​​Gary's 2016 Testimonial " Snickers "  

" Gianni "  formerly  Ronni                    

2016 Testimonials

Customer Reviews

​What customers are saying . . . 

" This is the most magnificent cat ever! I can see why you were thinking of keeping him. He has the sweetest , 
most laid-back and outgoing temperament. He is wonderfully playful and loves to race us in sprints around the house. 
And of course, he is gorgeous, his markings are perfect. He is perfect! Thank you so much for helping us find this perfect companion. 
He never even cried or hid his first night in his new home. Just got in his little bed and went to sleep! You obviously trained and loved him well. 
The care instructions you provided were very helpful in all of us adapting to his new routine.
We changed his name to Lightning, because he is faster than greased lightning, as they say. Light for a nickname. 
Thank you for raising, caring for and giving this ball of sunshine to our lives:)  "    


" Lauren is in love with him.  He has made all the difference in our household. 

There was just a void left when the other cat died.  He has been such a pleasure and fits right in with the family.  Paul


Paul, Lauren's husband picks up "Jerri" with family member and returns with their new

Silver Chinchilla tiny Persian kitten to give Lauren her new gift !

"  Nonee "

 " I LOVE my little Bella (my 2016 kitten from TinyPersians) SO much and

so does everyone who meets her! 

She is such a sweet, funny, and gorgeous kitty. 

I say funny because she's so smart and she makes me laugh all the time

with her antics and her personality! 

I swear, her coat only got more beautiful during the 3 weeks I was away! 

Her coat is long, super soft, silky and flowy, parts down the middle of her back & just flows. 

Her personality is what wins everyone over however !  She is so social !

When someone comes to the door, she runs to greet them. 

When I came home, I had never seen her do what she did, which was to squeak excitedly for at least 20-30 minutes and run all over the house at top speed and keep jumping on me purring and purring

and squeaking!  It was soooo adorable ! "

" I've been telling Bella that she's getting a little brother, but I don't think she understands what a "little brother" is yet!  LOL!  " Junior, I named "Wiley", has taken over the house as his home and he's completely comfortable here.    
He plays with Bella, but he loves me!    

He follows me everywhere and loves to be in my lap.   He's wonderful! !   

Wiley now sleeps on the pillow with Bella and in the morning
both Bella and Junior snuggle with me. " 

 Wiley has a very distinct personality and he's very vocal,

unlike Bella who still just makes a small squeak!
Wiley loves to sit in this carved giraffe bowl! He thinks it's his! "

He loves to sit on my shoulder while I'm working.  

Bella is on my desk and he's purring on my shoulder !

He is a total purring machine as you said !  And he's so affectionate and sweet!! 

I already love him!  I probably would have been happy with any of the three of the males

I looked at, but I'm super happy with my decision. He has tons of personality and seems confident and sure of himself. He's eating, drinking and has used the litter box.
Thanks for being so patient with me in choosing my new baby! 

He is a total sweetie and he's gorgeous!

Carol a retired Vet, purchased in 2016 a Silver Chinchilla female

named "Bubbles" and named her "Bella". 

In 2017 Carol purchased a Silver Chinchilla (snow white) sired by Sharif Amir - "Junior".

Carol resides in Austin.  I feel like Carol is a great friend and always enjoy her visits ! 

" Gaston, "   formerly  named " Christmas "

   πŸ’—   Preslie  from Leonard, Texas purchased  Gianni  in  2016  

        This is an amazing young lady.  Preslie worked hard herself to earn her dream Persian kitten.  

She reserved early and chose from several litters.  Her choice was Ronni out of our top producing dam; Giovanna (" Goldie " ) .  Resulting in naming her Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten, Gianni .

Fall 2016 TinyPersians Cattery sold kittens departures 

1-24-17   Hi Debbie,
Wiley is such a happy wonderful kitten and just pure joy!  Bella loves him as much as I do!   He was the perfect choice for me (us) !  He is super playful, but also really affectionate.  Every time I look at him, he starts purring !!

I don't know if he gets his wonderful personality from Mi Lady or Sharif Amir (or maybe both!), but he is awesome!  I've told you about Bella's morning routine where she comes and snuggles with me early in the morning, but he has learned that from her, so now I have two snuggle bunnies every morning and it's the best way to start my day that I can think of !

January 25th, 2017  

 "  Hi Debbie,    My new kitten, Wiley could not be loved more !  He is being showered with love by both me and Bella.   Bella has gotten over her little bout of jealousy and is back to her very sweet self.   They play and snuggle together all the time (when he's not snuggling with me ! ) ".  Carol

Thank you so much for all the nights you stayed up making sure he and his litter mates were okay and well fed!  I love love love these two kitties !!    


" Bella "

" Wiley "

" Sheri                         Presile  "

"  Sammi "

Gianni departure November 2016

Preslie, 15 years old, purchases Gianni (formerly Ronni) and her mom, Sheri love their new Silver Chinchilla tiny Persian kitten.  Now they drive several miles to TinyPersians Vet to give routine care !  This is one family treating their new tiny Persian kitten as royalty !  

" Tony " and  Helen

Paul arrives with his sister to purchase a TinyPersian for a gift for his wife

"  Sammi "

" Casper"  

2016   Hi Debbie, just wanted to let you know "Casper" is doing great!

He follows me around the house and talks!  He says "Mommy" trying to find me and when he does not want something, he say's "No"!

 We love him so much and he travels with us on Vacations!  Ruth

Ruth's letter to TinyPersians in 2016

" Gianni " Congratulations Preslie and Sheri November 2016

" Snickers "  

11-11-16   Hi Debbie, – kitten  ( " Snickers " ) is great –

he and my daughter have really bonded.  Great having him in our family.   R/Gary

   πŸ’—   Wendy  purchased  Shasa  a  Shaded  Golden  female  Persian  kitten

November 2016 departure

​" Tony "  Congratulations Helen & husband, PHD Internist of San Antonio, Texas

June 25, 2017


Hi Debbie,   My babies are doing great !  " Wiley " is such a total love bunny and still purrs non-stop when he is picked up !  " Bella " still squeaks instead of meows !  " Wiley's " coat is outrageously beautiful...very thick and luxurious.  Bella's coat is silky.   Her eyes are just such a beautiful turquoise green.....everyone comments on them !
  They are happy kitties & are completely loved and spoiled ! 

β€‹πŸ’—   Carol


     Omar   Texas  purchased  " Gaston ",formerly " Christmas "  in  2016

6-14-17  " Debbie, Gaston is an absolute joy we added to our family. Thanks again!"   Omar   

Omar purchased a gorgeous, ultra small, silver chinchilla persian kitten for a Christmas present for his wife.   This kitten large expressive eyes is predicted to

be a rare emerald green color with the highly sought after teardrop shape.

His pedigree is outstanding, offering sweet personalities, long silky, free flowing coats that have a snow white undercoat accented with a soft silver mist over its back.

He is so extraordinary that TinyPersians will be reserving a kitten out of

the upcoming 2017 litter (same parents)  


" Oliver "

   πŸ’—   Carol  from Austin, Texas purchased  Bella  in  2016  

          and  returned  and  purchased  Wiley  in  2017

​​​What TinyPersians.com customers are saying !   

" This is the most magnificent cat ever ! "

​"  He has the sweetest , most laid-back & outgoing temperament  "

"  My wife is in love with her new tiny Persian . . .  gift  "
 " I LOVE my little kitten SO much and . . . so does everyone who meets her ! " 

Customers Say . . .

TinyPersian Persian kittens and Cats . . .

*   " Best Selection of Silver Persians on line "

*   " Healthiest looking Persian kittens and cats are found at TinyPersians "

*   " Most gorgeous CFA Silver Persian Miniature Doll Face Cats Available "

*   " The finest Persian Cats I found anywhere "

*   " I have searched and researched and found TinyPersians cats / kittens are the best out there ! "

*  "  After looking at many available kittens on line, I came back to TinyPersians . . . I am glad I did!  

I love my new Persian kitten !   She is sweet, playful and healthy ! "


​​" 2016 Silver Chinchilla

Doll Face small

Persian kitten ! "  

" Bella "

" Sammi is a firecracker. Running and playing, he is having a lot of fun. "    πŸ’—   Conni

Conni purchased in 2016 two lovely Persians; a Silver Shaded - Jonni, and a Silver Chinchilla Salim.

In 2017 Conni purchased two more of TinyPersians kittens;  a Shaded Silver Sammi and a retired dam - Nonee.

Conni resides in Houston.  I (Debbie with TinyPersians) has gotten to know Conni and it has been much joy to share each others experiences.    I am impressed with Conni's positive can do it attitude.  She grooms, baths her tiny Persians and spends much time throughout the day just enjoying their company.   Conni now owns four (4) of our Tiny Persians !   

Wiley formerly  Junior

January  2017  TinyPersians  Cattery

sold  kittens  departures 

​" Jerri "   Congratulations Lauren and Paul November 2016

" Bella "

" Shasa "  

1-15-17   Hi Debbie, just wanted to let you know we are home and she was so chill in truck  πŸ˜„  

she slept on the back of my neck petty much all the way home.

Shasa has used her box, ate a little and has had water.  She is now playing . . .   Thank you for such a sweet baby !  πŸ’—   Wendy

1-18-17   Hi Debbie,  So Beautiful  ! ! !  Shasa is doing amazing!  She owns the whole house LOL.  

She is eating and using her box.  She is the perfect kitten !

5-3-17    Debbie,  Shasa has been on two airplanes and has traveled 2600 miles by road.   I couldn't have a better travel companion.

She is at home where ever we are.   In fact Shasa acts as if she is always in control whether their are dogs, kids, etc.

I credit this to your good breading  thank you so much!  

I would recommend and wish one of your beautiful kittens for any loving home.

Wendy an owner Hair Salon in Oklahoma,  purchased a 2017 Shaded Golden female named "Shasa". 

Meeting and her husband Jose was a joy !   A wonderful caring and considerate couple.   We wish them much happiness.


" Preslie  with  Gianni"


   πŸ’—   Lauren Texas purchased " Oliver "  in 2016

"  Everything is great ! Oliver is so loved !  We bought him a bed to look out the window during the day and he absolutely loves it !  He is still small and so precious ! "

Oliver now lives in a lovely Texas home.  Lauren Purchased Oliver December 2016

Oliver and his entire litter are extremely small Silver Chinchilla Persians 


" Tony " 

" Gianni "

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