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 Updated 2-11-22

>  All Persian kittens & cats are sold as pets, not as breeders, nor with breeding rights,however, sometimes we offer retired breeders for sale

>  Our breeders are CFA Registered Cats and some are doubled registered  . . . TICA Registered

>  CFA REGISTRATION PAPERS OR PEDIGREE are not provided for pets  

>  BUYER UNDERSTANDS they are PURCHASING A PET PERSIAN CAT OR KITTEN ONLY, unless agreed by both parties in writing, no verbal agreements recongonized !

*  If  our Federal License Vet becomes unavailable, TinyPersians has an option to choose any other Vet

for departure exams whether that Vet is a Federal License Vet or not

* Persians are tested for FIV , FeLV and Heartworm (unless a discount is given - buyer responsible for testing - departure appointment -  we do guarantee negative test results and documentation are given to buyer, however, once the Persian departs,

a warrantee for FIV, FeLV, heartworm is no longer valid as they are contagious diseases and maybe contracted in the care of the new owner 

.  Kittens and Cats will depart in the breeder's new carrier and buyer carriers are not to be offered and used for the breeder to use

Due to Covid 19 in 2020 and after, precautions have been taken for the breeder not to handle used or new outside supplied items 

​.  Cattery may refuse the sale of a kitten at our sole discretion 

No kitten will be release until the kitten or Persian is paid in full and funds have cleared as paid in full

  .  If a buyer uses another individual or agent to pick up or communicate with TinyPersians, breeder has the right to refuse a 2nd or 3rd party transaction, sale and release of a kitten / Persian cat, however, if the buyer fully discloses their intentions TiinyPersians works well with these individual situations

. The terms used ; Kitten or Cat are considered the same pet for this website

. The terms used; Cattery, Seller, Breeder or TinyPersians are considered the same entity for this website

Reserving a kitten with a deposit – the Buyer’s kitten will be based on:

>  Current availability or future kitten and Deposit funds clearing, PayPal deposits the buyer covers the PayPal fees

>  Choosing Order :   The order in which buyers are in line to choose their future kittens is on a first come, first serve system based on actual time when each Buyer reserves a kitten with a deposit as indicated on the Website

Deposits not refundable

>  Unless otherwise approved by Tiny Persians, a Buyer purchasing a “Pet Kitten” from Tiny Persians may not (under any circumstances) breed or attempt to breed that Kitten or Cat at the risk of legal action by Tiny Persians   

>  Kittens must be spayed or neutered within 6 months of age and the responsibility of the buyer - new owner - this is for the Cat’s wellbeing 

. Deposits: Deposit required to hold a kitten and is subtracted from the list price of the cat-kitten -  Standard in the Industry  

​No charge backs will be performed by any Buyer for any reason whatsoever.  If a charge back is done by a Buyer, there will be a minimum charge of $150 for the cattery time to reverse the transaction legally.  Buyer understands the Persian Deposit is NON - Refundable.  

However, at the option of Buyer, the deposit is transferrable to another kitten of the same value from an upcoming litter, when available

. Warrantee Notices:  

>  Kittens are warranted within our warrantee time lines and policies only - however, TinyPersians as to date 2-11-22 has a flawless reputation!  

>  Any kitten that is taken into possession by the purchaser cannot be returned for any reason whatsoever 

Cattery cannot risk their cattery to harmful elements, agents, parasites or germs from airline carriers, Vet facilities, boarding facilities, automobiles, or Buyer's residences the kitten may have exposed to after it has been in the Buyer’s or Buyer agent’s possession for any amount of time  

>   Buyer agrees kittens will not be sold, donated or given to medical test labs   

>   Kittens are guaranteed for PKD a genetic disorder as the parents are tested for DNA PKD; however, a kitten is guaranteed only up to 6 months from the purchase to date to notify the cattery of PKD, however, up to 3 working days for other condition within the warrantee provided

such as; FIV, FeLV and Heartworm - however, TinyPersians cats- kittens are indoors only and all warrantees are cancelled when new home lets these cats- kittens outdoors, even for one incident  

Additionally, such notification must include a signed document from a Federal Licensed Vet documenting such a warrantee claim  

>  All Vet bills after kitten is in the Buyer’s possession are the sole responsibility of the Buyer -  any neutering/spaying is the sole responsibility of the Buyer

>  Persians sold as pets, non breeders - unless as per this previously stated policies is agreed upon in writing by all parties   

>  Kittens cannot be returned for any reason, however, if approved by the cattery a replacement kitten maybe replace the buyer's kitten

 If a kitten is to be compensated back to Buyer for anan agreeable reason approved by the cattery, only a kitten of the same value will be replaced, and no monies will be refunded -   the policy at Tiny Persians follows the standard industry policy in that all cats/ kittens are sold as is 

>  Cattery cannot guarantee the current or future personality or suitability of the kitten, as it is unpredictable genetically for any kitten or cat as they are all individuals

Additionally, Cattery does not guarantee (current or future) the eye color shade, coat texture and variations, coat color, coat pattern, coat length, size, weight, number of testicles, or personality of CAT

>  Breeder provides a Vet Check exam and when the Vet verifies the kitten is in good health, the breeder will provide this information to Buyer Breeder is not responsible for any Vet missing any condition, or lack of hearing, poor sight, nor any other unforeseen conditions 

It is in the best interest of the buyer to handle any situation in a professional, polite manner without threats to the breeder, nor saying a parent, spouse, have disagreed with your purchasing a kitten  -   Please work this out on your end 

>  Cattery cannot guarantee the number of kittens in a future litter as a number of factors can effect this number (including genetics and health of the parents and offspring, etc.).  If for any reason one or more kittens are lost at birth in a future litter reservation, the buyer will have the option to have a next available kitten in the order of each reservation date - If there are other buyers before you, please understand they will receive their kitten or kittens first.  - We value our customers and work diligently to produce the best possible Persians, of toy, teacup, tiny, standard sizes  Kitten Persians can mature to any size and it is an unpredictable exercise to forecast, size, eye color, eye sight, future hearing, attention spans, coat colors, personalities and longevity    

.  Updating Policies:   Cattery has the right to change or alter any policies at any time without notice; however, it will honor previously written agreements and intents of deposits -  It is our goal to provide wonderful homes for our kittens - and offering a positive experience to all buyers

-   Typically our customers are wonderful to work with; however, from time to time there are a few individuals that make it necessary to have firm policies in place -  Sugar and spice goes a long way !   :) 

. Referrals and Recommendation Release:   If we refer a Buyer to another agent, cattery, breeder, individual, or third party vendor or transportation company, we, the Breeder, will not be responsible for any transactions you may make with such referral.  This referral release also includes vendors or products we suggest you try such as Vets, Vet clinics/ hospitals, other breeders, food, toys, cat towers, 3rd party transpiration companies/individuals/airlines/flight nannys - or any other such cat referrals  

. Buyer's Choice:  Buyer asking breeder/cattery their opinion on any subject from feline products, feline care, feline research, the feline cat choice, it is the sole responsibility of the purchaser/buyer to confirm and research this information on their own -   Breeder/Cattery is not responsible for any reason whatsoever, if a buyer elects the cattery to choose the kitten for the buyer -    

The Breeder/Cattery will try their best to have the best fit for the Persians and the Buyer -    Buyer choosing is preferred, however, we are asked often to assist in choosing their kitten- cat and TinyPersians has a flawless reputation !

 Cat Colors:   We sell Persians of many colors including the Silver Chinchilla, Silver, Shaded Silver, Golden, Golden Shaded, and Black Smoke Persians and sometimes other colors -  Some of our Persians are almost white; however, they are not sold as white Persians but as Chinchillas since they are  CFA Silver Color Division Persians -   We do not warrant the color, color patterns, color variations, the size, personality, eye color, cat coat texture or length, or for our Persians not to tear   

.   Our advertising maybe interpreted as a "Teacup Kitten"; however, we simply breed smaller lines of Silver Persians

  It is common knowledge within the breed that the CFA Silver Color Division Persians are much smaller then the other CFA Color Divisions  We do concentrate on small, tiny Persians; however, we do not represent ourselves as a “Teacup  Breeder"   

We breed well-bred Persians that have typically are “Doll-Face” Persians (i.e. they do not have smushed or flat faces), with specific colors and quality traits to insure healthy kittens/cats -   Often a Buyer will ask if we have teacups as we feature small, tiny Persians -   Our Persians are small and range from smaller than teacup Persians being sold by so-called, Teacup Persian Catteries to standard Persian sizes as well  

.  Cattery Choices:   Tiny Persians Cattery may keep any kitten(s) in litters for our Cattery   

    Cattery may take any kitten or adult Persian off the sales list without notice

.  Tiny Persians may list kittens already sold; and therefore, at times may not have kittens available    Perspective Buyers must understand that kittens or litters may be lost or sold to other clients, and such Buyers may have to wait for a future kitten.  Photos on the website may be past kittens -   If a photo states available or for sale, then those kittens sometimes have just sold

 Check with cattery to make sure that the kitten you are interested in has not been sold -  If you are reserving a rare color or characteristic of a Persian, you as the Buyer must understand the breeder may or may not accomplish breeding your dream kitten but we will do our best  

  Flight Fees are subject to change without notice due to destinations,

 Airline and Flight Nanny prices and airline regulation - policies may change at any time, however, with our experience very seldom  

.  Website Content:  Some illustrations on this website may be depictions only and/or may be used as an example of what we offer and may not be an actual cat or kitten we now have available -   Therefore, such images may be past kittens or current Cattery breeder kittens 

No images or illustrations imply any characteristic of a Persian that as a guarantee of what a Buyer may receive

Only an image of a kitten that is sold to the Buyer is the kitten the Buyer will receive 

When kittens are born - current photos will be provided asap 

Cattery may retire any adult breeders at any time without notice 

Cattery will be the only deciding factor for the combination of parents bred, number of litters bred in a year, or number of litters a mom/female will produce a year.  Photos maybe enhanced and adjusted to fit the website format     

.  Copyrights IMPORTANT !! :   Any art, illustration and photo on this website is copyrighted and solely owned by TinyPersians.com and will not be copied, transferred in part or whole by any user.  Any person, persons, or entity violating the U.S. copyright and trademark laws protecting such images, will be in violation of these laws and subject to legal action for damages.   TinyPersians.com/Cattery does not warrant any of these illustrations, depictions, photos; as our sole foundation stock available, nor that any of these presentations are implying every kitten is the same, small, big, dark, light, etc.  Additionally, images maybe be enhanced, adjusted for internet formats and for better viewing

 Terms and Conditions:  

>  Upon purchasing or attempting to purchase a kitten or cat from TinyPersian.com, any user - visitor of this website, agrees to the above Policies, terms and conditions completely (or so called Verbal) agreements between TinyPersians.com and buyers 

>  TinyPersians will not be liable for any reason for any advertising, implications of kitten or cats visual appearances or for any damages whatsoever, due to the sale of a kitten. Cattery 

>  TinyPersians.com will not be responsible for a buyer's not understanding the listings, website, or its policies 

>  If a kitten comes with a warrantee, it is determined by the terms and conditions of the written and signed sales agreement set forth between Buyer and TinyPersians

Additional Terms and Conditions below  
Buyer must read and agreed upon all conditions set forth for any warrantees to be affective - honored

Thank you for your understanding 

We experience wonderful shoppers / buyers;

however, once in a while, some individuals make it necessary that Buyers be required to read

and agree upon all conditions and policies herein 

We look forward to serving you with a positive experience 
Thank you  

Last updated:  2-11-22