Watch for a male Persian about 2 years old For Sale Spring 2018

These adults need to be reserved

in advance . . .  

as we plan for their future carefully

They are all special . . . 

A great opportunity to take home a lovely Adult Persian Cat that is 3 years old or less . . . Choose yours today ! 

 Female 2 + years old 


Her priced Reduced when purchasing one of her 8 week old kittens 

Adult Female Persian Cat

Lily had only 2 litters

We have decided to retire her.

An absolute "Love Bunny"

sweetest girl we have !   

She processes large, expressive, emerald green eyes

that are so pure looking - like a gem !

We will miss "Lily" dearly,

however, we only keep a few female breeders.

If you want a young adult female Persian cat

that is an pleasure to have around, Lily loves to be with you, is quiet in nature, yet has tons of "life" !

Her price will be reduced if you purchase one of her current kittens.   This way she will be forever more

with one of her family members !

Ultra Sweet !

Loves people !  

Retired Adult Persian cats

and Persian kittens 1 year old or less

Adult females

Reduced pricing when you purchase one of their kittens  Mom reduced to $500 to $1500

Why do we offer this?  

We love to have mom for ever more -  

be with one of their kittens   

>  Moms are still very young 

>    Usually 3 years or less

>   Retired Breeders sometimes 

>   Other adults non breeders available