Female Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten 

 " Little Priss "  is so precious, an ultra sweet, very tiny kitten 

She is less then 3 pounds, very dainty, but a strong body

structure that gives her substance  

" Little Priss  " is absolutely gorgeous !   

All girly, girl !

Beautifully coated depicting a snow white coat with a light mist

of silver accents softly distributed ! 

Exactly what you want in a Silver Chinchilla ! 

Chinchillas are known for their luxurious coats 

They are very soft, silky and often like a mink texture

Outstanding to look and and feel !

 This lovely lady, has correct conformation, straight back,

full exotic tail, perfectly shaped eyes,

little ears, round face, with a round crown forehead

this is exactly what you want with a Persian face

No flat foreheads with our breedings !  Correctly bred for outstanding Persian type focusing on DOLL Face Persians !   

A lover girl.  Enjoy the company and has manners. 

She carefully sits on my desk as I work and watches

my keyboard and screen.   In a lady manner.    

If you are seeking the smallest possible kitten and a lovely personality . . .  " Little Priss "  is an excellent choice  !

Her dam is 3 pounds, 3 ounces and his sire is 5 pounds

" Little Priss "  is smaller then her dam !

Full sister to Taylor and Taylor is a knock out !

Reserve Little Priss today !


Female Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten 

 " Emmie "  a small Chinchilla female Persian kitten

This kitten will stay very small, predicted to be under 3 pounds full grown  " Emmie "  has a soft, luxurious coat that is silky and free flowing

She has a beautiful doll face with exotic shaped eyes and color.  Loves people and watches TV

with much interest.  Reserve Emmie and take home a a very special Chinchilla Persian 

"  Emmie " is as gorgeous as her dam and has the most luxurious coat like her sire !


" Saafir " Sire


Our Persian kittens get more lovely every breeding season !

We recently added two new Sires that will be old enough for breeding fall of 2018 !


Bobbie McGee

We will be retiring Sharif Amir

We will have litters by Saafir in 2018 

and Prince Amar in 2018

View  Sires   ( Dads )


Female Shaded Golden Persian kitten

Iris has rich Golden shades throughout her coat   The best personality ever!   Looks at you straight in your eyes and understands your every move !

She has beautiful, tear drop eyes that are a brilliant emerald green 

Sired by Sharif Amir

Reserved for Zackery

Reserving this kitten  >

Before you reserve this kitten . . . 

Contact us via phone 

This kitten is unique and is offered only

to a forever home  




 Female Tortie Persian kitten



 Reserved for Eduarado 


This adorable female Tortie has beautiful accents of cream and apricot on a chocolate and black sliky coat.  

One Purrfect Persian kitten !

More kittens available   Call us today 

Soon will take new photos, tending to our kitten care currently   

Contact us if you see a kitten you like, or would like to discuss availability of kittens 

View the photos above  and here  until we get new photos up of kittens, or contact us

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Often if a kitten is still available, one will think it is a lesser kitten.  But catteries - breeders often hold back a few and save these kittens for future breeding . . . then decide, they will only keep1 of the 3 they have saved.  We only keep a few, however, we do hold back kittens and meticulously choose an individual that will be the next star !

The unchosen kittens are no less, but become available !

They actually are considered " Top Pick " Persians 

  Ask TinyPersians about these kittens! 

     Female Tortoiseshell Persian kitten

>   Tortoiseshell Accented colors of gold, apricot, cream

     on a silky black- chocolate coat   

>   4 weeks old, 3 weeks old in this photo

>   She is available to serious shoppers 

>   A cattery keeper offered for sale for one

     that appreciate a rare Tortie in a small teacup

     size with an extraordinary perfect doll face and

     stunning large piercing eyes ! 

>   Eyes predicted to be emerald green   

     Sometimes are turquoise eyes   

              " Tortie  " is a shortcut description for Tortoiseshell 

 This kitten's color is a CHOCOLATE TORTOISESHELL   


Sweet, beautiful correct doll face that is so cute

in person is available as a top pick kitten 



  7 weeks old in this photo  >

Watch "Fluffles" grow below . . .

Choose an Easter kitten today !

2018  Current  Available  Persian  Kittens

More photos 

" Emmie " 

" Nonee "  Dam

Sold to David

Male Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten 

Sire Prince Amar

Taylor is an amazing Persian kitten with the best personality ever !  Alert,  inquisitive and so, so sweet !   His coat is extraordinary in every way !   A cattery keeper, available for someone that wants literally spectacular Silver Chinchilla Persian that is outstanding in every way

He has the most beautiful, silky, soft, free flowing, easy to care for Chinchilla coat.  Snow white coat with a light mist of silver accents  

A beautiful doll face that stays clean 

One eye a brilliant emerald green and the other eye currently blue - green gives a stunning are look

His dam is 3 pounds, 3 ounces and his sire is 5 pounds 

Taylor is predicted to be small, yet possess substance and correctness in his body structure.   Taylor is far more beautiful then any photo posted.  We anticipate taking new photos of him so you can see how gorgeous he is !   All parents in his background are outstanding individuals  

 A lovely doll face white coated Silver Chinchilla Persian male !

 This kitten is a prize !

Silver Chinchilla male




< " Saafir"  GrandSire

     ​​"  Fluffles "

SOLD  March  2,  2018   >

" Nonee " 


Male Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten

                           ​L S - 2

​Very small, currently 9 weeks old, 7 weeks old in this photo.  He is available to an home that can offer him a forever home 

He is very tiny with gorgeous, round large eyes.  He is a very white chinchilla out a beautiful Silver Chinchilla dam and his sire has emerald green eyes    

Ask about this kitten - call us today !


" Emmie " 

An outstanding very small doll face Persian kitten that possesses all of her mom and dads wonderful traits and beauty !  

  " Emmie "   is a consideration as a keeper for the cattery, however, is available to a loving home !

Reserve  "  Emmie "   today and take home a dream doll face very tiny Persian kitten !

Her dam has been sold, so she is the last of "Nonee's" offspring !




10 weeks old 



" Fluffles "

Beautiful - Soft - Silky Chinchilla

Reserved for Cattery

Golden Chinchilla Persian female kitten 

Zia is so beautifully coated with shades of Gold, cream and apricot colors.  A rare find !  Her perfect doll face is accented with rich turquoise eyes with a tint of emerald green. 

Stunning doll face facial features perfectly balanced  

Today the Golden Chinchilla are highly sought after 

A quality Golden Chinchilla is rare as how their Golden coat is accented with apricot and soft cream colors is important !

Zia is one prize little girl.  She will be fairly small as her dam

is only 4 pounds - Dad is 5 pounds

Out of one of our finest dams and sired by Prince Amar  

 Zia is a playful and an adorable personality ! 

Beautiful Golden Chinchilla Persian coat !