*  Kitten Gifts *  for all 2016 Christmas kittens reserved

from November 27th, 2016 to December 23rd, 2016 


Includes completeBreeze Litter System(Litter box, Litter, Litter Pads), kitten blanket, 2 kitten toys, kitten care book,

kitten care dropper, vitamins, sample food, kitten calendar, and helpful brochures.  1 time offer.  For kittens picked up. 1 per household.  Limited # available. Ask details.


"  Twinkle "  No longer available

Reserve a kitten like this 

Shaded Golden female 7 weeks old SOLD


"  Bobble  "

Boy   7  

Silver Chinchilla  Female Persian Emerald  Eyes

​​More kittens for sale below . . . 

"  Aamira"           KITTENS SOLD

Aamira is an absolute beauty  - a Silver Chinchilla female Persian has ultra white coat that is soft and silky.    


Her eyes are a stunning emerald green color depicting the older traditional lines.  Her pedigree show pure Silver Persian heritage without being cross to other Persian lines that produce larger kittens.  Her kittens below sell as pets and doesn't get any better.  Sire:  Saafir produces silky coats that are easy to care for.

" Wiley"  formerly Junior "     

Sold   Boy  6    DOB  11 - 9 -16

A Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten is a full brother to "Bobble".  Junior is very, white, light with a mist of silver.  Beautifully marked Chinchilla face with black outliner around his eyes and nose. Ultra sweet, with a sophisticated look, is a look-a-like to his sire; " Sharif Amir ".   This kitten is ultra white, playful, will have substance, and grand champion bloodlines.  " Junior " is a good choice.     Dam's line produces sweet personalities that customers have raved about. 

Kittens can sell instantly.   If there is a kitten you, like contact us.  

Please ask us which kittens are still available, as there are individuals that have put deposits down and are deciding in the next day or so, which one they  will choose.  


" Shasa"     Sold

" Wiley "

Newborn kitten photos will be up by this Sunday of several kittens for sale

Merry Christmas !

This tiny Chinchilla male 

looks like dad

and his granddam


A Shaded Golden Persian kitten

that will soon git fluffier and a longer coat 

Girl   2

no longer available




"  Keira "

2016  Christmas   kittens


" Wiley "

"  Christmas "


"  Bobble  "

        NO Longer Available        Girl    4

This female is a "Love Bunny"   so sweet.  A Chinchilla Persian that is very, very small.  

Loves to be with people.   If you want very small, she is extremely small.  

A gorgeous white undercoat with a pinch of silver accent.  Appears solid white with most of her coat.   Large expressive eyes,rare emerald green,appearing like the emerald gem, translucent and stunning!   So intense in color, doesn't look possible !  If this female doesn't sell we will breed her in 2017 

                                                 If you want a love bunny, that is Lilly !   

Sold -  indoor pet Persian 

Reserve  another kitten today !   

Photo taken Winter 2016   

"  Wiley "  

Boy  2

Female Shaded Silver Persian kitten  

This kitten is shaded with darker silver tipping and a lighter under coat, a ​* Saafir (sire) daughter 

We offered her for sale, now we are keeping her

Amazing buyers passed Guenivere up.  Siblings were; Jerry, Gianni (Ronni), Tony and Onyx of Eden 

Code: 8 - 25 F    Mom's #2 2016 litter


  A - 2

 Silver Chinchilla Boy 2 - for sale

1.3 pounds at 9 weeks old!

Now that is a tiny Persian ! 

      Code:  9 - 26 M-2 * Prince Amar (sire) son

    True Perfection !  Silver Chinchilla Male

Female White Persian kitten for sale

Born Spring 2017 

Silver Chinchilla female   sold

 Full sibling Persian kittensarriving March 2017

* Saafir (sire) daughter, independent and loving personality, talkative, playful, very light Chinchilla, health certificate, up-to-date-shots,   Revolution given monthly, baths, grooms.

This girl is absolutely perfect in every way !   A rare find ! If you would like a very special, soft and silky coated Silver Chinchilla CFA female kitten, this girl is one of a kind 


Red Carpet kitten / Sold to Mark and Pam - Bradenton, Florida

<  Reserve a kitten like this  - ask about full sibling litter


<    Very  small  Silver  Chinchilla  Persian  male ​​

SOLD     Boy 5     11 - 9 - 16  

This guy is gorgeous,  a funny personality and super small.

Just looking at his face makes one laugh !  Absolutely adorable !  

He has amazing tear drop emerald green eyes, beautiful round face, short and cobby,  

and large Persian feet, no matter his size.   This is what you want !  

Looks like a show Persian in the miniature size ! Truly a treasure !  

Sold to Leo and Debbie in Amarillo, Texas


Will be ready to depart soon    Code 11 - 9  M-1  Photo is a cell phone photo, however, we will soon post a portrait photo of this little guy

Mom a black smoke silver Persian, Dad a Silver Chinchilla Persian

"  Bobble  "

<  This gorgeous boy will look a lot like Mom ! 

Sold Chinchilla  Boy 1 

Very tiny !

at 9 weeks old

Chinchilla Male Persian Boy # 2

​Girl   4 

Boy   2  

" Tomi  "

More kittens for sale  -  and more posted    KITTENS AVAILABLE

" Christmas "


" Joey "  Sold

Sold   A - 2  
Silver Chinchilla  Male Persian kittten

DOB 3-16-17

A flawless Persian kitten doll face miniature kittens do not get any better then this !   If you want a very special, absolutely gorgeous and perfect kitten . . . choose this boy.   Kittens are born dark and lighten up.  This kitten will be the same color as mom and dad !   Kittens eyes get larger as they grow !  This kitten already has large expressive eyes !    He is playful, happy, sweet and ready to depart at 8 weeks old.  

  Kitten # Boy A -  2



Girl   2


Ask about other kittens available

Boy  # 8   Sold

Departed January 2017

A look-a-like to his sire Sharif Amir,

Wiley is a special Blue Chinchilla  !  

 Carol - Texas


"  My mom is a gorgeous !  That is why I am so special  !   "

​Now 7 weeks old ! 

Congratulations Debbie & Leo - Texas 

I am gorgeous, adorable, all personality

and ultra sweet !  

I have a full siblings coming soon !

Reserve a full brother/sister to Bobble or Shasa   !

Boy  5  

Sold to Julie, for a Christmas present for your 17 year old daughter !  

Merry Christmas   !

" Shasa"     

Traditional Doll face

Blue Chinchilla Silver

"  Stop looking for a cuter kitten, then me !   

That's me !   Pretty purrfect ! "

5 weeks old

"  Keira "


 <   Sold . . .  be the first to reserve this gorgeous Silver Chinchilla male kitten  

Sold 12-19-16

" few weeks old "

" Bobble"


Saturday we are taking up-dated-photos of kittens available 

Watch for new postings of  

silver shaded, shaded golden & silver chinchilla 

Persian male kittens for sale

Boy   2   

" Tomi " 

<   Dad   >

"  ​Sharif Amir  "


" Silver Boy "

This gorgeous, little Chinchilla male will be under the Christmas tree ! A cattery keeper sold to a good home !

​"  Silver Boy "   Boy  8   Sold    DOB  10 - 11 -16

If you are seeking a Persian kitten with a loving personality,

this gorgeous Silver Shaded boy

is absolutely beautifully shaded in shades of silver

with a gorgeous doll face and extra large expressive eyes.  

His soft - sweet personality makes him a great choice ! 

He will look at you straight in the eyes !

Very soft, silky coated, much like his sire,

his coat parts naturally down the center of his back.

This characteristic gives a free flowing coat that is easy to care for

and an absolutely pleasure to have in a Persian.  

Silver Shaded Persians are very popular and highly sought after.  

We do not get them very often.   He will surely find a home quickly !  

Be the first to claim this lovely boy.   His dam has rare emerald green eyes,

surely this kitten will be just as lovely, best of all . . .  ultra sweet lines !

Mom is 4.2 pounds, Dad is , 6 pounds 

Reserve  a another tiny persian kitten 

Boy # 8 possesses a sweet personality, he is a thinker, and out of a top

traditional bloodlines that possess stunning , rare, Emerald Green eyes  !

Spring & Summer 2016

kittens sold 

Additional photos of

current kittens for sale


​ photo taken at 4 weeks old 

White Persian Female    For Sale        

A ultra white Persian female is for sale.  See Spring 2017 kittens available  

Has ice blue eyes, loves to play, very intelligent, looks at you straight in the eye.  Born March 2017

Adorable Lion cut with a luxurious mane and fuffy tail. 

If you are seeking a ultra white Persian with all personality, this is the one!

Reserve her today !   

This female Persian loves people and other pets 

2016  Christmas  kittens  Sold 

" Bobble "   . . .  Now walking !

<  Boy 3  SOLD:  

Customer named this kitten "Christmas" as he will be under the Christmas tree for their family.   He has a lovely free flowing coat, expressive eyes, and very small.

Reserve a miniature Persian kitten today !    

Silver Persian kittens are born dark and lighten up as they grow !   >

" Oliver"      Reserved  for  Lawren

Sold     Boy 6

 Shaded Golden male at 4 weeks old

​​​Gorgeous Blue Chinchilla Silver male

DOB November 9th,  2016   Sold - Carol Texas buyer 

​​" Boy  7 "       SOLD    DOB  11 - 9 -16



Boy # 7 Shaded Golden male Persian kitten SOLD, is a full brother to "Bobble" and "Junior". Currently 5 weeks old, will be ready to depart January 4th, 2017.    Watch him grow.   He will soon get longer and fluffy coat of more golden accents, and other colors blended in his luxurious fur.  This male kitten is very playful and loving.   In this photo is he is discovering standing and carefully walking.  

Very, tiny, adorable and an absolute gem !   Too cute !

​Kitten photo posted 11-10-16.  New photos will be posted as he grows.  

If you are seeking a gorgeous golden shaded, this kitten is unique in his look.  

We do not get Goldens very often.  

This is a rare opportunity to acquire a tiny - teacup Persian in shades of gold.     

Boy 3, Bobble and Junior are all brothers and born November 9th, 2016  

Reserved for Connie - Houston, Texas

"Sammi" is the 4th TinyPersian that has gone home with Conni