August 24, 2017 Departure - " Such a Princess "

and Donna are united !  As a breeder I am so happy as this is a match "made in haven".   Donna knew what she wanted when she contacted TinyPersians.   As a breeder we were ecstatic knowing our precious "Such a Princess", was going to a class A home.   Donna quickly gathered all of "Such a Princess" needs;  NuVet Vitamin, Life's Abundance Cat Food, Breeze Litter System, recommend grooming supplies  !  Thank you Donna for taking our beloved, much loved "Princess"  and giving her the best home ever !  

Debbie  TinyPersians

Precious, tiny, gorgeous doll face Princess top pick Persian kitten !  

 Yoshi meets her new family !

This was one kitten we wanted to keep.  

I actually had tears in my eyes

when Such A Princess departed  !  

Donna has acquired a very special girl . . . 

" Such a Princess "

Wishing you (Donna) the best  . . . always !  Debbie

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2017 Departure - " Yoshi "

Sharlotte and her husband, Cyril meet Yoshi for the first time ! 

This tiny Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten is snow white

and misted softly with silver -  was so tiny at 8 weeks old 

Yoshi sired by Prince Amar and out of the lovely dam; "Love Song"

was the perfect combination of beauty,

correctness and ultra sweet personalities

Love Song is considered a top producer  

Prince Amar produces the smallest kittens that have

gorgeous emerald green or turquoise eyes  !

Thank you ​Sharlotte and Cyril for giving " Yoshi " such a purrfect home !

Yoshi soon travels to Paris FRANCE !

" Twinkle Little Star "

" Such A Princess " 

" Such A Princess " 

 ​Sharlotte carries Yoshi in her scarf

Silver Chinchilla

​Ultra Sweet !  


8-19-17   "  Debbie,  I cannot believe you're breeding such tiny kittens ! !   I didn't know they could get even smaller than Yoshi, that's crazy !   I would love to come see all of the little fluff balls sometime soon  ! !

I've attached some new pictures...

Yoshi loves her T-shirts! lol   … 

Keep me updated I love hearing from you  !   "

 ​Sharlotte and Cyril meeting Yoshi

 ​Sharlotte and Cyril departing with Yoshi

Yoshi and Sharlotte and Cyril

travel to Paris France

Gorgeous Doll Face Persian