" Tomi "  

"  Bobble  "

"  Keira  "  

"  Keira  "  

Full siblings to Bobble &  Shasa

arriving March 2017 

Reserve a kitten right now ! 

Blue Chinchilla Silver male For Sale

DOB 2016

Only serious inquiries for this little guy.  He is estimated to be between 3.5 to 4.5 pounds full grown.


Not sure how big 3.5 pounds is.   Add water to a plastic bag.   There you go.

Pricing A + and worth every penny.

If you want a very tiny, ultra small this is the smallest kitten we have ever produced.

He will stay with the cattery, unless he sells to a home that can accommodate a miniature Persian.

He is sired by Prince Amar and one of our top producing female Blue Chinchilla.  Has an easy to care for coat, sells as a Pet, and would be fixed by buyer before departure.  

Baths and grooms well 

 CFA Registered Persian Kitten

" Shasa "  

Want at kitten from this mom ?  

Reserve a kitten and in approximately 63 days a new litter will arrive   

Contact us for details, as we have a couple other moms having kittens early 2017   

You can let us know if there is a look you prefer  

We will be having Golden Persians too !


Sweet, playful, adorable personality 


"  Bobble "

Kittens for Special Ocasions !   


Silver Chinchilla female     Sold

"  Keira  "    DOB August 2, 2016

A perfect doll face silver Chinchilla female kitten NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Will be having a full sibling litter early 2017 if you would like

to reserve a kitten like this gorgeous little girl


This young lady is very expressive, ultra sweet, purrs all the time, loves to be in your company, 

and will let you know she is in the same room as you !  

She loves people and stares at you right in the eye and communicates

with a soft meow for you to take note of her !

She is sired by Saafir (Max) a top producing Dad, that produces luxurious,

free flowing, ultra white chinchilla coats softly misted with an elegant silver touch.

She depicts the CFA quality standards in every way !

Truly a special doll face Chinchilla Persian, 

predicted to be 4.5 pounds and no larger then 5.5 pounds as an adult

as mom and dad are small.




 CFA Registered Persian pet Kitten

 *    ​No breeding rights

You  !


Shaded  Golden

" Bobble "

 January 2017 and March 2017 litter kittens coming

 Reserve early to choose your dream Persian kitten . . .     more photos here 

DOB    11 - 9 - 16 

"  Emmie "

You  can  also  reserve  a  full  sibling  to  "Bobble"

that  is  arriving  Spring  2017

Silver Chinchilla male Sold

​Departure  1 - 24 - 17

DOB 11 - 9 - 16

Will be 8 weeks old 1-9-17 ready to depart with vaccinations & Vet Exam.  " Bobble" is an ultra sweet, fluffy persian kitten that purrs and snuggles. Playful, very small, a non fussy eater, is sired by Sharif Amir (dad).   He is available for sale.

A cattery favorite !  For us he is one of a kind ! Gorgeous tear drop eyes, tiny nose and smooth and silky coated.  This kitten is big on personality . . . absolutely adorable, smart and full of character !

CFA Registered Persian Kitten

Show quality and easy care !

Waiting to depart

Photo  taken  12 - 28 - 16

 For sale

Male Silver Chinchilla

"  Bobble "

Rare Blue Chinchillas bred from the CFA Silver Division

Shaded  Golden  male  SOLD

DOB 11 - 9 - 16

Purchased by Conni of Texas.  Sammi is a character, full of personality and loves to play with all his siblings.  He is very active, and considered highly sought after for his unique shaded golden coloring.  

Sammi was a kitten the cattery wanted to keep, however, Conni patiently waited for a golden with a deposit down.  This guy popped out and Conni was the next to choose a Shaded Golden !

Thank you Conni for your trust in our dedication

to producing your dream kitten - "Sammi"

" Bobble " has full siblings arriving - reserve now

" Sammi "  

January 2017 kittens SOLD

Blue Chinchilla Silver female

No longer for sale

DOB November 8th, 2016

Only serious inquiries for this for gorgeous, rare blue chinchilla silver female, very tiny persian kitten   Mom is retired as of early January 2017.  There will be no more kittens that are full siblings to these parents !  

Pricing A +  estimated very small as mom is 4.2 pounds

If you want a very sweet, all personality and extra small, this chinchilla female is ultra white with a mist of blue on her back.

We offer this blue chinchilla female for sale to a loving home that can accommodate a very small Persian kitten 

Sired by Saafir and the dam Nonee.  Her coat is ultra silky and easy to care for. Sells as a Pet, and would be fixed by buyer. 

Baths and grooms well 

 CFA Registered Persian Kitten

This kitten is under priced for a show quality kitten.    Preferred sold to a show "Pet" home, however,

not required for a show home

​​New litters arriving late February

& early March 2017 . . .

Litter mates to all the kittens sold in 2016 !  

Reserve an upcoming Shaded Golden, Silver Chinchillas,

Silver Shaded will soon arrive early spring 2017 !

"  Emmie "

 For sale

"  Keira  "  

Shaded Golden Female -  SOLD

New litter coming

        March 2017 same parents !      

" Sammi "  

" Tomi "  

We do not produce Goldens often, however, have produced several in 2016 with the anticipation of producing many more in 2017, 

as we recently added an outstanding Shaded Golden sire
" Shades of Gold "    (nickname - Simba)

" Tomi "  

" Tomi  "

for sale

below . . . 

Reserve a gorgeous


Chinchilla Persian kitten

" Shasa " 

Rare Blue Chinchilla Silver Female tiny Persian kitten 

Doll  Face  Chinchilla  Persian  Female 


All  Shades  of  Silver  Persians

"  Bobble "

​​2017 Persian kitten litters

will bring shaded golden, golden, silver shaded, silver chinchillas and a few rare blue chinchilla silvers

Reserve yours today !

Shaded Golden female  SOLD

DOB 11 - 9 - 16

Purchased by Wendy of Oklahoma. Shasa is an adorable, soft personality Shaded Golden Persian kitten.  Golden kittens keep changing in color and this young lady is a real gem !  Her color will be an outstanding color of shaded goldens accented with a shaded color look.   Each kitten is an individual and this little girl is definitely a gorgeous one !  Her sweet face is embraced with large expressive eyes, that will surely be a beautiful rare emerald green.  Best of all she is all persoanlity . . . where she loves people and her litter mates.

 CFA Registered Persian Kitten

I  Love


Tomi few weeks old

 in Santa's sac

Right kitten