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"Caring for your Persian's long, luxurious coats starts with

diet and continues with a quick daily combing"  Read more 

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Our carefully chosen breeding Persians offer fabulous, gorgeous kittens full of personality . . . uncaged, hand raised and  healthy. 

 Something you can count on . . .  consistency in our kitten's looks, carefully bred Chinchilla Persian kittens that the whole family will treasure! 

Breeding the best to the best and producing your dream doll face tiny teacup Chinchilla Persian kitten . . .  Tiny Persians



Your Persian can live easily up to 15 years and some surpassing to 20 years old!  

Here's how to take care of your new Tiny Teacup Persian   

Persians having long, flowing coats, requires them to be an inside cat to protect their coats 

Exposing a Persian cat to the outside can easily damage and tangle their coats 

Some Persian cats have a dense undercoat, whereas, others will have a silky free flowing coat, nevertheless, your Persian cat or kitten should have their fur combed out daily or every few days with a stainless steel metal comb to avoid any built up of tangled hair

Just a few minutes a day will keep them regal looking and happy !  

Giving baths, starting as a kitten will get them use to being bathed - caution not to over bath or use too harsh soaps resulting in dry dry coats

Bathing about once a month is recommended using lots of water when rinsing -  try combing the fur first if possible  

Establishing a routine for combing and bathing is recommended early on so the bathing and grooming is accepted by the kitten  

Daily wiping the eyes, along with grooming is recommended building trust and a routine your cat will accept

TinyPersians has a central water softener and water purifier system so our Persian cats get only the best water exposed to them- 

ph balanced and filtered, pure water   

Try organic coat products -  most important keeping the Persian cat fur coat clean and groomed you will avoid skin problems 

Some cat breeds can maintain their coats, however, the Persian should be groomed by you 

You need to assist your Persian in preserving its coat - so follow the simple Persian care hints in this section

Annual exam with your vet updating with vaccines and worming is vital - checking gums and your Persians claws is recommended   Read More 

Airline Transportation

Transporting your kitten is completely planned and organized by TinyPersians

Currently the airline carryon fee to ship Persian cats or kittens is 350 to $450 - we will reserve the transportation and

provide you departure and arrival information -   your tiny persian cat or kitten will arrive documentation and a warrantee for FIV and FeLV including a Warrantee for PKD and ringworm  

Kittens are available for pick up when arranged in advance for scheduling.  Kitten will also be released in the same Airline carrier as we have taken care to adapt the kitten slowly to the carrier for a retreat (a familiar sleeping area)  Read More