August  2017    Miranda, purchased "The Little One" a very tiny Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten for a friend for Meeko, Miranda's first TinyPersian kitten.   Her new Persian kitten was 5 months old at departure she weighed 2 pounds 1.8 ounces !   That is very, very tiny !    Debbie  - Breeder - Texas

August 16th, 2017  Debbie,  She (" The Little One ")  arrived safe, she is precious and too tiny oh my gosh !  

I can't believe how small she is !   Love her !    She just wants to cuddle in my arms.    Miranda  - Texas

August 18th, 2017  Debbie,  She is eating well, purring and is a doll for sure.  I still can't believe how small she is.

We all love her so much already. Her coat is so long and beautiful, it almost touches the ground.    Miranda  - Texas

Julie  gives  " Lily "   the best home ever !

Lily follow's Julie around the house !

Customer photo

JUNE  11, 2017

" Hi Debbie,  Love him to death !   He has been playing all morning with all the toys we had ready for him. 

We will enjoy him for sure, he will be spoiled for certain. Thank you again ! "  

He is gorgeous and warming up really well here.    

I surprised my daughter last night (6-10-17) and she was in disbelief.  

 It took her a few seconds to realize he was real.  Miranda  - Texas

Sold to Miranda

Mary picks up her TinyPersian

Silver Chinchilla April 20, 2017

<  Bobble's 2017 brother

Want a kitten with

the Bobble look?  

Reserve a 2017 or 2018 Christmas kitten

look-a-like !

Yoshi few weeks old

A tiny and an absolutely amazing Chinchilla kitten  !  

2017 Saafir / Aa - Son 


Silver Chinchilla beautiful  

Persian kitten 

TinyPersian photo

Carol takes home two TinyPersians

Debbie, Thank you so much ! !  

"Sparkle" is so precious!! Everyone absolutely loves him ! ! !

You are truly gifted in your care and love that you bring to your babies ! ! !

This is the most amazing baby I have ever had ! ! !   He is my love bug already ! !

 May 2017    Jennifer - Longview, Texas


             Reserved 2 beautiful Persian kittens ! 

Customer photo

April 26, 2017

" Hi Debbie,  My husband and I are beyond excited to welcome our precious little girl into our family.  I sent him the picture you sent me and his response was "omg she is so so so beautiful!   That's literally the prettiest cat I've ever seen.  I want her now !!!!" 

We are prepared and our home fully equipped to welcome and comfort our sweet girl. I have also purchased all of the recommendations you've given me and believe that this will make the transition just a little less stressful for her and will make her feel right at home.  
 Thank you so so much, Debbie!  
I just love her so much already!  Sharlotte S B- Texas

6 - 5 - 17  "  I am obsessed with her   

She is my everything !    . . . .    and a huge distraction ha ha !   

Its hard to get anything done with such a sweet ball of fluff around !

There are just too many kisses to give and not enough time ! ! :)  " Sharlotte

February, 5, 2017  "Debbie,  She's perfect!  Thank you so much for the helpful advice, and for the adorable baby picture.  What a sweetheart.  We love Kiera, she is so sweet with the kids. She lets them love on her without a peep. Such an excellent temperament.  

Thank you again for the beauty tips ! " Dallas 

March 27, 2017 " Debbie, Keira "Lola" is recovering beautifully from being spayed.

The entire Vet office fell in love with her. She is so snugly and sweet.  

All the kids love her.  God bless ! ! ! "  Dallas

August 3, 2017 Debbie, I have made an Instagram account for Keira (our TinyPersian).

She's just so CUTE.

 April 27, 2017  ​Edgar & Sandra created a special space for their two new TinyPersian kittens to play   

This gives their tiny Persians lots of toys, activities and a secure place for them to play 

 Purchased two TinyPersians - Jayden departure 2017

 2017   Cathy,Texas

Onyx of Eden

First litter arriving fall 2017

"  Bella "

MAY 28, 2017

Debbie I absolutely love her ! ! !  She is beautiful and precious.  She has such a gentle nature or it seems to me.  I have her bed, scratcher, litter box, food and 2 bowls of water ready for her.  She smells so pretty.  Thank you so much for blessing me with her.
Julie - Michigan

Customer photo


Early January 2017, Carol of Austin, Texas purchased Wiley a Silver Chinchilla to be a friend for Bella  

Bella was Carol's first TinyPersians she purchased in 2016

>  "  Hi Debbie, Wiley has a beautiful and wonderful personality !  He is super playful, yet really sweet, affectionate, wants to cuddle and he follows me around.  He loves Bella (my first kitten from TinyPersians), but he also loves me ! 
Bella’s coat is crazy beautiful, long, silky, flowing and it parts down the middle of her back !  Her eyes are just gorgeous !   She is just so amazingly beautiful !   And Wiley is too . . . in a totally different way. 
>   I have taught them both to "turn around" (like a twirl) and stand up on their hind legs for treats ! They both learned it very easily (my last two kitties learned this also and it's so cute !).  Wiley twirls and stands up and then holds my finger and eats the treat holding my finger like an ice cream cone!  It is adorable ! !    

He's very gentle about it.
>   I am in love with both of my kitties and can't imagine not having them!  I know I was at your house a long time when I was choosing both of them, but it's that special connection I was looking for and I definitely have it with both of them.  You can rest assured that they are the most loved and most spoiled kitties in Austin ! (maybe in Texas!) . "  
    💗   Carol

FEBRUARY 16, 2017

Hi Debbie,
I wanted you to know . . .  I LOVE Wiley so much ! And of course I love my Bella too !  I feel so lucky to have them both !    Both are so sweet and affectionate!  Wiley is a very happy kitty !   He now sleeps on my pillow above my head and Bella likes to sleep on my chest or snuggled near my side.  They are so wonderful! Bella's coat is ridiculously long and thick !
My two Persian kittens I purchased from you, are the sweetest and most beautiful kitties in the world!   Both have incredible personalities and gorgeous coats, even though they aren't related.  They are super sweet and it's so easy to bathe and comb them because I know of how much they were handled and cared for from the time they were born.  

I can tell Debbie (TinyPersians), that you have spent hours and hours each day

socializing your babies, they are well-adjusted and easy to care for.  

Best of all, they are beautiful, healthy, sweet Persian kitties.   

Thank you Debbie.    💗   Carol 

" Martini " now named "Ted"  by his new family 


February 2, 2017

Hello!   My name is Dallas.  My father, Mark, recently purchased a beautiful silver Persian, Keira, for my mother.     I just thought I'd write to you and tell you what a pleasure she's been.   She is so precious and her temperament is angelic.   She's the finest Persian I've ever laid eyes on.    I wanted to let you know she's doing quite well and has begun exploring more and more of her surroundings.    I'd love to keep in touch with you and send you photos and updates on her if you'd like.   Here's a few:   Momma(Pam) with her new baby . . . 

"  I am with the darling Keira . . .  (I will send you a photo)
This is her right now as I'm typing, lounging on my lap.
She's quite pampered.   She's so sociable and sweet.   It's easy to spoil her rotten. :)
I'm so glad to have her as part of the family.    Thank you for all your hard work!  

I can see it's paid off in your wonderful darlings.Have a nice night . "  

Sincerely,   Dallas  (daughter of Mark and Pam) 

" Meeko "  

Formerly  " Joey "  with  Miranda  > 

Sharlotte has reserved

an upcoming rare

tiny black Persian kitten 

"  Mason "

Customer photo


"  Bella "

" Jayden " 

Sharlotte holding her tiny Yoshi

Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten

Customer photo

" Wiley "

JUNE  10, 2017     HAPPY  BIRTHDAY  !

  Miranda    Purchased  " Joey " for her 7 year old daughter Elie to celebrate her birthday !

Now named " Meeko "

July 12, 2017  Debbie, Yoshi is just full of energy and has been getting bigger !   But she's still a perfect tiny Persian.  When I weighed her last week she was 2 pounds, 2 oz (4 months old).    She LOVES to eat ! !  We bought a new house and have been moving and she just loves all the boxes !   Sharlotte

​Sharlotte, I thought Yoshi was small (427 grams at 8 weeks old), but I just had a 5 month old kitten depart at 2 pounds, 1.8 ounces.

She was so small, healthy, well fed, just a very tiny thing.   Most of the Prince Amar kittens born are the same. Debbie - Breeder

"  Loki "

Bobble One 2016 kitten

"  Bobbles  Two"

August  31, 2017  I love " The Little One "  (Princess)  we named Mila.

She is so cuddly and loving !  Her and " Meeko "   have two totally different personalities.  As for as my favorite that's really hard to answer because I love them both, but " Meeko "  stole my heart from day one so I always tell him he is my favorite because he's a boy, and we are all girls in the house.   But" Meeko "  sleeps with me.  My daughter just loves " Mila"  because she can be carried all day and my daughter can dress her up and put bows on her without putting a fight. She is a true" Princess "for sure.      Miranda  - Texas

June 25, 2017 

Our daughter, Elie loves " Meeko " to death and he loves her.  He sleeps on her pillow at her head of the bed.  Too cute ! " Meeko "  follows me everywhere I can't leave his sight without him looking for me, it makes me so happy !    I just bought some grooming supplies from your website the eye stain remover kit and I got him some super white shampoo and silkining conditioner from Amazon.  He loves to get cleaned.    Oh and he loves to watch television and he his great about using all his scratching posts, does not scratch on anything else.  

June 25, 2017

Debbie, I just saw Meeko's video on your testimonial page . . . .  love it !  Thanks for sharing our story . . . .   I hope it helps others decide and know that if they want a tiny doll face persian, you are the one to get from.   All the info you have on your TinyPersian site - about your kittens from their beauty to personalities is exactly what they will get in the kitten they choose.  " Meeko " is perfect for us and he is just the way you described him plus more. After researching many sites, your site is the one my heart knew to choose from.    Thank you Debbie for everything especially for keeping in touch on how Meeko is doing. It's just the beginning of his journey I will be sharing with you. Miranda

June 25, 2017

Miranda, It is so nice to hear you are so happy with “Meeko”.   I do appreciate you giving me an insight on your feelings of shopping for a persian kitten and that tinypersians could offer you a “dream kitten”.   I am up often to 4 a.m. to 5 a.m. due to my passion for breeding cfa silver persians.  It is nice to hear on your end that I have accomplished what others are seeking.   Only hearing from customers can I do what I do.  If I do not know how you all feel and your experience in shopping, then I cannot improve or strive to be the best !    Thank you greatly for sharing your feelings, lovely photos and amazing video!   I always loved “Joey” and I am so happy he has such an amazing home like you and Elie are giving him.  
Your daughter will be able to treasure him for years.  “Sweet Memories”
.    Debbie

​June 25th 2017

Debbie,  Awe it is my pleasure but without you and your passion for these kittens we would not have the kitten of our dreams. We love him dearly and will treasure him everyday. He gets talked to and spoiled just like a new baby and he just loves it, he will nub you with his paw if you stop talking to him cause he wants more lol.   I promise you he has a loving home and has everything plus more to keep him entertained. We are taking very good care of him and I get so many compliments on how adorable he is.   Miranda

July 3rd 2017
Hi Debbie,  Meeko is doing wonderful still.  Here is a pic of Meeko and I on a trip to Petco, he loves going.    I bought a pet sling and he loves going for a drive especially when we end up at Petco.
I think he realizes that he will be going home with new toys every time we go. 
He is such a good boy, loves to look out the window. His eyes get bigger then what they already are.

I just got in his Anna face wash and Anna Grooming/Face powder kit 2 days ago so I just started using it and can already tell the difference.   He loves when I apply the powder on, he sits there with his eyes closed till I'm done.    Miranda 

Customer photo

Sharlotte and her mom both

purchase a TinyPersian

. . .  what customers are saying ! 

​​August 18, 2017   Debbie, I cannot believe you're breeding such tiny kittens ! !   I didn't know they could get even smaller than Yoshi that's crazy !  Sharlotte 

Elie, Miranda's daughter's

B-day gift !

Sold to Julie

Congratulations Pam, Mark & Dallas

" Mark  purchased   "Keira"  for  a gift  for his  wife  Pam   

I am pleased my lovely "Keira" has a wonderful forever home with this fabulous family ".  Debbie

TinyPersians -    ​Keira departed 1-31-17 now lives in Bradenton, Florida

Customer photo

Customer photo  7 - 3 - 17

"  Bobbles "

April 16, 2017

Debbie, I am over the moon excited with our choice of Yoshi! I'm anxious to see what Onyx of Eden produces in the fall. He is absolutely beautiful.  

I noticed long haired black cats are becoming extremely popular . . .  I would like a black cat, that is what my previous cat was (I had for 11 years),  but since I began my hunt for blacks, there seems to be quite in a surge in the popularity of a black cat and almost impossible to find if you are looking for a pure bred black kitten (vs. a shelter).  

You have the best job in the world, Debbie !     A little envious that you get to play with these adorable little babies all day !  

Thanks again Debbie! Sharlotte S B- Texas

Connie purchases 2 TinyPersians January 2017

Nonee - Silver Chinchilla female retired TinyPersians dam

Sammi - Shaded Silver teacup male Persian kitten

January 18th, 2017   "  Debbie, Sammi is a firecracker !  Running and playing, he is having a lot of fun !  Nonee is starting to play also "

I love the photos you sent ! "  Connie

January 2017   Connie -  Texas

June 25, 2017

Hi Debbie,
Great! I was thinking about you last night and today because Yoshi and I stayed the night with my good friend up on Carrolton (which is much closer to you than Fort Worth!) I thought about texting you and stopping by if you were free so you could see this adorable little lady that you have created ! …   😊   Yoshi is doing great. Im the slightest bit sad because she isn't little baby loving Yoshi anymore that always wants to cuddle.... now it's just play play play all the time ! . . .  
we can't help but spoil her with all the toys !  That being said she still gives us plenty of love and kisses and if we get out of her sight she lets the most adorable high pitch little meow that's to die for!  I've always been a crazy cat lady, but my husband did not like cats when we met... and it took years for him to like my previous cat.  But with Yoshi, she has him wrapped around her little paw. He is so so in love with her!  We are so funny/nerdy. . . the other day we saw a little boy with his mom walking on the sidewalk past our patio… And the boy stopped and he could not quit staring at Yoshi who was looking out the window.  So, my friend and I quickly grabbed her and went outside so we could show her off ! 😊 😊  Our little girl is just perfect ! 
We bought our first house ! Yoshi will have lots and lots of room to play in the new house !   

" Martini "

This tiny, Chinchilla Persian female kitten is so tiny

at 8 weeks old she can be held with 1 hand !

Hello Debbie !
 I wanted to say thank you again ! ! This little baby I got for you is absolutely the most precious thing ever ! ! !  She is so playful and has already warmed up to my little Maltese. They are so funny !  She will run across the kitchen and my little dog will chase after her.  They do that over and over.  I love watching them play !  

My little dog seems to be so happy when Bria is in the kitchen with her.

Anyway, I love love love her of course and everything is going great ! ! !

I have bought her so many toys ! Lo l !  She just plays and plays and plays ! ! ! 
Such a sweet, precious, beautiful little thing ! ! !   Thank you again ! ! ! 😘 
May 2017   Carla, Oklahoma

 " Debbie, He kept his kennel clean & is adjusting really well !

We've been having a lot of fun with him.    

I'll keep you posted on how he's doing.    Thanks ! "   Mallory

"  Debbie,   Thank you !  We made it home safe & sound yesterday 

We already love him so much !
Thanks for everything ! "    Mallory

July 26, 2017  
Mallory  Texas

Hello Debbie !    I hope all is well !
We are just ecstatic with Ted around.  

He seems to be extremely happy !

And so are we !   (We named Martini, Ted)

August 22, 2017   Mallory  Texas

<    Mallory and her husband purchased "Martini,

a shaded golden male, standard size CFA Persian kitten  

" Versace "

Cattery photo

Arriving to her new home !

" Tobias " 

Nickname Toby

" Yoshi  "

Read about 

​The Yoshi Story

"  Bella "

"  Yoshi" 

February 2, 2017  Hi Mark, I hope Pam liked her surprise gift.  Debbie (TinyPersians)

February 2, 2017  "  Debbie, I’m afraid "Keira" (TinyPersian - new kitten ) is here to stay.  She’s got Pam and all the rest of the family pretty much enamored.  My oldest daughter can’t believe I bought a cat and thinks I’ve lost my mind, but she says this cat is a perfect specimen and wants to show her.  Pam will barely let her out of her sight though.  Good pick for sure ! "Mark 

Mary sees her TinyPersian teacup

Silver Chinchilla for the first time !

" Fluffy - silky coated Chinchilla "

Customer photo

Customer photos

Cattery photo

4 Months Old

An amazingly PURRFECT  . . .

rare black Persian produced out of the Silver lines ! 

"  All the info you have on your TinyPersian site - about your kittens from their beauty to personalities is exactly what they will get in the kitten they choose "  

"  You are truly gifted in your care and love that you bring to your babies ! ! ! 
This is the most amazing baby I have ever had ! ! !  " 

"  She is my everything !    . . . .    such a sweet ball of fluff  !   "

" I cannot believe you're breeding such tiny kittens ! !   

I didn't know they could get even smaller than my kitten  ! "

"  My kitten is perfect for us and he is just the way you described him plus more ! "

" She is so sweet with the kids.  She lets them love on her without a peep.

Such an excellent temperament ! " 

"  My two Persian kittens I purchased from you, are the sweetest and most beautiful kitties in the world!   Both have incredible personalities and gorgeous coats,

even though they aren't related " 

"  She is purring and is a doll for sure.  I still can't believe how small she is. 
We all love her so much already.  
Her coat is so long and beautiful,

it almost touches the ground  !  " 

April 27, 2017 Departed

​Edgar and wife purchased 2 lovely Giovanna kittens. "  Loki " (pronounced (low-key), a Shaded Golden and Mason a Shaded Silver Persian kitten.  

" Debbie, Loki is adorable And gorgeous !  We love him already.  He looks so good already in that photo.   We do appreciate any tips. We plan on caring for him closely" .     Edgar + Sandra - Texas

April 28, 2017  Arriving Home . . .

Debbie, They are amazing! thank you guys so much ! Edgar

August 2, 2017  Hi Debbie !   How are you ? !   Sorry I haven't checked in with you in a while to update you on Yoshi !  Been busy moving into our new house and getting settled.    

I've decided that Yoshi is my best friend.    She is just perfect in every way.    She so kind, doesn't complain, she loves on you, and she's playful and adorable.  

I can't get enough ! ! !  Sharlotte

Customer photo  >

Mary - 97 years old

and " Versace " her Silver Persian kitten napping 

Customer photo  7 - 20 - 17

FEBRUARY 16, 2017

" Hi Debbie, We couldn't be more pleased with "Bobbles".  We love him !   Thank you always for sending care suggestions.  We always welcome your messages".  Leo and Debbie - Texas

JUNE  2, 2017

" Hi Debbie,  I wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying lately she's so sweet if I'm not right there she does this adorable meow for me I just love it !  

Lily is so sweet and her special meow.  We spend lots of time together.  I want her to really know me for a while before I introduce her to any other animals.    Julie   -  Michigan

Bobble Two - 2017 kitten

Mary & Tobias (nickname Toby)​ 

8 weeks old  1.6 pounds

"Miniature" Size

June 25, 2017    " Debbie,  Keira is such a wonderful girl.   My cousin took some professional quality photos of her this last week.  Keira now lives in my room most of the time because it is so large.   She spends half the day with momma and the rest with me. She is so sweet.  Dallas

" Meeko " formerly Joey


" Wiley "

April 16, 2017

Hi Sharlotte, We have a Silver Shaded dam from the old traditional lines which produces black.  We do not have blacks often, as blacks are rare in the CFA Silver Division, and they are a different black Persian then the Persian Solid Division, which they are much larger and have Gold-Copper eyes, ours are very small and have emerald green eyes.

We kept a stunning male "Onyx of Eden", with a silky black coat and he is very correct; cobby, short tail, large expressive  - emerald green eyes, beautiful face, large paws and a personality that is A +.  Thank you for reserving a second kitten and your patience in waiting for a black Persian kitten.   Debbie

" Yoshi"  DOB  March  11,  2017

Read about 

​The Bella Story

Miniature Persian kitten -

smaller then "teacup" kittens

Customer photos


Customer Video

" Yoshi "


Sharlotte purchased " Yoshi " 

a very tiny Persian

427 grams at 8 weeks old  

Here she is in a video

in her new home

several weeks older

This kitten was hard to part with,

but we are extremely happy

with Yoshi's new home !   

Debbie of TinyPersians

"  Loki "

" Nonee "  

" Sammi "  

May 28, 2017

"Julie, purchased a retired dam - " Lily ".  Lily was a super "Love Bunny " and enjoys people, walks softly like she is walking on feathers, approximately 4.5 pounds or less, possesses rare intensive, emerald green eyes.

Debbie -  TinyPersians

​Edgar & Sandra purchases

2 TinyPersian kittens -  " Loki and Mason" 

​​Customer Reviews

"  The Little One "

Debbie,    I wanted to give you an update on our tiny Persian purchased from you
We received our baby boy April 20, 2017

He was 8 weeks old and weighed 1.6 pounds   

We named him Tobias but call him Toby
Today, at5 months old, he weighs 3.8 poundsand is absolutely perfect !  

He brings so much joy to our lives and has such a large personality !  

Although he looks very fat, it's all hair !  

He has the most beautiful coat and loves to be combed  

Thank you again for allowing us to be Toby's people !  
Again, Thank You !      Mary 

July 19, 2017  
Mary P   -  Abilene Texas

Mary's daughter - Sharolette purchased a tiny, miniature Silver Persian kitten

427 grams at 8 weeks old, healthy, happy, playful TinyPersian kitten !

Cattery photo

" Wiley "

 " Ash " a Silver Chinchilla Shaded Persian kitten departs with her new family.  Dad purchase "Ash" for his two daughters

for a gift

"Teacup" Size


" Versace "

Anita a nurse purchased a lovely silver chinchilla Persian kitten -  " Versace ", which has become very much admired and by many of her patients !

 " Versace "  loves snuggling with Anita's patients

Below is Mary, 97 years old !   Versace loves cuddling with Mary and Mary loves the attention !  


" Debbie, We all love him so much - all cats have adjusted well.  He has such a personality.   Anita
 2017  Anita, Florida

" Anita, how is Versace doing?  "  Debbie

"  Debbie, He is very sweet and follows me all over the house.  I feel bad sometimes because hew wants attention and I am always busy with the ladies.  I  am grateful when Armani (our other cat) plays with him or Mary plays with him.  I am his favorite - he knows I am his Mommy!!! "  Anita 

2017 Testimonials

     What Customers are saying   . . . 

" Nonee "  and  " Sammi " 

" Bria "

" Meeko "  

Breeder  photo 

Customer photos

" Nonee "  

" Wiley "

" Yoshi "

Customer photo

Breeder photo

 <  " Ash "