Departure photo

"Kiss Me Kate"  one gorgeous girl I will miss tremendously !

Congratulations Liz  !  "Kiss Me Kate" out of the Giovanna line !

Customer photo

"Tiny Tim "  Silver Chinchilla

"Zipper" and  "Ima Beauty"  arriving to their new home . . .

HappyBirthday Gaby !

Debi purchased Ima Beauty for her daughter Gaby's birthday and decided to purchase the sibling "Zipper".  Both of these kittens love each other and was nice to see them depart together.  Thank you Debi for giving these kittens a loving, happy home !  Debbie


"Tiny Tim "

"Tiny Tim " perfect doll face

"Tiny Tim " few weeks old

"Tiny Tim arriving to his new home . . . 1 - 8 -18

Congratulations Lorie !  "Tiny TIm"  is a top pick kitten !

2018 Testimonials

"Tiny Tim "


Hi Debbie, 
We cannot be more happy

with them, they are

SO precious ! ! !

We are so happ

we ended up getting both

of them ! Gaby held them

and all three of them ended

up falling asleep

on the way home from

the airport. So sweet!   

Thank you again,   Debi

Hi Debbie,
 They are so much fun already ! Ima beauty is definitely full of spunk ! They are precious!!!  We love them SO much already!  SO happy we decided to get both of them! I will try to send a pic of them with our daughter tomorrow.    Thank you so much!   Debi

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