !  

My eyes will get larger !  A am much smaller then my brother "Bobbles", whiter undercoat and just as adorable !  My brother -

"Bobbles" was the most popular 2016 kitten !  

Lovely facial features  . . . 

A special kitten to wake up to everyday  !


photo taken June 2, 2017

This kitten has been passed up by many buyers . . . experienced breeders describe this kitten 

" a breeders dream kitten "


M i - 1  Silver Chinchilla Male Persian kitten 


This is thesweetest kittenand so easy to care for . . . he always looks beautiful and just stays that way !

What a gem !   Choose this kitten and you will be glad you did !

This kitten is a cattery keeper, but we just do not keep that many !

So don't pass this little guy up !   His eyes are now larger . . . we are taking new photos soon !  Ready to leave in May ! 

" Loki "

Silver Shaded Persian Male Kitten

Perfect doll face Chinchilla  !

Ultra Sweet proven bloodline !

Sold to Jennifer - Longview, Texas
Boy  Mi - 2  Silver Shaded Male Persian kitten

When it comes to being real sweet, here's a love bunny for you !

This kitten is very dainty, yet well built will be fairly small, and has a lovely beautiful face, with teardrop eyes (teardrop eyes get larger and rounder, and start like this) that are often asked for.

His coat is lovely - soft and silky  and easy to care for !

This little boy has an adorable turned up nose, however, perfectly placed on his beautiful face.   Choose a well bred Shaded Silver Persian kitten, reserve him today!

Available in early May 2017 and Jennifer immediately was attracted to "Sparkle".  His color is accented with soft, silvery colors !  By 9 weeks old, he developed an amazing soft, fluffy coat that is free-flowing and easy to care for.   Loves baths, grooming and looks at you straight in the eyes with  much love. 

His dam is one of our sweetest girls, she is all personality like the sire we bred to her.   Her kittens are always lovely and quickly chosen as a favorite !


Shaded Golden Female 

Silver Shaded Persian Male Kitten

Emerald Green Eyes

Sold to Cathy
Boy  L - 3  Silver Shaded Male Persian kitten

" Ok, you want cute . . . here I am ! " 

Beautiful face kitten with a round crown and tiny ears !   Tear drop eyes that will be an intensive, brilliant, rare emerald green.  His eyes will continue to get larger, you will find this boy will have very large eyes.  His nose is a brick red outlined in black - a top characteristic of the Silver Persian CFA registry standards.   Want a mini looking show Persian kitten . . . this one is absolutely adorable !  

His dam as the best emerald green eyes of our dams.  Topping that, is the mom is a love bunny . . . kittens learn from their parents and carry traits too, so you can count on this one being special !

So if you want adorable, cute, correct, tiny silver shaded male Persian kitten, reserve this little guy !  

He is cute as a button . . .  expresses intelligence,  examines his surroundings . . . and quickly decides what is his next toy !

He is ready to depart the first week in May 2017.

Give us a call and reserve your dream kitten today !

Sold to Julie


Retired Dam

​N - 1

Very observant  !

Intelligent - playful

and gorgeous !

G - 3

N - 4    " Jayden "  

"  Sparkle "  


Top Pick kittens 

See  more   kittens currently available for sale 

LS - 1 

Look  at this dainty little girl !

G - 2

Silver Chinchilla Persian

Male Kitten

Sold to Miranda
Boy  A - 1   " HAPPY BIRTHDAY "

A - 1 is a lovely doll face Silver Chinchilla that is extremely small, beautiful balanced facial features, very white currently misted in silver  

Will get snow white  

His soft, silky coat will be free flowing and easy to care for

as both parents have the same coat type

Sire (Dad) is Saafir.  If you are looking for a very, small precious looking boy, this kitten's dam is 4.5 pounds and has emerald green eyes

This kitten's eyes are predicted to either be brilliant, rare, emerald green like mom or a stunning turquoise like Dad

This kitten is pretty perfect and past litters sold quickly 

NOW SOLD TO Miranda  

Mi - 4

"  Bobble Two  "​  Mi - 1


G - 2  For Sale 2 sisters  

 Shaded  Golden Persian Male Kitten

Perfect doll face Chinchilla  !

Ultra Sweet proven bloodline !

​​Available For Sale
Boy  Mi - 3  Shaded Golden Male Persian kitten

A kitten that is so gorgeous in person, a very sweet, playful personality,truly an extraordinary individual that possesses a lovely doll face and large expressive, emerald green eyes.  He is a character !  Loves to show off and capture every moment of pleasure.   He has a soft personality, yet playful and loves his siblings.   Sweet, adorable, and an extraordinary look. He is more then cute . . . he is stunning in every way !

Take home this lovely shaded golden male Persian kitten.

Available May 2017 !

His dam is a silky black Persian with an extraordinary personality that everyone absolutely loves.  Kittens take after their parents so this lovely kitten is certainly a gem!   An EMERALD gem at that !


Available for Departure May 2017

"  Sparkle "

Mi - 2

Beautiful doll face

Silver Shaded

Persian male kitten

Tiny ears, beautiful - large

Emerald Green eyes

G - 2

Take two Kittens home 

Kittens love friends !


Mi - 2


" Loki "

Giovanna kitten 

Most popular for their 

​Personalities !

BOY G - 1 

  " Charlie  "

"  Jayden "

"  Sparkle "

Adorable Silver Chinchilla

Female Persian Kitten  


 Happy Mother's Day Jennifer !

L - 3

Exotic tear drop

Emerald Green eyes

"  Susie "


Jennifer of Longview, Texas purchased "Sparkle" on Mother's Day 2017.   This gorgeous boy was a cattery keeper, however, with much regret we offered this beautiful Silver Persian boy for sale. 

An ultra sweet, playful and offers a lots of love !  Jennifer and family will truly treasure this special Shaded Silver Persian kitten.

He possesses a laid back personality, easy to bath and groom, yet, playful and active.  He looks at you right in the eyes . . . as if he is saying;  " I love you!  

"Sparkle" acquired his name, as his eyes would actually sparkle !

Mi - 3

Very Sweet !

​A little Munchkin  . . .  Exotic facial features 

Unbelievable  beautiful in person  !

" Barbie Doll " 

" Elija Blue "    N - 3



Girl  L -1 

White Persian Male Kitten

Ice Blue Eyes

Perfect doll face Persian kitten

Sold to Keri
Boy  SP - 1 White Male Persian kitten

A snow white male doll face Persian kitten.   Eyes are predicted to be a stunning ice blue color.  He look is perfect in every way !  Stands like a show Persian, flawless in color and facial features.   Soft, silky, shiny coat.   Gorgeous balance facial features.   He is very intelligent, possibly too much!   He knows what he wants . . . that is to play and be active.  Of course he is a kitten and kittens love that, but he plays like a dog.  

A lovely kitty as this one will surely get your attention if something unusual is happening.  Choose a lovely, adorable and absolutely gorgeous WHITE Persian kitten !  NO LONGER AVAILABLE

" That's me !

A gorgeous - doll face Silver  ! "

Correct conformation

Sweet doll face

G - 4  

A lovely Silver Shaded male kitten now has a new home with Mary - Texas

G - 2

​​A  - 2

For Sale

Ultra Sweet !