1.   I would like a white kitten.  Do you have white Persian kittens?

Answer:   TinyPersians.com  breeds Silver Chinchilla Persians.  Our litters include the shades of;  Silver, Silver Chinchilla, Silver Shaded and gorgeous shades of Golden, Shaded Golden and Golden Chinchilla Persians and occationally, true WHITE PERSIAN KITTENS.  These white Persians are rare with our breeding, however, we have had a few.   We have Persians with white coats as our Silver Chinchillas are very white.   The Silver Chinchilla Persian is practically all white with a slight silver tipping - sometimes appearing all white, however, having a black outline around the eyes, unlike the white Persian with pink skin around the eyes.  They also, have black under pads on their feet, instead of pink pads like white Persian.  So you can find a very light or practically white Persian within the Silver Persian color division as per the CFA Registry standards. 

2.   I would like to RESERVE a TinyPersians.com kitten today !           

Answer:   TinyPersians.com breeds the # of kittens based on reservations and demand.  Sometimes in the year we have more kittens arriving.  If you would like a kitten, please fill out our application - indicate the gender and about you (so we know you are serious).  Once we know what you would like, and a little about you (how to contact you), we will get with you promptly.   We may have a kitten immediately or one almost ready to leave, however, you may need to reserve the next upcoming litter and be on a waiting list.  The wait will be worth it, as these gorgeous, silver Persians are in high demand.  Please reserve yours asap to be at the top of the list  

                        Reserve with PayPal   ​-  Pet Kitten are priced lower then Show kittens.  We do not offer Breeder Persians

We have in a few rare cases, only to an already established breeder.   Please inquire about "Pet"  Persians.  Deposit for any kitten or an adult Persian is $350  

3.   What is the price of a TinyPersian.com kitten?

Answer:    Pet Persian kittens are depending on the individual. Once the KITTEN APPLICATION is received, we will share our pricing.

Our Persians are vaccinated wormed, tested negative for FIV and FeLV, receive a Federally License, signed Health Certificate of the exam and all test results.

We guarantee your kitten is free of PKD. Our Persian kittens are not in-bred excessively. We carefully breed for healthy, gorgeous, small Silver Persians of many shades. Airline shipping about $400

We are a small cattery, however, take pride in breeding the best kittens possible. It is costly to raise, deliver, care for kittens for the first few months.

Kittens are litter trained, socialized (non caged cattery/kittens), receive the necessary vaccinations, Vet examinations, bathing / nail clipping exposure, high end premium diet and vitamins/supplements. Our breeder Persians are CFA Registered, however, we do not offer registration papers for "Pet" Persians, show quality or not.

The buyer may name their kitten !

4.   Why purchase a Silver Persian from  TinyPersian.com 

Answer:    Here at TinyPersians.com we try harder.  We are dedicated to making your experience a memorable experience.  When we say you have a kitten reserved, your kitten is reserved.  Additionally, we do highly selective breeding - " breeding the best to the best".  This insures our kittens are ultimately absolutely gorgeous, healthy and above the ordinary.   All our kittens are CFA Registered kittens.  Our moms and dads have exceptional pedigrees with numerous Grand Champion Persians.   Our kittens are raised with only top scientific formulated food, supplements and vitamins to insure a good start.  You will be amazed other catteries may send thin, under nourished and unsocialized (scared and afraid).  Just as much as we take the extra steps to breed, raise and market our beloved Persians, it is important for them to have good homes.  

So if these factors are important to you . . .  we welcome your inquiries.  We look forward to placing our kittens in wonderful homes they deserve.  Take home a special, adorable, playful, silver Persian today!   

5.   I love the gorgeous kittens at TinyPersian.com.   How do I reserve a kitten 

Answer:   Easy with PayPal !   To reserve a kitten at TinyPersians.com:  

a.   KITTEN APPLICATION (first time buyers) fill out.  This gives us an idea what you are looking for, who you are, contact information for us to get with you.   

b.  DEPOSITS:  Once we determine we have a kitten for you, you can put a $350 deposit down for a kitten (deposit deducted from the price of the kitten). 

c.  Fill out the KITTEN RESERVATION FORM - letting us know the address the kitten will be delivered to, date you would like a kitten, confirming your contact information, what airport (if applies) the kitten will be shipped to - are just a few questions.  Please do not put a deposit down until you are sure you would like a kitten as we do not want to take the opportunity away from other buyers seeking a kitten for a special holiday, gift or event.  This is why it is standard in the industry deposits are not refundable, however, reputable breeders will transfer a deposit for a future kitten.  TinyPersians.com will transfer a kitten of the same rating to another litter.  

Thank you for your understanding. 

6.   Could I pick up my kitten instead of shipping via airfare? 

Answer:    Yes ! TinyPersians.com will arrange a day and time you can pick up your kitten, once your kitten has reached between 10 - 12 weeks old.  This is to insure the kitten has developed a stronger immune system.   Due to the health safety of our cattery cats and kittens we do not offer tours through our cattery at this time.   Some kittens may be newborn and we must insure the cattery has no outside exposure.  Thank you for your understanding.  

Frequently Asked Questions

7.  I would like my kitten shipped via airfare.  Do you or I plan the shipping?   

Answer:   We do ! TinyPersians.com will arrange all shipping arrangements 2 weeks prior to the kittens release and upon the kitten balance and transportation fee paid in full and clearing the bank.  The KITTEN RESERVATION - will provide us the information where to ship the kitten, who will pick the kitten up, etc.  We do ship within the U.S.A and Canada, and Internationally based on PetAir a third party shipping service that is very reasonable for International shipping.  Each kitten will be released with a kitten health certificate from a qualified Vet.  Most U.S.A. shipping cost are $350, there may be states that have a slightly different shipping cost depending on airline/airport.  

8.  What kind of payment do you take?

Answer:  Few ways to reserve or pay for a Persian kitten.

1.  Pay Pal  (Buyer pays processing fee)

2.  Send Money Order MAIL TO:      TinyPersians  *   PO Box 6062  *   McKinney  *  Texas 75071

3.  Cash - you can pay cash in person, however, we prefer one of the above.  Please do not send cash in the mail.  

9.  Is my kitten a CFA Registered kitten ? 

Answer:  Yes !  TinyPersians.com  is a CFA Registered Cattery breeding only CFA registered kittens. We may or may not register litters.  If we do it is for Show or Breeder Persians, not for sold Pet Persian Cats or Kittens.

10.  How do I find my lost pet?  

Answer:   You best microchip your cat or kitten as it is inexpensive and if lost can be found easily with a Animal Microchip Service.  Read more  

We can micro chip your kitten or you can.   Kittens that leave at 8 weeks old to 4 months old, must be Micro Chipped by buyer before departure.   

11.   Is my kitten's health guaranteed? 

Answer:   TinyPersians.com   PKD   We guarantee our cats kittens up to 1 year in case of death due to PKD.

To-date we have never sold a PKD positive, nor a ringworm kitten, nor any Persian or kitten with FIV or FeLV. Ready, shopper please verify all information without assumptions.

PKD Warrantee:  The purchase or adoption of a cat or kitten is guaranteed up to 1 year due to death of PKD.   The purchased or adopted cat or kitten must be examined by a certified Federal Licensed Veterinarian within 72 hours of the buyer receiving the cat or kitten for seller records. Then if any condition that is under warrantee arrises, the buyer must have a recorded health condition of the kitten within the PKD warrantee time of one year and not later then, and submit a certified Federal Licensed Veterinarian exam if the cat or kitten has tested positive for PKD. This verification must be provided by the buyers, at the buyers expense, and documented in writing " by a certified Federal Licensed Veterinarian, showing test results to seller on a timely basis, described as a within reasonable time consisting of no later then 5 days after discovery.  Other considerations:   If within the 30 days after the buyer receiving their cat or kitten, original buyer notifies seller within those 30 days of the purchase or adoption, of a diagnoses for a “major" incurable genetic illness, seller will replace your cat or kitten with a new cat or kitten -  at sellers choice of replacement, when one comes available.  No cat or kitten is guaranteed for any conditions if buyer has put the kitten with another infected cat or kitten or have let the kitten roam or escape outdoors.   No kitten is guaranteed for cash refund, only exchange of the kitten if applicable.  A Federal Licensed Veterinarian must verify the condition in writing.   Cattery has the right for a second opinion at the expense of the buyer. ​ Kittens for the above health warrantees must be fed the Life's Abundance Food and NuVet Vitamins immediately after possession to be valid.   If a buyer alters a Vet records or submits a false document all warrantees are no longer valid. Exceptions:    Eye tearing or behavior characteristics or coat color, coat type, size of  cat / kitten, color of eyes, will not be guaranteed.  No cattery can predict these characteristics.  This warrantee is not transferrable to another buyer if the original buyer sells, gives away this kitten outside their location.  Cats or kittens are not guaranteed for conditions acquired from any Vet facilities, pet boarding facilities or such care facilities including airline or transportation incidents. All kittens must be up-to-date on all vaccinations at the buyer expense to be valid.  All warrantees are invalid if the buyer becomes unprofessional and does not handle these matters in a friendly manner.   No buyer will post any negative statements on any social media, electronic transfers or public postings relating to the seller and cattery, including any of TinyPersian's associate catteries. This includes, yet not limited to any major, minor conditions or opinions of the buyer.  Sellers goal is make your cat / kitten purchase or adoption a positive experience.  Therefore the buyer understands these policies set forth and agrees to all conditions implied by the seller.  No verbal agreements are recognized whatsoever.   Buyer will be responsible for a new replacement kitten’s health exams and vaccinations required to replace a kitten, transportation, and CFA registration fees and an animal carrier.  Seller does not warrant any cat or kitten as a show cat or breeder cat.  All cats are considered “Pet”, however a buyer might find their cat / kitten above the ordinary.  May very likely be a breeder or show quality, yet not guaranteed to be. These policies are set-forth to insure the purchase of this cat / kitten is understood and agreed upon between all parties.

See below for more FAQ !
We are a small breeder focusing on quality tiny Persians - reserve your gorgeous Persian today ! It is worth the wait !

" No such thing as a Doll Face Persian? "

Well . . . here is one and proud to be a breeder of very small, clean face,

gorgeous silky coated "Pet" Silver

Doll Face Persians    >

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​13.  What is a Doll Face Persian ?

 Answer:   Doll face Persians have less smushed noses and are typically considered a longer nose Persian.  Recently, reliable breeders are breeding between the smushed nose show Persian and the classic traditional older lines of Persians considered the longer nose Persians.  This brings a fabulous look of the modern day Doll face Persian that is not too long in the the nose, nor too smushed of a nose.  Of course breeders of the doll face Persians often have a special look to their kittens that defines their lines.  This is not creating lines necessarily undesirable to the CFA standard, however, is full- filling a demand of a Persian with an nose that is in between.    TinyPersians is a an example of well balanced Doll Face Persians.   We welcome your inquiries.  

​14.  I would like some Cat Products for my new kitten.  Could you help me with a few items?
 Answer:   Products available for your new kitten:   
a.  For kittens being picked up a new cat carrier, with a cat toy, soft blanket and dry + canned cat food samples and cat treats is available for $50 cash sent before kitten is released.   PayPal Payment $55. This is only for kittens being picked up.   Discounted to $50 paid with Certified check or Money order no later then 5 days prior to the day the kitten is released.  
b.   Kittens being shipped via airlines for $365 includes the airline ticket, health certificate, CFA registration documents to transfer ownership and receives a cat carrier, blanket, however, no food or toys as it is not permitted to send these items on the airplane cargo shipments of animals.   Thank you greatly.   TinyPersians.com

15.  What products to you recommend for my new kitten?
Answer:   There are several products we recommend.  You will receive a welcome letter once the kitten is paid in full.
a.  Recommended Cat Litter:   Breeze Cat Litter and Breeze Cat Litter pan. 
b.  Life's Abundance Cat Food:  Purchase here 
c.  NuVet Natural Cat Vitamins:  Purchase here
d.  Stainless Steel Grooming combs:  PetsMart 
e.  Shampoos and Grooming products:  Purchase Castle Anna Cat Products 

16.   Catteries attacking other Catteries ?
If you read any Cattery attacking other Catteries, you might ask you why they do this?  These catteries say; there is no such thing as a doll face or teacup Persian.  What they are saying, these terms are not used by the CFA Registry.   Or termed as a CFA Division with the Registry.  

Of course these terms are not part of CFA Divisions, as the CFA REGISTRY DIVISIONS ARE BASED ON BREEDS AND COLORS!

The terms;  Doll Face, Teacup, small Persians are nouns and adjectives the industry terms and the public has used for years.  It is these catteries that will not accept change.  That is like saying their are not big dogs, medium dogs, buggy faced dogs . . . these are descriptions, adjectives.  So purchase the Persian you choose.   You can purchase a show/trophy cat or a "Pet" cat that you like.  Remember a "Pet" Persian can have any look.  Beautiful or plain looking and even a show look.   It is sold as a "Pet". Meaning no breeding rights, not a show cat.    These catteries also focus mainly on their show cats ignoring their show rejects.

Therefore, most likely the "Pet" Persians they sell are unsocialized and not familiar with baths and grooming.   Look at their show cats and look at the inconsistent quality of the "Pet" Persians they sell.   Now a focused, professional, "Pet" CFA Registered Cattery breeding CFA Registered Persians with a clean look, and qualities that are much loved, are not always the EXTREME OVER COATED, THICK COATED - HARD TO GROOM, TEARING EYES, FACIAL FOLDS, FLAT - EXTREME FACED, ETC.    TinyPersians have show Persians too!  They are our Breeder Persians and this brings quality to our kittens. However, we breed for the "Cat".  Not by being controlled by a industry driven for human personal rewards of ribbons, cash and paper documents; "LOOK AT ME!".  We want you to say; "LOOK AT MY PERSIAN!"  This is a beautiful clean looking Persian.  This message is to support all my dear friends breeding quality show and pet Persians that do not attack others, but remain focused with the "Persian Cat" as the priority.   We also, have dear friends that focus on "Show Persians", yet do not attack others.    Most often a Cattery attacking another Cattery treats a potential customer the same.  We do support CFA Show producing Catteries.  We do not support individuals or catteries attacking other breeders or coming up with statements that say there are no such thing as a "Teacup" or "Doll Face"  Persian.   These are the Show Breeder Catteries.  Not reputable. professional Show Breeding Catteries.   So it is important whether you choose a Show Breeder or Show/Pet Breeder or Pet Breeder to purchase from a professional and industry considerate Cattery.    If everyone did this . . . this would eliminated the 'GROWN UP" children breeding CATS !   

Most often these Catteries are trying to limit others to breed Persians . . . to lessen the field of competition at the show rings and selling their Persians.  

They form clicks and attack others that breed due to the love of the Persians, not a trophy, ribbon, show win money and personal ego.  Their cats are exposed to "CAT SHOW" ringworm, viruses and other unwanted issues.  Taken back to their catteries and later unloaded to the public.  Some catteries are conscientious and do what is needed to protect their cats, but no Cattery can protect their cats 100% exposed to hundreds of cats!   Our cattery and often most "Pet" Cattery Breeders limit their exposure of their cats.  And sometimes not.  Here at TinyPersians, your kitten is not exposed by any outside cats or environments and no outside person or shopper will be allowed to touch your kitten.  We protect our Persians and proud to have our Customers leave smiling.  


It is these catteries that cannot sell many of their Persians as they are only breeding for show - trophie "Cats".  Then what do they do with the rest?    Pet buyers do not want smashed faces and show rejects . . . they want a pretty faced and easy to care for "Pet" Persian that is bred specifically to appeal as Pets.  

Some breeders have accomplished show and pet, but are rare, particularly with good attitudes and acceptance of competition.  
It is the "Pet" Breeder that is in touch with the "Pet" Persian market.   They breed for; smooth silky coats vs. cotton full round coats you cannot groom.  They may achiece non tearing or near not tearing "Pet" Persians as their cats do not have a flat fact., nor a nose that is placed between the eyes - like a third eye!  A face like this may cause breathing problems or facial folds.   A facial fold is where tears drip and stay there and get infected, change color and stains the face.   You want a face more pleasant and easy to care for.  Actually minimum caring vs. having to come up with all the grooming and show tricks to cover up these issues.  This is called a doll face Persian.  Now why do some Catteries say there is no such thing as a Doll Face Persian?   It is merely a hit on other Persian breeders not breeding in an extreme way that actually harms the breed.   We have elimnated the facial folds and breed Persians with less tearing (yet all cats are individuals) and avoiding in-breeding.   

This message is to support our highly respected friends / catteries that are tired of a few . . .   SHOW BREEDERS . . .  attacks worldwide to many well loved and respected Persian breeders.   Cheers to you all!  Sorry to hear your continued stories of attacks.   We are here for you and feel free to always contact us for support !    For us, we see your hard work and continued dedication of looking out for the  TRADITIONAL PERSIAN termed DOLL FACE.  Excellent job, my dear friends!     You are much loved !
For us . . . our Persians are in high demand!   Thanks to the PUBLIC . . .  supporting us and even coming back for another kitten.   THANK YOU!

​​17.    Seller's Policies are provided upon request - ask for the policies before you put a deposit down.  Below is a few important facts and policies:

 Answer:   This answer below may seem complicated, but is provided for clarity and offering a positive shopping experience with both the buyer and cattery.   

Please Read and if you have questions, we will be more then happy to assist you.  

*  Kitten or Adult Persians cannot be guaranteed for size, color, disposition or a look alike of a sibling, past litter or one or both parents.  Each kitten is an individual, just like people.  

*   We can guarantee the price of a kitten for a buyer, however, there are price points evaluations for each litter and all kittens are not priced the same.  

*   The breeder - cattery (TinyPersians.com) has the right to reserve any kitten or kittens in a litter for future breeding Persians.  

*   The kittens offered for buyers are pet kittens, however, we have evaluated some pet kittens at different price points that may be higher then $2,500.

*   Please do not put a deposit down until we know what you are seeking.  If you want a kitten, we will reserve one for you, let's first review what you are seeking.  

Breeder - seller cannot warrant the time a litter will be born or if any female breeders will come in heat, breed or produce any live kittens.  This is a very meticulous business and the Persians are the first priority.  We will not over breed a female or breed to early.  This means many are not breed until 1.5 years old.   If you are not sure you can wait for a TinyPersian kitten, please do not put down a non refundable deposit.  

*   Seller-cattery-breeder:  has the right to change the deposit amount required before deposits are made by a buyer.  

*    The deposit amount required may change at any time without notice.  

*   No prepaid deposit amount will change for any buyer that has put a deposit down.  

*   All kittens sold as pets, not as breeders or with breeding rights.  

*   No Persian is warranted to be a show Persian.  

*  TinyPersians has the right to change any or all policies at any time for without notice.  We work hard to make this an enjoyable experience.  So if you have questions, please ask.   

*  Cattery has the right to change pricing or deposit requirements without notice.  However, once a deposit is put down, of course your kitten price does not go up. A deposit is applied to the price of the kitten.  Deposits are non refundable due to the paperwork and reservation loss of opportunity to have others reserve as we only take a limited # of reservations at a time.  

*   TinyPersians.com is not responsible for any typos, misprints, photo representations not current and the buyer is to confirm all listed information to insure its accuracy.  

    We will try to up-date our website and edit, however, please confirm the current policies, pricing and listed information on this website.  

* TinyPersians.com sells small Persian Kittens, however, we do not guarantee the size, color, color pattern, personality, suitability of any kitten as it is unpredictable genetically for any species to know or predict any characteristic including the size in particular.  

* Non refundable deposits are transferrable to future kitten litters if for any unforeseen issues arise that a breeder Persian has not and can not produce, or if any kittens are lost during a pregnancy, labor, delivery or does not nurse. Any medical records such as X-raying Dams to evaluate the size of a litter is not a guarantee there will be surviving kittens or that all kittens will survive and therefore, may not be available for reserved buyers. Ask about our Persians and the approximate anticipated breeding dates. Breeding dates cannot guarantee live kitten litters. If for any reason one or more kittens are lost at birth, the buyer will have the option to have a next available kitten in the order of each reservation taken. So if there are other buyers before you, please understand they will receive their kitten or kittens first. Cattery has the right to change or alter any policies at any time without notice, however, will honor previously written agreements. No verbal agreements are recognized. An e-mail correspondence may be a misunderstood form of communication ( interpreted incorrectly), you must ask for a sales agreement when reserving your kitten. Only the sales agreement is a valid recognized written agreement between the seller-cattery and buyer. It is our goal to provide wonderful homes for our kittens and may from time to time have to up-date our procedures. Thank you for your understanding.

*  Kittens being picked up buyer shall bring a cat carrier to take the kitten.  TinyPersians.com can provide a carrier at a low cost.  

*  All kittens come with a soft blanket and sample cat food.   You will enjoy photos e-mailed to you of the kitten when it is young, same with 12 months or older Persians.  

​                                  Disclaimer and release of Liability - see above, in addition to the policies available here : Policies 


Persians shown maybe breeders or past kittens, not kittens for sale 

When available - photos will provided

" Perfection  "

" Take me home!  "

" Recent kittens   "

CFA Registered Cattery

" Take me home !  "

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