Shaded Golden Doll Face Persian

Shaded Silver Doll Face Persian

Shaded Silver Flat Face Persian

Shaded Silver Doll Face Persian

The Golden Persian within the CFA division is best known by various shades such as; Golden, Shaded Golden and Golden Chinchilla.  The Golden Persian is rich Golden colors without black tipping and shading.  Whereas the Shaded Golden is known to have a Shaded back of black and golden colors.   The Golden Chinchilla can be any shade of Golden with a lighter white color accenting the coat from just a little showing to the coat heavily accented in a lighter Chinchilla look.  

Silver Chinchilla Flat Face Persian

 Golden Chinchilla Doll Face Persian

The Silver Persian cat is a CFA Color Division that consist of beautiful patterns of Chinchilla or Shaded Persian cats, referred to as colors, and are best known as;  The Silver Chinchilla, Shaded Silver, Shaded Golden, Golden, Golden Chinchilla  

The Silver Chinchilla Persian could be born very light and even dark.  Nevertheless, the Silver Chinchilla young Persian kitten lightens up as it grows.  By the time the Persian reaches maturity, it has a beautiful white coat softly misted with silver tipping.  A Silver Chinchilla could appear all white, or have this beautiful accent of silver.   Being the most popular color within the CFA Silver Division the Chinchilla Persian is highly sought after by feline enthusiast. 

With the Silver Chinchilla persian there is a dominant gene inhibiting the production of color at the base of the hair shaft leaving a faint silver color at the tip.  The Silver Chinchilla Persian kittens have either turquoise, blue-green, green or emerald green eyes.  The eyes are outlined in black.  Additionally, the nose and mouth are outlined in black.  The cat paw pads are black.   

The Shaded Silver Persian comes in different degrees of shaded silver tipping and even black tipping across their backs.   The undercoat is white and absolutely gorgeous when the coat is long and folds down on the sides showing all the shaded accents with the white undercoat.    Instead of lightening up necessarily, the Shaded Silver Persian often can get darker until maturity.   Not always, as each Persian cat is an individual which makes it interesting to watch them change.

Shaded Golden Flat Face Persian

Silver Chinchilla Doll Face Persian

The Silver Persian

The Silver Persian

Silver Chinchilla Peke Nose Persian