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 Shaded Silver, Silver Chinchilla, Shaded Golden Persian kittens  

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Sold    L - 2

Persian kittens available for sale

Shaded Golden Male DOB March 2017

Shaded Golden Male  DOB March 2017

Shaded Silver Male   DOB March 2017

Shaded Silver Female   DOB March 2017

Pure White Male   DOB March 2017

Silver Chinchilla Male DOB March 2017

Silver Chinchilla Female DOB 

Shaded Silver Male  DOB 2-18-17


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BOY   L L - 1  Silver Chinchilla

An ultra small Chinchilla male Persian kitten, this is a special boy!   His lineage runs between 3.3 to 4.5 pounds, so he will remain VERY SMALL !

This gorgeous boy is a cattery favorite.  One we wanted to keep, as he has an easy to care for coat, ultra small, still under 4 pounds.  Has large gorgeous eyes, soft Chinchilla coat with a sprinkle of silver.

​Ready to depart right now !  All vaccinations, rabies shot, worming, litter trained, beautiful long coat, doll face Persian Male kitten 

Ask about this kitten.  

Take him home today with just asking to reserve him.

Date of Birth September 26, 2017

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Past kitten

BOY SP - 1   Snow White Male

This doll face Pure Snow White male Persian kitten, is absolutely gorgeous in every way !  The finest White Persian male kitten Tiny Persians has ever produced !

Strong, correct built, all personality, absolutely stunning

and has a balanced doll face.

Ultra sweet is no surprise as mom and dad both are sweet,

and intelligent where they are trained so well, they act like dogs.  Now that is amazing!  

This kitten will have large expressive eyes, either ice blue or turquoise eyes. He has a sweet looking face with a pink nose.  Always happy, well adjusted.   

Available for departure April 2017

Persian kittens for sale List

BOY  SP - 1 

Past kittens

BOY   L - 1 Shaded Silver

BOY  L - 2  Shaded Silver 

Boy  L - 3  Shaded Golden 

4 Shaded Golden males - 2 SOLD,


4 Silver Chinchilla males - 1 SOLD

3 Silver Shaded males

​Ready to depart in only 3 weeks

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- more photos coming in a few days !

Mi 1 - Shaded Golden

male kitten 

BOY  SP - 1 

Too many hesitated with this little guy - he has sold

Posted March 14, 2017

Sold   L - 2

Female  L - 3 

BOY  N - 2

BOY    N - 3 

Past kitten

BOY  L - 1 Silver Chinchilla

This lovely Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten might be more of a Shaded Silver.  In about a week or two his color will whiten up.   He is absolutely adorable.  His eyes will enlarge as he develops.  He is well built in the chest, cobby and a very short tail.

He will have Emerald Green eyes.  

My brother L - 2 is for sale too!   Take us both home !  We are pals ! 

Ask about how to purchase 2 Persian kittens at a reasonable price !


  Boy - N - 1 Past kitten - Sold

BOY  N - 1   Silver Chinchilla

A doll face Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten, is ultra sweet, playful

and has a gorgeous doll face, with large expressive eyes.  Mom has stunning emerald green eyes and Dad has turquoise eyes.   This kitten and his 2 brothers will have luxurious, free flowing coats.   They will lighten up and different degrees of soft silver accents on their backs.  

Available for departure April 2017

BOY  L - 1 

Mi Lady kittens 

Born early March

Past kitten

G - Does not stand for Girl - is an ID code only

Past kittens

 BOY     L - 1    Silver Chinchilla Male

 BOY    L - 2    Silver Chinchilla Male

Girl    L - 3    Shaded Golden Female

Three lovely kittens for sale.

Each one will have stunning Emerald Green Eyes.

Large, expressive eyes and gorgeous, soft, silky coats.

A wonderful selection of tiny, teacup Persian kittens.

Predicted to be very small as Mom is 4 pounds, 3 ounces and Dad is 5 pounds, 9 ounces.


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Available for departure the first week in May.

Make a choice now and receive baby photos as your kitten grows.  High resolution images for framing and photo albums.  

All kittens on this page are PAST KITTENS

BOY    N - 3 

Girl    L - 3 

" Iris "

BOY  L - 2

Mi 2 male

Eyes are now open and they are now trying to sit up !

BOY  L - 1 

BOY    L - 1

G  3

Now this is adorable !

SP - 2

Mom of White Male 

Past kitten


Snow White Male Persian kitten

 DOB March 2017

More photos coming -

posting new photos often daily

Shaded Golden males

Shaded Silver males and female

Silver Chinchilla males

Watch kittens grow . . . newborn kitten photos and kittens a few weeks old helps you see them grow !  

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and take home in a few weeks 

G 2

G 1

BOY  SP - 1 

Posted March 27, 2017

Posted March 22, 2017


Several Spring 2017 Persian kittens for sale

Choose a little silver Persian kitten today !

​Ready to depart in only 3 weeks - Choose one of these Persian kittens below . . .

White Male 

Silver Persian kittens born dark and lighten up as they grow, whites born white,

goldens mature to their rich golden or shaded golden colors


 Past kitten

This little guy has a shorter nose offering an opportunity to show him off at the cat shows,

or just enjoy a very beautiful, correct, Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten.   He is all personality and a real gem if you want a kitten with lots of character and highly intelligent.

Looking at you straight in your eye shows you he is aware of his surroundings.

His dam and sire both have luxurious, free flowing coats, with stunning,

show white coat slightly accented in a mist of silver.  

This  kitten's expressive eyes,

projected to be a rare emerald green color

and shaped like teardrops is highly sought after.

Consider an amazing Silver Chinchilla with highly sought after tear drop eyes.  

He is very smart and let's you know it.

Looks at you straight in the eyes.  He is sweet and playful with other kittens, and loves people.   

2 Shaded Silvers

3 Shaded Goldens

G 1 - Shaded Golden

male kitten 

Spring 2017 

Newborns Persian kittens can look a little silly ,

but they turn into gorgeous tiny Persians

At birth 53 grams


BOY    L - 1 

BOY  N - 1

Siblings love each other very much !  

Some leave together and very happy !

Kittens born dark and lighten up as they grow

Mi 5 male


" Iris "

BOY  SP - 1 

Past kitten

BOY  N - 3  Silver Chinchilla

This kitten will have a luxurious, very white coat that will be free flowing and easy to care for.

  Nothing bothers this kitten.  He is ultra sweet, laid back, playful, sensible, first to eat dry food, making him an easy keeper.  Truly a gem.  

He possesses large, expressive eyes that will continue to increase in size.

Predicted to be very small as Mom is 4 pounds, 2 ounces and Dad is 5 pounds, 9 ounces.


His dam and sire both have luxurious, silky coats, with stunning,

show white coat slightly accented in a mist of silver.  

He is ultra sweet, soft personality and very sensible with all his ventures.

This is a highly sought after lineage as the coats will be very easy to care for and a clean white.

He accepts grooming, very quite when handled for his care.

If you would like a lovely, very small Silver Chinchilla kitten, reserve this kitten today!  


Mi 4 male

 Sharif Amir photo

Not for sale

BOY  SP - 1 

Easter kittens now available !  Choose a lovely, adorable, sweet personality kitten !

Kittens born dark and lighten up as they grow . . . usually their color at 8 to 9 weeks old

G 1

Posted March 20, 2017

Past kitten

 Dad few months old, sire of white male Persian kitten for sale

Dad -  Sharif Amir is a Silver Chinchilla

M - Does not stand for Male - is an ID code only

Mi 1 male

BOY  N - 3