"  Lucky "

Silver Chinchilla Persian male

DOB June 2017 

This lovely male Chinchilla has the most luxurious coat !

 Predicted to be an odd eyed, you can see the difference

in the eye tones right now.  

As he grows eye color becomes for brilliant.

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"  Lucky"

Silver Chinchilla Persian female

"  Emmie " has green eyes and

a beautiful luxurious Chinchilla coat !

This young lady is so sweet she wants to sit on your lap all the time.

She has excellent eye contact, much awareness, very playful, ultra sweet and very, very small.   

Cute as can be, large expressive eyes  . . . "

Emmie "   loves people and other pets !

DOB Fall 2016

Sired by Saafir

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Shaded Golden Persian female 

Female Persian kitten accented in lovely shades of golden and white. " Iris " is a love bunny that absolutely loves to be with you !   

She possess rare teardrop eyes in a beautiful green color.   Small and all girly, girly, sweet natured, easy keeper and is ready to depart.  

If you are seeking a Shaded Golden with rich colors of gold and shades of gold, this kitten is an excellent choice !   DOB mid March 2017

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Gorgeous Chinchilla 

" Dawn"

Beautiful fluffy Chinchilla coat !

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Odd Eyed Chinchilla male

If you are seeking an lovely doll face Persian that possesses eyes of different color, this little Chinchilla is predicted to have each eye a different color tone.   Currently has one emerald green eye coloring and another blue-green eye.   A rare characteristic and will always capture your interest.   He has the most luxurious white Chinchilla coat, that is free flowing and ultra silky.   Easy to care for and far more beautiful then his photo shows.   His dam is only 3 pounds, 3 ounces and his sire is the smallest "Dad" at TinyPersians.  

Take home a very special Chinchilla male Persian kitten.  

A small deposit will hold your dream kitten !

Stunning Shades of Gold

" Iris "

For Sale

Rare "teardrop" emerald greeneyes !

2017 Fall Available Persian Kittens

More kittens will be added within 24 hours

" Dawn"

Gorgeous Chinchilla 

"  Kayla "

Sibling to "Lucky" and "Dawn"

See this kitten below . . .

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Misted in Silver !

Shaded Golden Chinchilla

Silver Chinchilla Persian female 

DOB July 2017 

This lovely female Chinchilla is all personality !  

Large expressive eyes that will mature to a beautiful emerald green color  

Her gorgeously, perfect balanced doll face is absolutely stunning !  


If you are seeking a very small Persian kitten with a soft luxurious coat,

this kitten is a perfect choice !  Ready to depart soon !  

Reserve her today before she is grabbed up !

She has a twin brother look-a-like available.

if you prefer a male kitten, reserve him today !

" Iris "

For Sale

Reasonably Priced

My left eye looks dark because

it will turn a rich emerald green ! 

You will love this little girl !  

The best personality ever !  

The Giovanna line is know for being ultra sweet, exquisite silky coats and absolutely perfect doll faces !  

Don't miss out choosing a kitten like this !   Customers have come back to purchase another Giovanna kitten !  

Here she is in all her elegance ! 

Want a male Persian kitten look-a-like?

Ask about "Lucky her  brother !

Female golden 

5.5 months old

For Sale  

" Zia"

Golden Chinchilla Persian female

This is a very special little girl!   She is absolutely gorgeous with all her shades of colors!  So sweet and playful.

The first to run to you !  She loves company, loves to eat, extremely intelligent as you can see in her eyes !  A very happy kitten !  

With a soft, playful personality, along with a unique Shaded Golden color accent in the highly sought after Chinchilla look, makes this an excellent choice!   Chinchillas are described with beautiful white undercoats and other accents on their coat !

This kitten's color is predicted to be more pronounced in golden, shades of gold, white, cream and clear silver accents

with a white undercoat as she matures. 

" Zia" 

DOB July 2017

Sired by Prince Amar

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Luxurious Coat !

" Taylor "

" Zia "

Silver Chinchilla Persian male

A Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten with a beautiful, fluffy,

white Chinchilla coat lightly misted with silver.  

Named " Lucky " as he has an amazing full Chinchilla coat.

Chinchillas are known for silky, easy to care for coats.

Playful and intelligent, he will certainly entertain you.

He is very sweet, full of the dickens, eats well.   

Full Sibling to "Kayla" and "Dawn"

DOB July 2017

Sired by Prince Amar

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" Taylor "


This little girl Persian kitten has a white undercoat with shades of gold, silver and white on her back.  Her face is accented by golds, white and shades of gold.    

Her front mane has accents of Chinchilla white and apricot colors.

Her tummy and undercoat is also white, cream and apricot shades.   

When her coat is parted, you will see the lovely white throughout her coat !  

As she matures her coat will be even more lovely shades of Gold develop !   

If you are seeking a kitten with a unique color pattern and

multi colors throughout her soft, silky coat.   Here she is  . . . " Zia". 

 Golden Chinchillas are highly sought after.  "Zia" has a soft, sweet personality all will love.  

She looks at you straight in the eye with much love.  

She is small and absolutely adorable!  

Take her home today !  

Easy to reserve " Zia " !

Shaded Silver Persian female

" Kayla " a very sweet, little Shaded Silver female Persian kitten

out of the highly sought after Giovanna line which is know for

their beauty and sweet personalities !

Very dainty, yet sturdy built, adorable large paws makes you want to laugh !  She has a cute turn up nose, large expressive eyes

correctly positioned on her doll face.  

One of the smallest in the litter, loves to play and discover all around her !  An excellent opportunity to choose a special Persian kitten like her !                 

Take home   . . . " Kayla"  today !

DOB July 24,  2017

Sired by Prince Amar



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Shaded Silver Persian female

"Kiss Me Kate" has green eyes and

a beautiful softsilver accentsthat are so beautiful.  

A full show coat that is outrageously gorgeous !

A short cobby body, large feet, short tail with her tail.

Nicknamed " Kate" we kept her to add to our breeding program.

She was always a favorite.

   She will stare at you all day . . . wanting to be right there with you !

Very sweet, walks carefully as she is walking on glass.  Is a snuggle bunny.  If you want a Persian kitten that has a very sweet personality, social, loving people  . . . " Kiss Me Kate " is the one !

A true Princess !

DOB March 2017

Sired by Saafir

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DOB July 24th, 2017

A love bunny !

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Beautiful color and Pattern