Prissy's Boy few weeks old

Kittens like this

. . .  do not pop out every day!

Perfect in every way !

This kitten above a few weeks old

looks like this at 9 weeks old   >

"  Decorate  your  Christmas  with  a Silver  or  Golden  Persian  "

Prissy's Boy

Silver Chinchilla Male 

DOB May 20th, 2016

​Saafir x Shaina

This male Silver Chinchilla Persian is the smallest male we have produced as of December 2016.   Ultra sweet, purrs the minute you walk in the room.   Is a love bunny !   Correct, large feet - just what you want!   Possessing a soft, sweet and playful personality.   Cobby, extra short tail, huge expressive eyes, out of our top producer dam - Shaina.    Sold 

New litters arriving Fall 2017

Spring 2017 kittens can depart at 8 weeks old

 Arrived March 2017 another litter April 2017

Choose from Silver Shaded, Silver Chinchilla, Blue Chinchilla Silver, Shaded Golden, Golden and Black Persian kittens 

Silver Chinchilla Female

DOB August 2, 2016

Sold January 31, 2017   (posted 1-31-17)

Absolutely perfect in every way this Silver Chinchilla female is a top pick.

She is outrageously gorgeous, soft - silky coat, large expressive eyes, outline with strong black outliner.   She is sweet and loving and very smart.  

Correct conformation, cobby, short tail and large feet.  Very white Chinchilla !

If you would like a look like this . . . " Keira " has sold, however, we are having a full litter to her in early March 2017.   Reserve a kitten like this today ! 

A picture perfect doll face Persian kitten.  CFA registered bloodlines

Sire Saafir - Silver Chinchilla

Her dam is a gorgeous Silver Chinchilla

Dad  (above)

Prince Amar


* Saafir   (Max - nickname) Sire (Dad) 

​    5 pounds, 9 ounces adult 


Silver Chinchilla female

Prince Amar kittens SOLD

Silver Chinchilla Persian kittens

Sired by Prince Amar (Dad) x Lavender Lace (Dam)  

Lavender Lace (Saafir X Shaina) a Saafir daughter

is a prize dam at TinyPersians Cattery !  

Doesn't get any better then this!  

Cattery has one more male available - "Pick of the Litter"   

Look at Mom and Dad ! 

Special, one of a kind, treasured persian kittens

only come from extraordinary, International Champion bloodlines and choosing the best to be bred to the best !  

That is what we do !  

Tony at few weeks old

Soldto Lauren & Paul 

Giovanna (Goldie) litter 

Silver Shaded, Silver Chinchillas, Shaded Golden and Black Persian Kittens


DOB August 25, 2016

​Saafir x Giovanna

<    Watch the Video to the left is the prior litter of 4 

         Full siblings to the new litter of 5 that is currently  FOR  SALE

         1 Chinchilla male For Sale, and 1 Shaded Golden  For Sale  PHOTOS above  TOP OF PAGE !

Chinchilla Persian male 

Silver Chinchilla Male 

DOB October 2016

Sire:  Saafir


Gorgeous, very white, doll face Silver Chinchilla male Persian.  Very tiny-teacup sized kittens, with a luxurious - silky coat, expressive emerald green eyes, and currently a few weeks old.   When a kitten at this age has large, expressive eyes like this . . . very rare quality !  a slightly turned up nose correctly placed on his face, nice round head and face, very white with tiny ears!  Compare!  Our breeding is highly respected and sought after.   If you are looking for a doll face Persian within the CFA Silver Division, TinyPersians Cattery in North Dallas, Texas has the best in the U.S.   !    

Full brother below for sale



Male Chinchilla

Sold to Preslie 


More photos to be posted soon !

As soon as our new tiny Persian kittens arrive !   

It is very popular to reserve in advance . . .

be on top of the list to choose first !   


Tony Shaded  Golden

"  I am going home with Helen ! "


Silver Chinchilla Male 

DOB August 25th, 2016

​Saafir x Giovanna

Jerri is absolutely perfect !   A very correct Persian kitten.  Cobby, well balanced face with a highly sought after look !   He is a very light, white looking Chinchilla, friendly, playful and a thinker !     Silver Chinchillas are the top selling and #1 asked for Persian !    This gorgeous Chinchilla boy is the finest Chinchilla Giovanna (dam) has produced !  and. . . .   mom has produced some very fine Persian kittens !

Jerri is a special kitten to treasure.

Congratulations to Lauren and Paul of Austin, Texas   

2016 Winter Sold Kittens         

Shaded Silvers -  Silver Chinchillas -  Shaded Goldens -  Blacks -  White Persians 


Offering   Silver and   Gold Persians

" Silver and Gold . . . how do you measure its worth ?  

Just by the pleasure it gives !"  

 Shaina  (Prissy - nickname) Dam (retired)

​    3 pounds, 2 ounces adult 

Tony  sold 11-10-16 to Helen - San Antonio 

Tony is a gorgeous, fluffy, Giovanna kitten with a luxurious coat and gets prettier every day!  
This beautiful rare Shaded Golden Chinchilla is now going home with Helen.   

This is the only one like kitten like this that we have !  

First we produced like this . . . not only is he a Shaded Golden,

but he is a Chinchilla too!  

This is what is very popular right now ! 

Congratulations to Helen of San Antonio, Texas 

Merry  Christmas  


​​Shaded Golden Male 

DOB August 25th, 2016

Saafir x Giovanna

Merry  Christmas  

Gianni  formerly  Ronni 

<   Mom

​Lavender Lace


Chinchilla Persian male 

" Tomi "

Silver Chinchilla Male 

DOB September 26, 2016

Sire:  Saafir


Full brother to the Chinchilla male kitten above and are like twins!  These two boys are very playful, sweet and loves people !   They beg for attention, yet independently plays with toys !  Very white, Silver Chinchilla male doll face Persian kitten, identical in size and look as his brother.  Quite amazing as this does not happen often.   Choose an adorable very white Persian Chinchilla kitten by putting a deposit down. Will be yours to take home in a few weeks.     

For sale  See more photos of Tomi here

One of these boys are reserved for the Cattery !

<   More Shaded Golden Persian like this kitten arriving Spring 2017 & full siblings !

"  Tony "   newborn

Congratulations to Preslie & Sheri (mom) of Leonard, Texas

Departed 11 - 12 - 16 

"  Dreaming of a White Christmas  !  "

Left Kitten is for sale

Two Silver Chinchilla male Persian kittens below  

One cattery will keep, the other one is for sale