Currently 5 persian kittens for sale

3 Silver Chinchilla Males - babies

1 Shaded Silver Female - babies

1 Silver Chinchilla 14 months old

Mom- 3 pounds

Dad - 5.5 pounds


For Sale - Black Persians

We have kittens right now for sale 

" Jerri " 

Jerri is so sweet, soft, well developed conformation.  Large Persian feet - what you want ! Gorgeous green eyes!

parents:  * Safir x * Giovanna 

This male silver chinchilla Persian kitten is one of the finest Giovanna Chinchilla kittens produced by this dam ! He is so sweet, intelligent and loves to play and watch you.  He is socialized, baths, litter trained.  Oh!  Adorable !  If you want a loyal, adorable CFA male Chinchilla Persian kitten - reserve today !

He is ready to leave in a few weeks - with current shots, Revolution.

Available - Reserve 

Sharif Amir - dad

3 Giovanna kittens 

# 8-2 - male - Ronni - small - SOLD

#8-2 - male - Jerri

#8-2 - female - Sissy


DOB 8-2-16

White and Silver Persian kittens for sale

Giovanna kittens Silver Shaded & Chinchillas


 Persian 8-2-male-1-Chinchilla

Persian 8-2-male-2-Chinchllla

Persian 8-2-female-1-Silver

Due date  -  November 7th, 2016 

Sold  - Sissy

This gorgeous- tiny Persian is rare !

Very small and adorable !

For sale

Prissy's boy

Why would you want any other kitten then a lovely, beautiful TinyPersian ?

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Preslie 's Giovanna's  Silver Chinchilla Tiny Persian  . . . named "Gianni "   >

Have you ever seen a cuter black Persian?

This silky coated, black Persian is very small.

Less then 1 pound at a few weeks old!   That is tiny !

Prissy's Boy

Sales List

These kittens - now 8 weeks old


Three Male Chinchilla Persian Kittens

Female Silver Shaded Kitten

Estimated 3.5 - 7.5 pounds or less

Available for sale to a loving homes 

" Gianni "

Smallest male Chinchilla out of Safir (sire) x Giovanna (dam) litter of 5.


October 1st  2016

For Sale

2 male Persian kittens reasonably priced

( 1 Silver Shaded/ 1 Silver Chinchilla )

1 male Persian kitten  very small 4 pounds

( Silver Chinchilla )

Other kittens for sale 

Goldens, Blacks,
Shaded Silvers and Chinchillas 

​Gorgeous, sweet, well bred and available   !

How can you pass these kittens up ?

​White  doll face Persians for sale 

Many shades of CFA Registered 

Silver Persian kittens for sale

Silver Chinchillas

Silver Shaded





For Sale

Kitten shown is reserved by cattery . . . but more kittens to choose from !

Sharif Amir - dad

Turquoise eyed black persians !

 Gorgeous, soft, silky coated Silver Persians

of all shades and colors !

Kitten Reservations October 2016

Sheri and Preslie - Leonard, Texas - Ronni

Caroline - California - Nonee future kitten

Black Persian kittens for sale

Very small-tiny Persians

Sissy  sold

Reserved for Sheri & daughter Preslie

# 6-15 a Silver Chinchilla Female  Persian  


DOB 6-15-15

Large emerald eyes, perfect Persian facial features.  Ultra sweet personality.  This kitten wants to be right there with you.  Luxurious very light coat with a pinch - slight of silver tipping .


ReservePersian 6-15a today !

For Sale

Silver & Silver Chinchilla

 Tiny Persian Kittens


<  Sharif Amir - Sire

    Chinchilla Persian

 when young


Our breeding program and kittens are unmatched  

. . . we show you many photos because they are all gorgeous.

Our kittens are always gorgeous, well bred,

and known to be ultra sweet and purring !   

For Sale - Female

Announcing Black Persian kittens

Fall 2016 Available

Reserve a Black Persian kitten today !

Also, Chinchillas in this litter !

Shaded Golden -    male  9 weeks old

Tiny CFA Black Persian kittens- for sale

We have 4 kittens like this right now !

Sissy - an ultra sweet silver shaded tiny Persian kitten

parents:  * Safir x * Giovanna 

This female silver shaded Persian kitten has a correctly balanced body, nice top line, ultra soft coat, perfect beautiful face with an tiny nose and round eyes.   Ears correctly placed on head and more ! 

Available - Reserve 

Her kittens are available  >

Take me home !

 ​Giovanna kittens are for sale !

 Choose one, reserve your favorite . . . be the first to choose from  5 kittens a few weeks old  >  

Gianni male  SOLD  10 - 1 - 16

Jerri male for sale

Sissy female for sale

5 weeks  old right now

Silver Chinchilla males, very sweet 

Fill out the kitten application and let us know which kitten you like  

We will send a current photo, pricing and answer any questions you have  

$350 deposit will hold a kitten for you

estimated delivery November 7th 2016

Ask about details

Current  kittens available right now !  

More kittens available right now and for Christmas !

Sale pending