Here's a few important factors to remember when taking your new Persian kitten home and introducing to it's new home . . . your home 

Taking home a kitten

Your kitten is now home with you !

A soft, comfortable retreat will comfort

your new precious Persian kitten !  

You have just purchased your new

Persian kitten or adult Persian cat !   

The first few days at your new home it is critical

that your new loved one feels secure,

comfortable in its new home

Feed the same food the breeder has been feeding

 2.    Use the
same brand litter and litter box

 3.    Even ask about the similar or same toys your

kitten has been playing with.  YOU want your kitten

to feel at home.  Not so many changes

4.    Clean the pan when ever is dirty  

Other breeders say 2 x a day.  We do all day long

and watch and see when our kittens

need something – including keeping the litter pan

clean at all times !

Keep the kitten in a small safe place at first.  A small bathroom is excellent 

Keep toilet seat closed – ALWAYS!  Remove the tissue paper so it is not used as a toy or choked on

6.  Bring home a blanket or item that the kitten is familiar with

Arriving to his/her new home  

Keep it quite and private !  Give your kitten a feeling of a safe new environment 

You might want to do this for about 2 weeks and some might need the adjustment for a month

8.   Most important thing is
human interaction  Holding, petting, feeding, loving . . . but giving your kitten nap time    Kittens sleep a lot !  They need sleep, so a noisy home and children not allowing a baby kitten to sleep is not good for the kitten’s welfare and adjusting.  Several times a day give your kitten attention and love, interaction 

Even sitting on your lap while you are on the computer or watching TV 

9.   You took home a tiny young kitten.  Get a playpen and only
introduce to the home one room at a time through time

10.   A home is a very big world for a new kitten  You do not want the kitten to learn to hide and avoid people, as you are all new to the kitten

11.  The first night and days after that is important for you to bond and remembering to feed at least 2 x a day, free choice dry and filtered or bottled water.  Lots of interactive toys, ball and a comfortable place to snuggle and sleep  

 You are on your way to enjoy a lovely new addition to your home!  Thank you for choosing TinyPersians   Debbie

Giving your kitten a secure

place to sleep !

Your kitten first days home ! 

*   Persian kittens love to snuggle

*   Love a secure quite place to nap

*  Will explore - so make sure there is no areas your new kitten can get stuck or hurt in !

*   Keep the toilet seat down

*  Take your shoes off at the door

*   Keep your kitten healthy and indoors !