How we price our kittens 

Kitten pricing is determined based on many factors

Kittens are evaluated based on several characteristics, pedigrees and which dam/sires

>  Kittens are evaluated based on several characteristics; such as individual look, easy maintenance, pedigrees/sire-dams, size, how rare, etc

>  Cattery does not offer Registration papers for "Pet" Persians.  If sell a breeder, we offer papers, upon payment in full for the Persian, if applicable

>  Pricing includes the kitten up-to-date vaccinations, worming, exam, blood work for FIV, FeLV lab results - showing negative, medical records,

    PKD, FIV, FeLV and ringworm - Warrantee

>  Pricing is determined by an individual kitten's category;  Pet kitten vs, breeder, pick of the litter (cattery determines), individual characteristics

>  How rare the look or color of the kitten; example goldens, golden chinchillas and silver chinchillas are priced sometimes differently

​>  To produce smaller Persian kittens, much investment in breeding stock to continual obtain the right crosses and outcrossing, prenatal care,

    birthing -  queening assistance and kitten care every 2 hours for weeks - no sleep -   Yes this is what it takes   

    Larger litters cattery feeds moms every few hours all day and night 

>  Socializing, litter training, grooming sessions, adapting to bathing produces sweet, friendly purring kittens.  This is done carefully by us.  

     This is why they are sweet - handled carefully the early weeks -   they do not pop out like this 

>  Pricing is subject to change at any time.  Cattery advertising prices, may be starting rates, we do not text pricing, e-mailed only!  

Cattery expenses to produce kittens include:

>  Obtaining outcross breeders continually to avoid in breeding, constant re-investment into breeders to improve, or maintain the integrity of the offspring

>  Dam care; Vet care, emergencies, food, vitamins, supplements needed for healthy kittens, medications for queening, post delivery care, Vet appointments

>  Kitten birthing expenses:  Intensive care, video cameras,  supplement feeding, moms may have nipple infections,

     kitten Bene Bac Plus, Veterinary Probiotics, Pro Pectalin, Iodine, medical supplies, eye care, supplies

>  Kitten care:  Top kitten foods, NuVet vitamins, Kitten supplement Vitamins, supplements, probiotics, medications,

    kitten pads, kitten eye pads, eye wash, hygiene products

>  General Cattery expenses; Vet, litter, food/vitamins/supplements, bottled water, grooming expenses, cattery care/maintenance supplies, registering litters

>  Advertising expense, hosting, website development and management, on-line advertising, print advertising, printed brochures, business cards, etc.

>  Website maintenance upgrade softwares, daily updates, licensing requirements, hosting, URL's, photography and video production formatting, etc

>  Photography:   Photography, Videos, studio props, studio expenses, editing, formatting, customer supplied departure photos, copyright expenses

>  CFA Registrations:   CFA Litter Registrations, CFA Cattery Breeder Foundation Registrations, Required Cattery Registrations

>  Cattery Breeders expense:  microchipping, annual vaccinations, worming, routine care, cattery clean up daily, labor, and cattery equipment replacement,       bedding, towers, interactive entertainment, TVs and DVD players, DVD's, outside help, sterilizing, cleaning products, cleaning equipment, 

A backyard breeder will skip the necessary care, equipment and extra needed care and nurturing Persians   

At TInyPersians we work hard to provide the best care, nutrition and monitoring of all Persians,

kitten litters and sale Persian kittens leaving us with little sleep !  

 You may find a less expensive kitten . . .

however, in the long run you may spend more money on a purchased kitten

from another breeder's kitten that has not gotten a good start 

 FIV, FeLV (blood work lab results negative provided to buyer),

PKD and Ringworm Warrantee

Ringworm Free

PKD Negative Cattery

Kittens are priced on an individual basis

 $2500 - $6500  sometimes lower $2500 if litters larger 

Average selling Persians are $3500 to $5500

Substantial DISCOUNTS (*sometimes 30 % - 50% off second Persian) for 1 or more Persians

with select Persians - Multiple kittens departing the same day

Pricing may change at anytime, however, NEVER CHANGES when a deposit is on a kitten reserved

Photos on our site are OUR PERSIANS 

They are gorgeous and meticulously bred and cared for the best possible outcome  

Choose your dream Persian from a superior, reputable Persian cat breeder  . . .  

such as TinyPersians  ​