We have  Persian  kittens  Available  right  now ! 


Reserved Kittens

Spring  -  Fall  2018  Litters

1.  Randa - Fall 2018 kitten

2.  Sharlotte -  White or Black

3.  Donovan -  2 Chinchillas

4.  Debbie -  Black & Chinchilla

5.  Katherine  - Silver Chinchilla

6.  Paige - Silver Chinchilla

These persons have the right to choose another kitten if available.  Currently the list above indicates the current  anticipated reserved kittens

Some of these buyers may elect to choose a 2018 fall kitten vs.

a 2018 spring Persian


Reserve your Persian kitten in advance

"  Iris "  Sold

Shaded Golden Female 

Reserved for Zackery

    <    7 weeks old

Chocolate / Black Tortoiseshell - Color

2018 Kitten Spring Litters 

March 20th & 26th Litters Arrived !     Easter Sunday Litter !

For Sale

" Amazing Grace "  For Sale

​Silver Chinchilla Female Persian

These Persian kittens are for sale  

For Sale

We have Shaded Golden and Golden kittens for sale.  Reserve a beautiful Shaded Golden or a Golden with many rich shades of Gold, apricot

and cream coat colors

Litters coming in a couple weeks so contact us if you would like to take home a sweet, lovely doll face Persian kitten that is very, very small !  Teacups, miniatures and standard size Persian cats and kittens for sale !

Reserve a kitten

like this Doll Face

Shaded Golden

Reserve an

Easter  Love Bunny !

. . .  give an

Easter basket

filled with Purrs !

" Fluffles "

" Amazing Grace "  

Spring 2018 Tiny 

Persians arriving in few days !


For Sale

6 weeks old

Reserve a kitten today !  Several to choose from !

 TinyPersians' new litters have arrived - 

adorable youngsters born 3-20-18

to June 2018

Reserve your kitten and choose first

Small  deposit of  $350  subtracted  from

the price of the kitten is easily done !

The balance does not need to be paid until the kitten departs !

If you pick your kitten up that can be done the day you arrive !

Kittens shipped via Airline are paid in advance

 March 2018 Litters

Arriving !

For Sale

 Above 10 weeks old

Right now 5 newborn

kittens available !


For Sale

Persian Kittens

will soon be hatching  !

This Easter take home

a Persian kitten

just as sweet as candy . . .

and loves you back !

" Amazing Grace "  

For Sale     Few months old

"  Emmie "   For Sale Silver Chinchilla Female

​​" Fluffles "a gorgeous, female  chocolate tortie ( tortoiseshell ) - that is her color - Tortie,   She was named " Fluffles " as she has the most amazing fluffy coat !  Soft, silky, long and luxurious in shades of chocolate, black, and cream .  Topping that is her personality which will keep you laughing and entertained !  She is extremely smart and loves to play !

Fluffles's " perfect doll face as beautiful eyes that will soon turn a beautiful emerald green !


Persian Kittens Currently Available

More photos

"  Fluffles "  For Sale

Tortie Female Persian

kitten 6 weeks old

" Fluffles "

Several Persian kittens to choose from !

We have beautiful Doll Face Persian Cats !

Looking for one that is a teenager? 

We have a lovely Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten 12 months old available !




kittens !