Debbie with TinyPersians was so happy that this absolutely precious Silver Chinchilla was so much loved and appreciated !


Departure photo

" Versace "    4 - 27 - 18 photo

" Eve"   Silver Chinchilla doll face Persian - so beautiful !

Congratulations Ellen  !  " Evesired by Saafir !

​  πŸ’žβ€‹  Versace

Tiffany purchased 2 Tiny Persians Fitzgerald Blizzard and the next year Jaspurr . . .

The day Tiffany and her family arrived to pick up her first kitten, Texas had a snow  storm . . . a huge snow blizzard .   Tiffany names her first kitten;  Fitzgerald Blizzard .  Beautiful memories !

Jaspurr was gorgeous from day one !  Turquoise eyes . . . he was much asked for, but Tiffany immediately fell in love with him and came to pick up her new #2 Persian kitten .    Debbie  - breeder

3-10-18 Iris Departs 

" Iris " a gorgeous, shaded golden persian female 12 months old,

is much loved by Zackery of Texas

She has rich shades of gold and beautiful tear drop eyes !  One of the sweets kittens ever !  

Sired by " Sharif Amir "

now retired Sire

​  πŸ’žβ€‹  Angelo 

​  πŸ’ž

Anita purchased 3 Persian kittens

from TinyPersians

Versace  2017,  Michael  and  Angelo  2018 

Less then 8 weeks old, eyes are much smaller as seen in this photo

At 8 weeks and older eyes get larger


" Dust Ball "  Chris purchase a Tiny Persian kitten

for a friend of his 19 pound Ragdoll cat β€‹


Hi Debbie,  Just wanted to send you an updated picture of Yoshi !  Hope you are doing well !

Not only is this a gorgeous

Silver Chinchilla persian kitten,

Sharlotte has given "Yoshi"

a dream home !  Breeder

​  πŸ’žβ€‹  Michael

1-31-18  Hi Debbie,  Odin is doing amazing!   Couldn't be more pleased with him ! 

Here's a few photos I have hundreds more. We are a little obsessed with him ! He has the best temperament and loves to follow us around and  cuddle.  He also likes his condo !   Charles


Debi purchased Ima Beauty for her daughter Gaby's birthday and decided to purchase the sibling "Zipper".  Both of these kittens love each other and was nice to see them depart together.  Thank you Debi for giving these kittens a loving, happy home !  Debbie

Zipper & Ima Beauty, 2017 litter mates, sire " Saafir " of TinyPersians

"Kate" with Lion's Cut

"Tiny Tim " perfect doll face

Anita Customer

Portrait of Versace

Versace small Persian

with large expressive eyes !

Small ears and luxurious coated !

"Tiny Tim " few weeks old

Sharlotte purchased Yoshi in 2017 and she was only 475 grams at

8 weeks old 

Just as beautiful as she is today !  This kitten was hard to part with ! 

A true Gem !  

"Tiny Tim arriving to his new home . . . 1 - 8 -18

Congratulations Lorie !  "Tiny Tim"  is a top pick kitten !

What Customers are saying . . . 

Customer photo​

" Iris " a couple weeks old  >

​  πŸ’ž

3-26-18  Debbie,


" Yoshi "

<  So when you shop for a young kitten under 8 weeks old,  you will see their doll faces mature with beautiful eyes, round faces and such luxurious coats later

at 8 to 10 weeks old and older ! 

Sired by " Saafir "


"  We love them SO much already!  
SO happy we decided to get both of them! I "

" They are just precious and we love them so much ! "

​" Odin is doing amazing!   

Couldn't be more pleased with him !

He has the best temperament and loves to follow us around and  cuddle "

"  Thank you so much for our little bundle of happiness and joy ! 

Words cannot explain how much we love him ! "

"  You are by far the best breeder around and

I KNOW how much effort you guys put into this 24/7 operation  "

"  This boy is very special - he is my buddy  !  "​

Versace a few weeks old 

​Prince Amar son

Versace a Silver Chinchilla

"Tiny Tim "


Hi Debbie, 
We cannot be more happy

with them, they are

SO precious ! ! !

We are so happy

we ended up getting both

of them ! Gaby held them

and all three of them ended

up falling asleep

on the way home from

the airport. So sweet!   

Thank you again,   Debi


Hi Debbie ,
 They are so much fun already !

Ima beauty is definitely full of spunk !

They are precious ! ! !  

We love them SO much already!  

SO happy we decided to get both of them!

I will try to send a pic of them with our daughter tomorrow     Thank you so much !   Debi

​  πŸ’žβ€‹  Versace

​​3-29-18  Hello Debbie,
I have been wanting to send you updated pictures and keep you in the loop with our most handsome (and rambunctious) addition to our family.  He not only fit right in from day one, but now has pretty much taken over nearly everything from the other two cats:  Cat tree, Scratching / Outside viewing bench, and sleeping areas on most of the furniture.

One of the pictures, you will see him on the bench with big brother Cowboy – he’s the 19 LB Ragdoll that has taken him under his wing.  They play and spar together – the little one has no problem going into β€œattack” mode and ambushing him.   It’s quite entertaining.   
We REALLLLLLY wish we could have adopted a little girl as well, but that will have to come later when we are better able to afford another.    We look at your website often and dream – you are by far the best breeder around and I KNOW how much effort you guys put into this 24/7 operation. 

Thank you so much for our little bundle of happiness and joy!  Words cannot explain how much we love him. Chris

3-29-18   Hi Chris, Thank you for all your kind words. 
I love the photo of your Ragdoll and Dust Ball looking out the window.  They look so happy and well adjusted and stunningly gorgeous.  I can see how well you take care of them and their coats!   Your Ragdoll is beautiful and we miss Dust Ball tremendously!    He had such an adorable personalty . . . Does he still snuggle under your neck and kiss your chin?  Thank you for giving him a forever home!  The Vet was surprised we let this one go as she could tell he was all personality.  A real ham!   Debbie

" Eve "

1-31-18  Charles, thank you for sending all the photos.   He looks much loved and content !  Debbie


Wanting a 2018 Persian kitten ? 

Choose one of these lovely Persian kittens

of many shades and colors !

2018 Testimonials

Customers Reviews

Sired by " Saafir " x  Giovanna (Goldie)

Angelo and Anita April 27, 2018

"  As I have gotten to know Anita, she is one amazing lady !  On top of her field in geriatrics care, she cares for her Persians the same meticulous way !  Class A care ! "

Here is one of her Persians from TinyPersians . . . geriatric companion pets !

Anita now has 3 TinyPersians:




Debbie  TinyPersians

3-24-18  Debbie,  I just love Versace, I love the brothers too, but there is something special about my Versace -  he follows me - when the others are on the Lanai he stays with me - very kind - my therapy cat when some days are not easy

The Brothers love me - the black one is soooo sweet - had a bath today - Angelo (bro) watches closely what I do to his brother - Versace likes them as they are Gentle with him !!!! 

Customer photo taken Feb 2018

March 19th, 2018  Customer Testimonial - REVIEW

Debbie,  We were just thinking about you, hope y'all are doing well!  Here are a few pictures of Blizzard and Jaspurr today, they are just precious and we love them so much!  Jaspurr loves to cuddle but hides when new people come around, he is very shy and super loyal !  Blizzard is a funny little ham who has never met a stranger and prefers to be the center of attention.  He loves to play in boxes, he has a favorite box and if you say "load-up" he runs and jumps in the box and sits down to be carried around the house, it is his favorite game, he is so smart !  They both love toys especially butterfly toys and love to look out the windows and watch the birds.  Jaspurr loves life's abundance treats and Blizzard doesn't !  They are playful and full of energy, they like to chase each other around and are best friends ! 

Hope this makes your day ! !  😸

Thanks so much for sharing these precious angels with us ! !  πŸ’ž


 " Ima Beauty "  and"  Zipper "  arriving to their new home . . .

HappyBirthday Gaby !

Gaby's mom ( Debi ) purchase a tiny Silver Chinchilla Persian  >

for their daughter Gaby's Birthday  !

In addition, mom purchased a sibling kitten,

a Shaded Golden male Persian kitten 

One happy sister kitten and "Gaby" too !

Tiny Tim 2017 Silver Chinchilla Persian, sired by Prince Amar / Sibling:   "Bobbie McGee" reserved for cattery

​  πŸ’žβ€‹  Michael

"Tiny Tim "

"Kiss Me Kate"  one gorgeous girl I will miss tremendously !

Congratulations Liz  !  "Kiss Me Kate" out of the Giovanna line !

​Congratulations Charles and Kesley "Odin" out of one of our finest females !


 3-27-18  "  Debbie, I think Versace

should be on the cover

of a luxury bedding catalog ! ! ! !​ "   Anita 

Departure photo

 8 weeks old you can see

the eyes now much larger  

Their coats get more fluffy !

"Odin"  formerly named "Jelly Bean"    one beautiful Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten departs 2018 with Charles and Kesley !  Sired by Prince Amar

Ellen purchased " Eve" a Silver Chinchilla Persian female kitten departed 1-27-18 

Ellen flew into Dallas

to pick up her lovely kitten; " Eve "

 arriving to her new California home

soon was playing until she passed out ! 

A very happy kitten !

"Tiny Tim "  Silver Chinchilla