Safir  X  Giovanna

Safir  x  Tinkerbell (Dam retired)

Silver teacup Persian kittens come in three patterns - chinchilla, shaded, and tabby.  

Outstanding eye color varies from stunning turquoise, blue-green, green, to a brilliant translucent emerald green

Congratulations Sandi - Texas



TinyPersian Dam - watch for 2016 kittens

Albert sold  9-26-15

Buddy 1

"  You said what ?  

You want me out of the office ?  

I do not think so !  "

" Chanel "'s Sire

leisure living !

Safir X Shaina

Buddy 1

<   Shaina 2015 kitten  >

Sire Safir 

" Want a kitten like this one?

Reserve a 2016 kitten now ! "

Sold 12/2015 

Rocco Gizmo Safir

Congratulations Caryl & family - Texas

Congratulations Katy- Texas

Safir  X  Aamira   

Retired Dam




Congratulations Haley - Texas

Congratulations Leslie - Texas


< Remember . . .  Silver Persians are born darker and lighten up as they grow . . .  kittens grow! 

Selling exceptional Silver-Chinchilla - Golden Persians  

Offering the finest, extra small Persians . .

Sold Tiny Persians

Congratulations Shannon & family - Texas

Silver Persian Female

Silver Shaded


Rocco Gizmo Safir

Congratulations Cyndi, Jeff, Ashley, Jason, Collyville    Departure   6- 4-16

Golden Shaded male Persian kitten

Above - Leslie's & Haley's kittens when very young

Congratulations Julie & Jodi - Texas

2-14-16 photo - Golden Chinchilla

female Cattery Persian - now in a new home .

Departure Valentine's Day 2016  

Safir  X  Giovanna   

Buddy 1

Safir X Giovanna

Safir  X  Shaina

Buddy 2

Fun photos of Silver Chinchilla Persians 

Sold 12/2015

Safir X Shaina

See More below . . .

Kitten Litters

Silver Chinchilla Persian Retired Female sold with her baby !

Congratulations Bruce, Texas

Congradulations Trisha and Emily, Austin, Texas


Buddy 1

 Leslie's kitten

<  Silver Persian Kittens  >   are born dark and

lighten up as they grow  !

Silver Chinchilla 


Congratulations Carol - you are taking such wonderful care of "Bella" formerly named "Bubbles".

Knowing, kitten care, I can see this little girl is taken very good care of!   Thank you for that.   Debbie (Cattery)   2016

Haley's  kitten

" Chanel "

Safir X Aamira

This kitten's coat was like a mink coat !  

Saying Goodbye to Savannah 

Congratulations Conni, Houston, Texas

Conni took home Salim and Jonni Departure 6-5-16

Recent tiny Persians - delivery 9-19-15  DOB.  Too cute!    So sweet at this age.    

The photos you can see how fulfilled and happy these kittens are.
Photo #3 . . .  sucking its paw!   This is when mom has lots of milk . . . They are relaxed like this.    

When they are fighting over milk . . . they are always on the nipple . . . So here . . . Is plenty of milk and happiness.  

This makes for happy, healthy, well adjusted kittens!   Mom’s get a special diet and formula to produce quality and lots of milk!  

Hope you enjoyed the insight of raising tiny Persians. 


Congratulations Tami, McKinney Texas

Retired Silver Persian Male

Sold Silver Chinchilla Persian Male . . .  beautiful eyes !

This boy was hard to sell . . . sweetest personality and absolutely gorgeous ! 

Congratulations Trisha and Emily, Austin, Texas

Purchased Golden and Silver Chinchilla Persian