TinyPersian Dam - watch for 2016 kittens

Albert sold  9-26-15

Buddy 1

"  You said what ?  

You want me out of the office ?  

I do not think so !  "

" Chanel "

TinyPersians.com's Sire

leisure living !

Safir X Shaina

Saying Goodbye to Savannah 

Congratulations Caryl & family - Texas

Congratulations Katy- Texas

Retired Dam

Safir X Shaina

< Remember . . .  Silver Persians are born darker and lighten up as they grow . . . watchTinyPersians.com newborn kittens grow ! 

Selling exceptional Silver-Chinchilla - Golden Persians  

Offering the finest, extra small Persians . .


<  Silver Persian Kittens  >   are born dark and

lighten up as they grow  !

Silver Chinchilla 


Congratulations Carol - you are taking such wonderful care of "Bella" formerly named "Bubbles".

Knowing, kitten care, I can see this little girl is taken very good care of!   Thank you for that.   Debbie (Cattery)   2016

Haley's  kitten

" Chanel "

Safir X Aamira

This kitten's coat was like a mink coat !  

Golden Shaded male Persian kitten

Rocco Gizmo Safir

Safir X Giovanna

Safir  X  Shaina

Buddy 2

See More below . . .

Congratulations Haley - Texas

Silver Chinchilla Persian Retired Female sold with her baby !

Congratulations Bruce, Texas

Congratulations Trisha and Emily, Austin, Texas

Purchased Golden and Silver Chinchilla Persian

Sold Tiny Persians

Safir  X  Giovanna   

Fun photos of Silver Chinchilla Persians 

Safir  X  Aamira   


Congradulations Trisha and Emily, Austin, Texas

Safir  x  Tinkerbell (Dam retired)

Silver teacup Persian kittens come in three patterns - chinchilla, shaded, and tabby.  

Outstanding eye color varies from stunning turquoise, blue-green, green, to a brilliant translucent emerald green

Congratulations Sandi - Texas



Congratulations Julie & Jodi - Texas

2-14-16 photo - Golden Chinchilla

female Cattery Persian - now in a new home .

Departure Valentine's Day 2016  

Recent tiny Persians - delivery 9-19-15  DOB.  Too cute!    So sweet at this age.    

The photos you can see how fulfilled and happy these kittens are.
Photo #3 . . .  sucking its paw!   This is when mom has lots of milk . . . They are relaxed like this.    

When they are fighting over milk . . . they are always on the nipple . . . So here . . . Is plenty of milk and happiness.  

This makes for happy, healthy, well adjusted kittens!   Mom’s get a special diet and formula to produce quality and lots of milk!  

Hope you enjoyed the insight of raising tiny Persians. 


Congratulations Leslie - Texas

Kitten Litters

Sold Silver Chinchilla Persian Male . . .  beautiful eyes !

This boy was hard to sell . . . sweetest personality and absolutely gorgeous ! 

Buddy 1

 Leslie's kitten

Silver Persian Female

Silver Shaded


Rocco Gizmo Safir

Buddy 1

<   Shaina 2015 kitten  >

Sire Safir 

" Want a kitten like this one?

Reserve a 2016 kitten now ! "

Sold 12/2015 

Congratulations Conni, Houston, Texas

Conni took home Salim and Jonni Departure 6-5-16

Buddy 1

Sold 12/2015




Congratulations Tami, McKinney Texas

Retired Silver Persian Male

Safir  X  Giovanna

Congratulations Shannon & family - Texas

Congratulations Cyndi, Jeff, Ashley, Jason, Collyville    Departure   6- 4-16

Above - Leslie's & Haley's kittens when very young